Uberhorny Website Review

Uberhorny Site Review 2020- Is It a Scam or You Can Rely on It

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Do you want to spice up your sex life with some newly met hot chicks from your area? Well, in the era of online dating, it’s a cup of tea for many people. In fact you can find the perfect match according to your preferences from these dating sites.

As a result, there are hundreds of dating sites coming up regularly with the same promise. Uberhorny is from one of those sites with a reasonably popular customer base. Here we are going to conduct the uberhorny site review and find out if there is anything shady about it.

UberHorny Video Review

Uberhorny Site Review

In this review, we have covered some basic aspects of judging a dating site. All the opinions are from personal experiences and customer reviews.

What does Uberhorny Offer?

This online dating site offers mostly short term sexual affairs and not relationships. Basically, people come here with a primary intention to get laid. So, there are no misconceptions or misunderstandings about the intention of your partner.

Uberhorny promises to take you to bed within three months. If you fail to find a partner within three months, they will give you three months free to use (if only this were so easy). However, this incident depends on some clauses that you need to fulfill.

Also, this is a location-based site, so they promise you to find people from your locality. 

How To Sign Up For Uberhorny?

Signing up for uberhorny is very easy. You have to visit the site and fill up your Email address, name, and locality. After you do that, you are going to receive a verification mail. Once you confirm the submission, your account will be ready to use. 

Premium Membership

Uberhorny site Review

Though Uberhorny claims to be a perfectly free-to-use site, there is very little you can do with a free membership. While doing the Uberhorny site review, this fact emerged pretty much clear. Like most of the shady dating sites, uberhorny uses bot messages from the moment you sign up.

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You can’t reply to messages until you subscribe to the membership plan. Uberhorny kept the price in an affordable range, though. There is a two-day trial for only $0.95 and a seven day trial for $9.95. Now, if you are satisfied with your trial and want to commit for long terms, there are many plans. 

The one month plan is very costly, $34.95, I don’t think one should pay this much for monthly use. Instead, choose the better plan like $11.65 per month for six months and $6.67 per month for 12 months. 

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Inside Uberhorny

Inside Uberhorny, there are plenty of things to do. The interface is too old-styled; to be honest, they wanted it to be easy-to-use and ended up with a retro theme. Overlooking that, first, you need to verify your profile picture. Uberhorny has a strict policy for fake accounts; they approve your profile picture.

You can post status and pictures like social media, and also you get the facility of webcam and video call.  

There are mainly four ways to find the perfect match for you. You can find partners through location, last seen, or popular profiles as per your choice.

Uberhorny is a paid adult dating site mainly; once you subscribe for the gold membership, you’ll unlock many perks. There are options to send likes and winks to persons. Uberhorny has a unique game, “Who’s Cute,” you can access it with a membership plan.

Is Uberhorny Safe?

As an intimate adult dating site, you often share sensitive info and pictures with your partner. There are options to video call as well. So, the question of security comes firmly. As a part of our review, we couldn’t find any allegation against Uberhorny claiming any misuse of private information.

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However, there is a paid security mode that’ll mark your id to be “Safe” instead of “Standard.”

Is Uberhorny a Scam?

Here comes the most crucial question. There are many cons to Uberhorny. For example, they offer a lot of perks, which they never fulfill. Similarly, they use some paid models to showcase their profiles. Even they have listed ids of sex workers who will charge money from you. That proves Uberhorny to be not legit, but I can’t claim it to be a scam.

People have got laid with Uberhorny, and they have a number of 1.5M active users out of 2M members. So yeah, it’s not a scam, but they are not legit too. At every point, they try to sell the gold membership, yet they claim it is free to use. But there is a chance of getting laid. 

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Final Verdict

Adult dating sites like Uberhorny mostly aim to make money instead of creating a brand. In many cases, these sites’ behaviors are entirely fraudulent. But Uberhorny maintains customer safety and offers service, which is believable. No records are mentioning Uberhorny charges money for untold services. Considering all of that, I think Uberhorny is a shady adult dating site, but they are not involved in any scam so far.

My advice is to keep a distance from these types of sites that are not very good with fulfilling offers. There are plenty of reputed dating sites available with high levels of customer satisfaction. Here are some alternatives to Uberhorny.

Alternatives To Uberhorny

The alternatives are similar to Uberhorny but more trusted and keep their promises. 


Which are the best hookup sites?

The best hookup sites, where you can positively find a date, are not very rare. You can use sites like Adult Friend Finder, iHookUp, FriendFinder-X, Passion, Get It On, Ashley Madison, XMatch. These are legit sites with high user ratings.

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Which dating site to use?

There are various dating sites available in the market; you have to choose it according to your choice. Mainly two types of sites dominate in the market, long term relationships, short term sexual relationships. If you are a straight person, then go for the famous sites, if you are homo or bisexual, there are sites you can visit. Before selecting any site, read the reviews carefully to know if there is any scam.

Benaughty.com reviews

Benaughty is a reputed short term sexual dating site. You can find partners instantly, and they don’t fake anything. So, if you are a person longing for sex, then it can be your go-to option. Having a beautiful physical outlook is a huge advantage here.

Does POF work?

Yes, POF or Plenty of Fish works. According to customer reviews, they are satisfied with the results. One customer said that he met (physically) five girls within three months. So, you can give it a go.

What are the free hookup apps?

Some hookup apps are free to use, and they produce real results. Apps like Eventbrite, Bumble, Blendr, Coffee meets Bagel are free for dating.

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