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These 21 Witty Tinder Bios Male will get you what you want!! The Smartest and Funniest Ones

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All of us want a little something different from our Tinder or Bumble match. Some of us look for the right height, while others look for sweet-natured and nurtured individuals. But, in the end – What is it that all of us strive for?  These Witty Tinder Bios Male will help you all alot.

Positive people with positive vibes!

Sad Part – This isn’t a Disney Fairy-tale, and such people aren’t roaming around beaches in their free time! 

Therefore, we at TheDatingAdvise.Com have curated these calls to action Tinder Bios or as we call them – Our Witty Tinder Bios Male! 

Bonus Points: These funny Tinder Bios are free to use! 

Find out the funniest Witty Tinder Bios Male Tagline Images right here – 

witty tinder bios male

Image Source: Pinterest

witty tinder bios male

 Image Source: ClassyWish

witty tinder bios male

Image Source: 5meanders.com

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Examples of the best Funny Witty Tinder Bios Male – 

  1. I am the 1st runner up for Time’s Sexiest Management Consultant alive. Have twice rescued a fireman with a pup from a burning building. And after mastering French, I became an international spy

Plot Twist – I exaggerated ‘just’ a Lil bit. But, I am good at fixing computers, pups love me, and my passport has been tired of traveling across the world. Btw, what’s your ideal holiday destination? 

2. I am ‘The Total Package’ you have been looking for! Looking for something on the side as I am already married.

Just Kidding, I am single, and as kids, I breed my Golden Retriever. Often found at a live concert or adventures like rock climbing. 

Swipe your (maybe marriage) finger right, and let’s take it from there…

3. Food and Wine say that I am a beast….in the kitchen.

GQ has my number on its speed dial for some excellent fashion advice

The Hulk wish that I was his trainer

And You will be super glad in the future if you swiped right! 

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Get a little witty with these Tinder Bio Male.

You are having a deficiency of Vitamin ME! 

Use a witty or corny Tinder Bio if you have nothing else to work with! 

Tip – Nothing’s stopping you apart from your self-respect! 

Here’s One More Tinder Cliche Parody for you – 

This pet/cat/dog/pup is my nephew/niece! 

This is one more example of a Tinder Cliché. While swiping on online dating apps, you might have come across dating profiles with a kid in the profile picture. The bio of such profiles titles the kid in the deep as the person’s nephew or niece. 

Obvious Point – If you put a profile picture with a kid who’s not your child, clarify the relationship between the kid and yourself. 

However, saying the same about a pet is a pretty obvious parody! 

Bros, Get these Funny Witty Tinder Bios Male for absolutely free!! 

  1. I roam around like everything’s okay in my life. But deep down, my sock is sliding off inside my shoe. 
  2. Didn’t forward on some chain message some five years ago, so now my love life is fucking cursed
  3. Fat, 50+ Years Old, Nigerian, Sex Addict who wants to find love
  4. 6’3” – If you know, you know! 
  5. In the city for the week because I have my home here
  6. Here are some of my bad habits: 
  • You will find all the kitchen cabinets open while I am cooking the super delicious food for you.
  • I am geographically challenged while touring around the world.
  • Terrible at matching my super expensive socks
  1. I believe that the key to success is belly laughs and good beers.
  2. I can even turn things on 
  3. Do you want to play hot cross burns on four different instruments with me? 

Steps To Reactivate Tinder

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Cram this equation right now – Amazing Tinder Bio = Humor + Bio Cute Animals 

It doesn’t matter if you love Maths or not. You need to get this equation right – A bio that is humorous and states that you own cute pets like dogs or cats, have better chances than any other biography in the online dating world! 

Reason – Girls love both – A funny guy and cute animals. A combination of both is like a black hole where every girl will eventually fall one damn day!

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Want more Matches? Use these Funny Witty Tinder Bios Male– 

  1. Most people are getting married and having kids, while I am just fighting with my dog for dinner! 
  2. Do you know that, on average, a person has seven different sexual partners in their lifetime? Wait, I just learned that I am a whore.
  3. For all the women above 30: I am a professional with a secure job looking to start a family.

For all the girls under 30: My name is Antonio, and I breed Labrador pups. 

  1. Two reasons to date me: 
  • You will be a good looking one.
  • Please
  1. I am putting my money on your standards to be a lot lower than mine.
  2. I can handle a pussy (cat) in bed. That’s all! 
  3. I work for the Government. Why am I telling you this? Because I will fuck you super hard.

8 Ways To Answer What Are You Looking For On Tinder

Best Photo Examples of Witty Tinder Bios Male 

witty tinder bios male

Image Source: Cheezburger

witty tinder bios male

Image Source: Appamatix

witty tinder bios male

 Image Source: Amazing Inventions 

100% Working Solution to your ‘About Me’ Problem – 

  1. You would be crazy not to swipe right
  2. Catch me as I have already fallen for you
  3. Pizza, anyone? 
  4. Looking for someone with whom I can be silly with
  5. Swipe right if you want to be treated like a princess on the streets and a porn star doing spira between the sheets! 
  6. Do this: Hold ten roses and walk in front of a mirror to witness the 11 most beautiful things God has created! 

Fake Tinder Profiles

The Witty Tinder Bios Male which are All Round Funny – 

You are going to make you laugh out loud on purpose and by accident! 

The above Tinder Bio will make her feel special about being with you as she will realize that you are the person who can bring immense happiness with lots of laughter in her life. It also signifies that you are okay with laughing at your self, to watch her cute little smile! 

Tip – Sometimes, just being you and not trying way too hard can be the way out, my dear friend! 

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Be her Prince Charming by using our super cool and witty bios, which you can not only use on Dating Applications, but can throw them at her while having a conversation on Facebook, or even using FaceTime! 

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Takeaway Tip: Never Ever – 

  1. Leave a Tinder Bio ‘Blank’ 
  2. Use depreciating humor to introduce yourself
  3.  Initiate ‘Locker Room Conversation’ 

The answers you have been looking for – FAQs

What are the elements that are to be included in Your Witty Tinder Bios Male? 

Character Length should be around 500.
Try to be humorous 
Be honest about what you are looking for
Remember to include your height
Be careful about grammar and spelling

What should a guy say in his witty Tinder Bios Male? 

Make a list to write a Witty Tinder Bios Male that’s short and fun to read
List out the things that you love doing in your free time, or your achievements, or even things in your bucket list

What is the best witty Tinder Bios Male for a guy?

69% Gentleman, 31% Rogue
Do you like water?
Of course, you do! 
That’s mean that you are into me as I am 72% of water myself!
Send me an emoji that represents what you want on our first date, and then I will reply with an emoji what our future looks like

How do I (a guy) make a good and witty Tinder Bios Male?

You can even try changing with some call to action 
Show utmost honesty while writing your Tinder bio

How To Write witty Tinder Bios Male That Will Make Someone Swipe Right? 

Write a Witty Tinder Bios Male that’s witty and humorous 
Your bio headline should grab attention, so be specific and talk to the point
Bottom Line – Do not put your total energy in writing a bio. Focus on the images too. 

How to Write Your witty Tinder Bios Male? 

Write everything right about yourself 
Write about why are you on this dating application 

Why You Need A Good Tinder Dating Profile Bio In this year? 

Your online dating profile requires an exceptionally well-curated Tinder Bio as your chances of acquiring Tinder Taglines Matches will gradually improve with a bio. You will be surprised to know, but even a recent study has verified that male profiles with bio have a greater chance of getting matches than the profiles who do not have one! 

What are you sick of seeing in girl’s dating apps profiles like Witty Tinder Bios Male? 

Blank Profiles 
Just Ask’
Zodiac Signs
I love to travel
Images with someone who may or may not be her ex
[A] Years Young
Follow me on my Instagram Handle: Gives Instagram Username so that her follower counts increases.
Looking for someone to talk to (just as friends is a silent buddy) 
Oh my gosh! My friend made this profile!! 
Most of the images being group pictures

Why do variations of such profile texts keep showing up on online dating profiles like Tinder profiles?

There might be many reasons why you keep seeing the variations of texts on your Tinder Profile. One to state here is that you might have swiped through many users and the dating apps to provide you with more options and keep showing up by recycling the same old profile texts.

Which city would you love to date people in?

I want to meet and date people from Bel Air City. 

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