XXXConnect Review- Why Is It The Best Dating Platform

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Reviewing dating sites can be annoying sometimes because all the scams follow the same pattern. A tiny amount of experience is enough to spot all the shady dudes. But when I come across genuine dating platforms, who really cares for your needs, it feels bingo.

Something like that happened later when I went to dig this site, XXXConnect Review. Every time there is some sort of XXX in a site’s name, I smell a scam. However, it was different this time. Here is a comprehensive XXXConnect review that points all the plus and minus sides. 

What Is XXXConnect?

Let’s start with this point to describe XXXConnect Review, what do they do, how good they are? XXXConnect Review Site is a sex dating site that offers sex with random people without any commitment. The website strictly prefers people with the mentality of getting laid and not long-term relationships. 

There is no limitation on nudity or perverse images, videos or any content of that category. XXXConnects does not hesitate to clarify the brand goals with these types of content to avoid misunderstandings. 

Having read tons of user reviews, I think there is no disappointment in anyone. XXXConnect Review applies strict regulations against fake profiles, scammers or anyone who violates rules. The best thing of all is their gender ratio. They maintain it by adding only a limited number of men every day against the number of women. It not only satisfies the majority of men but also offers women a comfortable environment.

How Does XXXConnect Work?

There are lots of exciting services a dating site can offer, the primary function being- dates. While conducting the XXXConnect website, we spotted some great features to talk about. You have the option to video call or voice call someone to have a little intimidating conversation. Or you can always try the conventional method of texting. Except these, you can also post content, like and comment on other peoples posts.

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The simple mantra to get more girls is to have a pretty dense profile. It means you have filled all the necessary details and gave some additional info in your bio. From my experience, it’ll be useful if you add some personal information apart from your hobbies or likings. Maybe just write, “I prefer Subway over McDonald’s” or “Starbucks runs through my veins”. 

Things like these really talk for yourself, and you might end up having a perfect night with a preferable person. Because even if it’s all about sex, if you don’t like the person, there is no fun. Also, upload a profile picture, I’ll suggest a picture of your face and not a dick. Once your profile is all set up and ready to run, go stalk some girls. 

There are many ways to search for the perfect partner. The first one is to find by locality, say you are based in New York, I am pretty sure you wouldn’t fly to Texas for a blind date. XXXConnect Review Site enables you to connect with the hot babes from your locality. Even they claim to have naked pictures of your known persons. Interesting huh?

Registering into XXXConnect

Now that you have a clear concept of XXXConnect let’s sign up and bang some locals. The signing up process is straightforward, just a few clicks and that’ll be all. First, they ask your gender; male, female or transgender. Then to put out the opposite gender, you want to have sex with. After the first step, it’s time to enter the email address and select a password. 

The next step is to enter a username. Now here you need some brainstorming, don’t write something like ‘pus*y licker’ or ‘bo*b presser’. These are ridiculous and will act repulsively to women. Of course you are there to have sex but what if the waiter serves the food directly to your mouth instead of a plate. Having a discreet name amplifies the possibility of having more dates. 

Now the last step, put your birthday and locality; you have to be honest here. One mistake might ruin the experience of your date. Because you wouldn’t want your partner to be surprised when she discovers you lied about your age. And the locality is essential because XXXConnect Review Site promotes local dates, so a wrong area means lots of irrelevant suggestions.

Once you set up your account, you are ready to hunt. But the site is not free.

XXXConnect Review Site Cam
Some Cams

Pricing in XXXConnect

XXXConnect Review site provides a lot of facilities for a small amount of money. There are mainly two plans except for the trials. The silver membership or the relatively lower plan charges $29.95 for a one month plan and $19.98 for a three-month program making a total of $59.94. 

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The Gold membership is slightly expensive; however, sticks to the industry standard. For a one month term, it charges $34.95. For a three month plan, the cost is $23.12 per month, making it $69.36 in total. And the last and most extended plan is a 12-month plan with a cost of $12.50 per month, that makes it $150 for a year. 

The difference between Silver and Gold Membership is not huge. With gold membership, you get access to some features that the silver hasn’t. Sometimes it helps you to communicate well or make your profile glow a bit more. But that’s it, having a Silver membership will bring you some great dates. 

There is another service in XXXConnect Review Site. They claim to repay you by giving a 100-day free service (Gold/Silver) if you don’t find a date within the first 100 days. This offer shows how dedicated the company is to the customers. However, there are no reports of getting such a refund.

Dating Experiences in XXXConnect Review Site

Having gone through hundreds of reviews, we have seen a simple pattern. Every user first thought it to be a scam or some sort of shady site, but after a few days, they changed their opinion. 

Many surveys say XXXConnect Review Site has a wide female user base making the site to be female-centric. This is nice for any dating platform, controlling the entry of guys makes the group heaven of getting dates.

A survey shows that for four months, they sent a total of 150 messages to girls. Out of those messages they got 80 replies, and out of the 80 responses, 20 wanted to meet. This is an excellent statistics; you get a 25% possibility to meet a girl you text. Not bad at all! 

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Does XXXConnect Worth It?

Putting some money into the thing that returns an immense value is always a great choice. XXXConnect Review Site is from those rare dating sites to have an excellent reputation. So if you are really into dating, then it might be the site for you.

Being a sex dating site, they present everything pretty much straightforward. From the moment you open the homepage of XXXConnect Review, it is full of nudity and explicit words. Avoid opening the site if you are in public places, office or even at home with your parents and siblings. It will be nothing less than an awkward or embarrassing situation to deal with. 

Rest of the site works fine; there is no lack of women, that means plenty of dates for all. As per our research, you can find two dates a week, don’t expect more. But if you need more, there are some alternatives below that work just as great. 

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Is XXXConnect Safe?

Many dating platforms steal your information and sell them or even use them for advertisement purposes. But XXXConnect Review site is not one of them. Here you reserve 100% right of your data whether be it text, pictures or profile details. Moreover, you can report to the customer support for any kind of inconvenience.   

Who Should Go To XXXConnect

XXXConnect Review tells you XXXConnect is a platform with only one mindset, and that is to provide short-term sexual dating. That means people who have a strong libido, prefers polygamic relationships, will find XXXConnect to be a heaven. In simple words, if your only motivation for a relationship is sex, then this is a great place. 

Every member who joins in XXXConnect Review Site, shares the same desire to have a great sex life. Random people meet for a single night, give their best effort to satisfy each other and then leave. 

On the other hand, some people can’t spend five minutes on the site. They want long term relationships, commitments and sometimes even marriage. Avoid the site if you are someone like them; there are tons of long term dating platforms for you. 

Review & Ratings

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Overall, Did not impress us


Final Verdict

As we have mentioned many times before, XXXConnect is one of those rare dating platforms to show genuity. Our first-hand experience was overwhelming on the site; it checked all the prosigns. Then we did more digging in user reviews, 95% of them said positive things about XXXConnect Review. 

Having all this information is enough to declare the site as legit. We surely recommend XXXConnect Review to anyone who wants sex dates frequently. There are many fake sites where you might have wasted your time and money, but this is not one of them. 

Now if you want dates almost every day, XXXConnect Review alone might not satisfy you. Here’s

a couple of alternative sites for that.

Alternative Sites For XXXConnect Review Site


Adultfriendfinder is the most reputed site in the sex dating industry. They offer sex dates for a little amount of money in your locality. Being the most popular site, there is no lack of women to meet every night. There are many features on the site to have a perfect time.


Instabang offers instant sex with random people in your locality. The site has a massive number of users, so it is never dead to use, you’ll find someone online every time. As the site stresses, you might find a date within 24 hours. 

I guess these two alternatives will do the most for those people who need a date every night. Remember that these sites cost the same amount of money as XXXConnect, only proceed if you can afford it.  


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