Why do guys come back months later

Why Do Guys Come Back Months Later? 95% Guys are SAME!! Unknown Truth

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Most of the time, after a breakup, it is always a man who tries to make up the relationship again. And the main reason behind why do guys come back months later is that they generally break their perfect relationship because of their loss of freedom. Men think that their freedom has been taken. They always take the girl’s possessiveness as a threat to their release.

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And once they break the relationship for a few months, they do enjoy his newfound freedom. And once they are done with their space and ego, they want to get a healthy relationship again.

He Wants You Back. Yes, In That Sense

Why Do Guys Come Back Months Later

Suppose the guy wants you back only because he misses the physical relationship that you had. Then don’t make the mistake of falling into his traps and just run away. You deserve a lot better than this. Guys, realize your worth once they lose you. It might hurt you for some time.This is the reason why do guys come back months later.

But in the long run, it will make you the happiest person. If it is too harsh for you, then go for lengthy trips alone and enjoy yourself. Give yourself some time, and if it is too hard for you, you can also visit a human relations expert. It will be beneficial in the long term.

Sometimes, we realize what we’ve lost so much and are ready to be whatever we need to be to get it back.

When you break your perfectly healthy relationship, it might make you a person who doubts themselves all the time. You might also blame yourself for everything and be harsh on yourself when many women try to fix everything and try to get back into the relationship.

Why do guys come back months later

But what they don’t understand is that their weakness makes the guys sort of control freak. And that can increase your difficulties by affecting your peace of mind. And this will make you fall into a rebound relationship.

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Your ex-boyfriend’s reappearance is the worst thing, especially when you are trying to get over the whole thing and are ready to move on with your life.

To get back into your usual self after a harsh break up is tough. It takes up all your strength. You can’t get over someone within one night. No matter what type of a dumper he was, it takes a lot of time to get over a relationship. And when you are finally over the connection, the man tries to come back into your life.

Why do guys come back months later

Because the truth of why do guys come back months later is that they are jealous of your successful life and are just missing free sex, this is a harsh reality, and you have to be aware of this. Always remember the contact rule. It is the rule that you should follow after a breakup.

According to that rule, you can’t contact the person no matter what. You also have to delete their phone number. This helps to get over the relationship. And the period when you are the lowest, you can again visit a human relationships expert.

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Something reminded him of you.

When you are in a relationship for a more extended period, you share a lot of moments. A million things are there to remind you of your ex-boyfriend. Always keep your expectations of relationships low and never build an optical illusion about your man. When you are in a relationship with someone, you still think good of your partner. There is nothing called a perfect relationship. Everything has some flaws, and you should accept it that way.

Why Do Guys Come Back Months Later

When there is a thing or time that reminds you of him, be calm and positive. You deserve someone better in the future. Just think that there will be a time when you will be in a healthy relationship with a guy who has a good human nature, does not have an ego boost, and is not a sort of control freak. And then there would be no annoying reasons coming in the way of your relationship.

He May Act Out

Have you ever seen a child crying for a thing that he wanted and was denied for that. Their sweet little hands are begging for the toy, and you still have to be hard on them so that you don’t spoil them. But sometimes their acts do melt our hearts. Just like that, when guys know that all their techniques of getting you back have failed, they play the emotional game.

Why Do Guys Come Back Months Later

They try to act emotionally and win you back through their lovely words.
And try being honest; trust me, it does work. Girls do get melted and give their partner chances, and the same story is repeated all over again. And this also creates a lot of unhealthy expectations, which later brings heartbreak.

My friend Iona Yeung, a human relationship expert, once said that giving relationship tips is very easy but following them and maintaining a relationship is a bit f a task. One night stands are better if you are not ready for the commitment as it doesn’t require any advanced strategies.In this case you dont need to search for why do guys come back months later.

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Why Do Guys Come back Months Later? He gets something from you.

It is not always the boy who gets gifts for the girls. Sometimes it is the girls who get stuff for their boyfriend. And most of the time, it is out of love. But there are also times when their passion is misused, and the boy keeps asking for gifts.

And after the breakup, the boy wants to come back into a relationship because their expenses are too high, and can’t afford their luxuries. So, they often find our ways to get back into the relationship by playing the victim card. They will showcase their difficulties in such a way that it makes the other person sympathetic towards them.

why do guys come back months later

Reasons guys do this is their ego boost in front of their friends and society. This is a sign of conflict, and you should walk away from the relationship as soon as possible. And always take a rational approach towards it.

Why Do Guys Come Back Months Later? You love him too much to let him go.

Love is a powerful feeling, and sometimes it can overpower all the other senses. And social media adds fuel to this. As when you use social media apps like Instagram and Pinterest too much, you start imaging your life according to the life of the other influencers you are following. You make them your role model and what you don’t realize is that they are showcasing only the best part of their life and not their entire life.

There are times when you know you are in a toxic relationship, but you don’t break up because you love them too much, and the social media has created a mindset that you can’t break. But what you need to understand is that self-love is more important than your love towards your partner. And you should break the optical illusion that you have created and take a more rational approach towards life.

His Rebound Relationship… Rebounded

A rebound relationship is prevalent these days. The fear of missing out forces them to be in a relationship even if they are not over with their past relationship. This affects everyone. And this is a very wrong thing. If your ex-boyfriend is in a rebound relationship, then be sure that it is the worst thing that he is doing.

He is not only hurting his new girlfriend’s feelings but is also making his mental health worse. Also, make sure that you are not doing the same. Just because your ex has moved on doesn’t mean that even you have to get into a relationship. Take your own time and get into a relationship only when you are over with the last one.

Why Do Guys Come Back Months Later? He Wants You Back in His Life

why do guys come back months later

When the guy wants you back in the relationship after breaking up himself, be a smart girl and make a wise decision. You can not let others decide your worth and don’t give so much importance to someone that they can make you weak. If the guy broke up with you because of his newfound freedom, then let him enjoy his space and never get back into the relationship again as he might repeat the same thing. And if you forgive him once, then he would repeat the same mistakes multiple times.

Reason Why Do Guys Come Back Months Later

Generally, boys break up their perfectly healthy relationships because they feel suffocated and bound. A lot of times, they miss their freedom and their wild nature. And once they break and have enjoyed their newfound freedom, they tend to come back as they ignore the healthy relationship they have had. And they try numerous ways to get the girl back.


Men come back after a break up because they know that they have control over you, and they miss the attention they got from you. Some men are bigger creeps and only want to come back because they can’t handle their expenditures and want money, or they miss the free sex, so always be aware and don’t let anyone use you.


Q. Why Do Men Come Back After You Ignore Them?

A. Most men come back after you ignore them because that is when they know that they have no control over you, and they want to make you weak again.

Q. Why Do Guys Come Back Months Later After They Dump You?

A. Yes, most of the guys come back after they have dumped you as they miss the attention that they got from you.

Q. Why Do guys come back Months Later after they dump you…?

A. Yes, guys always come back after they have dumped you over someone else.

Q. When Do Guys Start To Miss You After A Breakup?

A. Guys start to miss you after a break up because they start realizing and acknowledging your efforts and love.

Q. How do you get over a guy you never really dated?

A. Try to get indulge in new activities and sports. Spend more time with yourself and start prioritizing yourself first.

Why do guys leave a relationship?

A. Generally, guys leave a relationship because they feel trapped and miss their freedom of talking and flirting around girls.

Q. When do guys come back after the breakup?

A. Most guys come back after a break up as they start realizing your worth. It is genuinely said you recognize the worth of something when you lose it.

Q. Do all guys miss you during no contact?

A. Most guys miss their partners during no contact.

Q. How to make guys miss you?

A. Pretend to be the happiest person ever. And start doing things that you always wanted to do, and you didn’t do because of him

Q. Why Do Men Come Back After No Contact? 2 Secrets Revealed!

Because they miss you badly and have a habit of you.
They dont find someone better.

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