Xdating Website Review

Xdating Website Review- Why Is It A 100% Scam Dating Site

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A dating site is a modern weapon to get a girl in your bed without leaving the house. But some dating sites are not strictly loyal to your needs. They might promise you to get laid every day, but they are not trustworthy at all Xdating Website Review 2020.

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Today I am going to review Xdating to figure out if this is a good site or not. In this Xdating website review, I have evaluated some significant aspects of a dating site. I hope it’ll explain all the queries about the site. 

What is Xdating? 

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Xdating is a no-strings-attached dating site that provides sex dating. If you are a person who likes to have someone to bang every night, they promise to fulfill your desire.

But my research and personal experience tell me something else. Xdating is not that kind of loyal dating site where you can find loads of girls or even guys. The site’s popularity is not sufficient for such degrees of promises. 

That’s why I did this Xdating website review to reveal some of its unhealthy practices. And you should not blindly trust a site like this.

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Is Xdating a Scam? 

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Scam? No, I don’t think so. They don’t take away your money or anything that directly qualifies as a scam. But is it legit then? No, not at all. Xdating makes dozens of promises but incapable of performing them.

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Any legit dating site would never make any promise that they don’t serve. But in more than one instance, Xdating has failed me. Here are all the low points that prove Xdating Website Review is fake or not-legit.

Fake Profile Pictures in Xdating 

From the moment you sign up for Xdating, you see tons of pictures. While some of them would seem to be original, most of them are fake. How do I know it?

xdating website review

I saved a couple of pictures and images searched on Google. It showed me the photos are widely available on the web and not originally clicked for Xdating. 

Nudity is expected in dating sites. But using nudes of adult models to lure customers is not something I would like.

Blank Profiles In Xdating

The main catch of a dating site is to interact with one another sexually. But for that, you need to have a little knowledge about the person. Xdating Website Review violates the primary law of a sex dating site as there is no option for bio.

If a sex dating site encourages members not to give any details of themselves, the possibility of spams goes up. Also, how can you understand if the person is worth giving a try or not. 

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This decision of Xdating went above my understanding. I consider this a huge red flag.

Xdating Handles Fake Accounts

Like any other fake dating site, Xdating also uses the trick of fake accounts. These sites claim that fake accounts amuse users. If I found out I was talking to a bot for an hour, I wouldn’t be particularly amused.

Whenever a new user comes on-board, Xdating bots send a ton of messages. And all these happen within the first few minutes. The rookies can feel overwhelmed by this, but amateurs or pros will understand this.

Xdating Hires Employees

Yes, that’s right! Besides having bots, they also have human employees to text people. That means you are nowhere safe. 

Xdating is cheating you. Besides having zero probabilities of a hookup, they are wasting your time as well. 

Data Safety in Xdating

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Apart from the fact that they don’t require any personal information, Xdating is not a safe place for it. It mentions in their Terms and Conditions, Xdating holds 100% rights to all the information (text, pictures, videos). 

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I am sure you won’t go to a site with all these loopholes. 

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It is a Scam Site


Final Verdict- The Xdating Website Review

As I have already mentioned, calling it a scam would be inappropriate but fake, of course. Xdating uses all the possible tricks to suck the money out of you. But these are all mentioned in the Terms and Conditions, so you can’t do anything.

There are tons of such sites with money traps and other things. Sex dating is a famous market, and there are hundreds of websites. It’s tough to identify all of them and review them.

If you are going to a dating site, you have to be careful by yourself. The least you can do is reading some reviews and the T&C of the site.

If you want to have sex, there are reliable options. We have made a list of the three most reliable adult dating sites. Have a look!

Alternative sites of Xdating

Adultfriendfinder- Adultfriendfinder is one of the most popular sex dating websites. You can find partners of your choice from your locality. The charge is the industry level, and service is best. You can check our review to be extra sure.

Instabang- As the name says, Instabang is a platform for instant sex. You can find a date within 24 hours here if you are lucky. The site is top-notch, and there is no lack of women.

XXXConnect- Another site you can trust. This site is particularly obsessive about the number of women users. But not letting many men in, they ensure everyone gets a date. 


Is Xdating a Scam?

The site is not precisely a scam, but they are fake for sure. Xdating has many red flags to look for, and there are no hookups at all. Read the whole article to get an insight over the site.

How to understand if a dating site is Fake?

There is a similar pattern to look for in such sites. If you are getting loads of messages just after signing up, it’s fake. Read the Terms and Conditions, and if there are any mentions of Bots, it’s fake.
Also, there are many more things you’ll know from the T&C. Read it with patience, and you’ll have your answer.

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