Tips for dating in Coronavirus pandemic

9 Awesome Tips For Dating During The Coronavirus Pandemic: Know Before You Date!!

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We are amidst a pandemic, and coronavirus has changed the way we date, and with these changed situations, we all need tips for dating during the coronavirus pandemic. The following data proves that Dating didn’t even slow down during COVID- 

  • 51% of users said they planned to video date more, and 18% have had at least one video call with a match on Coffee with Bagel as of April 23. 
  • The gay male community, Hornet, saw a 30% increase in social feed engagement since March.

So, let’s unleash the nine tips for Dating during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Quarantine Dating Ideas

Whether you have had a partner for years or just trying to know someone, there are many dating ideas using technology while maintaining no physical contact. These are some simple tips for dating during the coronavirus pandemic.

  • Watch the same movie over Netflix 
  • Share images over Getty Images 
  • Cook the same meal and eat together over Skype or FaceTime
  • Send Voice Notes instead of text messages to hear each other’s voice, if you are in the early stages of a relationship 
  • Lastly, think about the greater good as opposed to personal or instant gratification 


A Need/Desire for Safe Connection 

Public Health emotions such as the desire for love and Romance aren’t going away. Health officials think that the coronavirus crisis highlights the need for closeness and connection more than ever, and says that loneliness is also a significant public health risk. 

Protection during more close and intimate moments are crucial as people are still dating. The New York City Health Department has stressed the COVID-19 related dangers of sexual activity as they found traces of COVID-19 in semen. 

During Intercourse, to reduce the likelihood of COVID-19 infection as well as sexually transmitted diseases, you can use tools such as- 

  • Face Masks
  • Condoms
  • Dental Dams

Virtual Dating

Tips For Dating During The Coronavirus Pandemic

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Many years ago, coronavirus pandemic might have stopped singles from connecting with prospects through their friends, family, or faith communities. But in these modern times, most people connect virtually through social media and dating apps like Tinder, Match, Hinge, Bumble, and Instagram anyway. 

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Stat supporting claim- Heterosexual Couples Data – 39% reported meeting in 2017 compared to 22% in 2009. Also, 60% of the same-sex couples met online in 2017, according to Stanford’s School of Humanities and Science. 

Therefore, it can be safely said that the influence of technology on our sexual and romantic lives has been enormous from online Dating to sexting, video chatting, and texting.

Make sure to ask what your sexual partner’s quarantine situation has been like and exercise caution if you meet up with people.

If you have decided to meet someone for sex in Boston, Jordan, or New York City, which was the epicenter for the coronavirus crisis in the United States; here are the guidelines to do it in the safest way possible- Tips for dating during the coronavirus pandemic.

  • Be creative with physical barriers like walls and sexual positions. 
  • Have sex with a Face mask on.
  • Do Phone Sex
  • Orgies are discouraged as if 2 = Company, 3 = Crowd
  • Stick to just 1 or 2 sexual partners who reside outside of your home
  • Always make sure how your partner interacts with others.
  • Take the necessary precautions for the novel Coronavirus.

Dating During Outbreak!! Know-How? 

Tips For Dating During The Coronavirus Pandemic

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Relationship advice columnists have noticed a drastic change. 

Thanks to social distancing, questions about being socially awkward or unattractive have fallen away as many people feel more secure communicating over the internet or text than in person. 

The COVID-19 OutbreakOutbreak has changed all the dating system, and now people are more into how to have good online dates. 

  • Connect on a more emotional or mental level.
  • Approach relationships with careful thought and attention 

Try identifying what you are seeking in a partner.

During the coronavirus crisis, it may be easier to lose sight of what we seek in a long term partner. Define 3 – 5 non-negotiables you are looking in a partner if you haven’t already. 

You recognize better and faster when you know what you are looking for. Also, it doesn’t mean that you should be virtually dating everyone that comes your way as we all have a lot of free time. You should be ready to start in real life. Dating someone with potential as COVID will end at some point. 

Some Considerations to Keep in Mind

As you and your potential partner try to process and work through the China gifted infectious disease crisis, you both are likely to experience waves of emotions. Frustrations may come more quickly, anxiety levels might be high, and disconnects can understandably happen. 

Dating someone new will likely require: Tips for dating during the coronavirus pandemic

  • Heightened self-awareness 
  • An increase in patience 
  • Ultra-Strong Communication Skills

Always Remember- Each of us needs to define balance, which is a personal boundary, individually. The time spent on Dating should add value to your life. Else, review the amount of energy you are giving to it and make the appropriate changes. 

How to date online and maintain relationships during the coronavirus outbreak 

Tips For Dating During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Online Dating and meeting new people can be complicated during the COVID-19 OutbreakOutbreak. Health officials from the health department are encouraged to maintain a 6 feet distance from others, i.e., social distancing, including date nights. But, Romance need not end. You can- 

  • Have a cocktail over video chat and practice social distancing amid the coronavirus crisis
  • Have a virtual date night planned and connect on social media platforms such as Facebook


Following the above tips for dating during the coronavirus pandemic will help you keep safe and assure you an exceptional dating experience during the pandemic! 

Takeaway Fact- A dating app for wealthy singles, Luxy Singles, reported that 87% of the senior singles wanted to wait to meet in person after the pandemic was over in March. The percentage dropped drastically to 43% in June. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are dating apps doing?

Amid the COVID-19 Outbreak, online dating sites and dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, Match, and Hinge help users spend time together by finding creative ways. 

Amid the Pandemic, why Dating Might Still Make Sense?

1. Through video chat, you can still get to know someone and sense their energy
2. It is a great time to build emotional intimacy and also meet people who are interested in more than a hook-up

What about kids and our anxiety? 

It’s best to avoid certain information about the virus for younger kids and not have a conversation with kids when you feel particularly anxious or annoyed. Do not watch news channels on the loop and make sure that you and your children are eating healthy meals every day. 

During the crisis, how to date, have Sex, and fall in love? 

1. If you both have good communication skills, try quarantining with your partner
2. If neither of you has symptoms, you and your partner can be sexually intimate 
3. A great alternative to meeting up with people is phone sex.
4. Zoom meetups and FaceTime dates are useful tools to know people instead of dinner dates and cocktail 

Can kids have playdates?

Most probably no because most COVID-19 cases in children have been mild, but they may play a vital role in community-based viral transmission. However, Outdoor activities without shared equipment can be allowed. 

How to feel better during a crisis?

With tips for dating during the coronavirus pandemic, you can feel better during the coronaviruspandemic. Three billion users swiped to connect with people on Tinder on March 29, 2020, making it the day with the most engagement in the dating app history, showing that meeting people on dating apps can help you feel better during a crisis. 

How do I protect myself?

Protect yourself by following the tips for Dating during the coronavirus pandemic andwearing a mask as 59% of the seniors said that they were wearing masks on dates in March, which increased to 71% in June. 

When Can’t You Leave The House, How To Get Therapy? 

You can get therapy by going on virtual dates. The following stats prove it- 
62% of the seniors on said that COVID changed the way they date. 
OkCupid saw a whopping 700% increase in its users going on a virtual date since March. 

What This Means For You?

You should feel mentally and emotionally equipped to go through the beginning phases of a new relationship. However, if that’s what you need at this moment, permit yourself to stay away from the dating game.

As we’re trying to stay away from others, how do we entertain kids?

Gaming with friends, social media, face timing, and texting will help keep kids connected to the friends they would usually be seeing. 

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