Xpersonal.com Online- Beware of the Scam Site

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Having been in the dating site reviewing business, it’s not very tough to identify the scammers. When I first heard of Xpersonal.com Online, I was pretty much interested in it to check. As a result, when my schedule permitted, I started digging Xpersonal.com Online. Now, to be frank from the second I got into the site, it clearly reflected as a fake dating site. From the first page where dozens of fake profiles were lingering to the sales page, it smelled shady.

There’s no hiding that Xpersonal.com online is one of the worst dating sites. In our brief Xpersonals.com Online review, I’ll try to point out as many loopholes as possible, trust me the number never ends.

What is Xpersonal.Com

Xpersonal.com Online is a sex dating site where you can get laid by girls from your locality. This is what almost all the dating sites do, no catch here. They have a membership plan for subscription; once you do that, there will be girls/guys ready to sleep with you.

Xpersonal.com Online- Beware of the Scam Site

Now, where is the problem? I guess everything is a problem here. Let’s go step-by-step.

Fake Profiles in Xpersonal.com Online

In other fake dating sites, they at least bother to manage some adulteresses to put up their photos. But that’s not the case for xpersonal.com Online; they don’t even bother to come up with original images. As I searched, there are tons of pictures available on Google.

So, don’t even hope to meet a girl from Xpersonal.com Online. There are even more shits as you go on. As per their Terms and Condition, Xpersonal.com Online also has many fake accounts for amusement purposes. It’s a trick used by popular scam websites like Banglocals or Milfaholic.

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Immature Website Development

I know you’d think, how that relates to scam. Ask yourself this, if you are going to create a website, won’t you spend a good amount on UI? Yes, you’ll, everybody does so because that’s where you want to sharpen your brand image. 

But the creators of Xpersonal.com Online don’t think this way. Not only does their site look primitive, but all the write-ups are also scary, filled with grammatical errors. These are the basic things you’ll never want to mess up with. 

So think twice before you pay to a website that doesn’t even have a decent user interface.

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You Won’t Find Dates In Xpersonal.com

Xpersonal.com Online- Beware of the Scam Site

According to a survey, a group of people sent 540 emails to different girl ids on Xpersonal.com. The response was shocking; they got only 156 answers over six months. And after all the attempts, they could only set up a date with one girl, and she never came.

Now, you can understand how bad a scam this is. There are no hopes of getting laid if there’s no date.

Privacy Errors in Xpersonal.com

Xpersonal.com Online- Beware of the Scam

The last thing you’d want is your leak image from a sex dating site on social media or advertisements. That is happening here for sure if you sign up on Xpersonal.com. The Terms and Condition page mentions Xpersonal has rights over every content (i.e., text, image, video, etc.) you put out. They can use those throughout the world for any given purposes without notifying you. 

You’ll be fucked up with everything. I don’t think anyone would agree to such terms.

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Final Verdict

Xpersonal.com Online- Beware of the Scam Site

Having gone through all the details, user reviews, and personal experience, I think Xpersonal is undoubtedly fake. I can’t help but say that they are not even good scammers, anybody with a tiny bit of knowledge can catch them. When I went to Xpersonal.com, it was clear to me from the first moment. Still, I would very much like to know if there is anyone who had a positive experience. 

If you are interested in sex dating, go to sites like Adultfriendfinder or Instabang. They are not only legit, but you can have your best experience there. All you need to do is go to one of them, sign up. Some of the services are free, but it’ll be best to be a member. You can find as many dates as you want.


What Are The Best Online Dating Platforms?

Online dating platforms can be distinguished based on two categories- long term relationships and short term sex dating. For the first type Match.com, OkCupid, Tinder, are the best options. And for adult dating/ sex dating, Adultfriendfinder or Instabang should be your go-to choice.

What are Free Dating Sites?

Best free dating sites are OkCupid, Match.com, Hinge, Tinder and some other reputed dating sites. Most of the popular dating platforms have a free version although you can upgrade to enjoy much more facilities. Also some premium sites have free trial periods where you need to log in with your credit card details.

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Is Xpersonal Fake?

Yes, Xpersonal is a 100% fake sex dating website. They offer not a single legitimate service, all of them are either scam or bluff. We have written a full review of the site, to know more about it read it here.

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