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Tinder University- Join it and Make Your Happiness 2x

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You all know about ‘The Tinder University.’ Many of you must be trembling with this name as you want to play, spend time with your friends. But you have to attend ‘The University’ and life gets boring!! 

Tinder University

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But don’t worry, Tinder has brought you a feature TINDER UNIVERSITY. It will not make you tremble with the name of the university. Instead, it will make you more eager to attend this university. 

Yes, you heard it right!! 

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Introduction To The Tinder University 

This new virtual university is super exciting, where you won’t have to see the dull walls and flat faces of your professors, but you will see what you wanted to see and do what you have been deprived of!! 

It is also known as TINDER U (U FOR UNIVERSITY) and is a new version of the Main Tinder App. It is the app you just cannot avoid!! 

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Only because it has many features that are compatible with your fantasies, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that this app is the conversion of your dreams into reality. In a way, it is a virtual university specifically designed to keep youngsters’ desires in mind.

It is super easy to connect with students through Tinder U, and when you use Tinder, you will see students state profiles first on your screen. Isn’t it amazing?? 


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A Tinder ‘College Version’ for College Students 

Most of us inherently desire: 

  • To date your classmates or any girl from your university 
  • To date, a girl who lives in your neighborhood or any girl studying in a nearby school. 
  • To date, a girl who is similar to your age because of compatibility.
  • To date, a girl with mutual friends. 

But you just CANNOT!! Because: 

  • You are an introvert.
  • You are afraid of being judged.
  • You are so scared of rejection.
  • It is uncomfortable to approach her directly.


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Tinder University

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Tinder knew all about your concerns. 

So, it decided to incorporate features that can ward off your insecurities and make your dating experience all more encompassing.

Allow me to explain to you about the new university in town- TINDER UNIVERSITY!! 

Decoding the working of Tinder University/ How to use Tinder U

In today’s time, we all are super busy with our lives! We cannot spare time for dating and friendship, which has positively impacted our interpersonal skills, leading to other problems. 

Today, we prefer online mode of communication rather than the offline mode, and Tinder has managed to bridge this gap of communication, understanding youngsters’ insecurities. By launching Tinder U, Tinder has brought colleges and communities on one platform, making it easier for students to communicate and make friends.

Some of its mind-boggling features are: 

  • Based on swiping, you can easily switch between different profiles by merely tapping on them. 
  • You can identify a University by the badge color on the profile. 
  • You can also see your logo on the screen when you are in Tinder U mode.
  • It lets you swipe through profiles of the fellow students in your university and those of others. 
  • You can chat with them and know them more. Also, take them on a date with you, and discuss several topics. 

Here’s an example for better understanding: 

Suppose you are studying at Harvard University, and there is this person who lives in your neighborhood. She looks at another university, and you are really into her!! 

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But, you don’t dare to initiate a conversation with her. 

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  • Open the Tinder U App.
  • Start hunting for her. (She is most likely to be on this beautiful App) by swiping through to see her college and JUST FIND HER OUT!! 

DAMN!! How easy dating has been made through this app!!!! 

How to Sign Up on Tinder U? 

It is effortless to sign up on Tinder, and you are required to obey the following procedure :

  1. You need to log in to your tinder account on the Tinder app.
  2. You must be present on your campus while logging in.
  3. You need to give your student email address.
  4. After this, a badge will appear on your profile for everyone to see that will indicate the institute you belong to.
  5. Open your college email account.
  6. Click on the email from Tinder and tap the verify option.
  7. Open the tinder and start chatting, swiping, and fulfilling your dreams.

Want to get more dates through Tinder U???

Tinder University

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Follow the steps below to go on a date RIGHT NOW- 

  • Catchy bio: It is essential to have an attractive biography. After seeing your college’s badge, the only thing that a person can see is YOUR BIO. Your chances of going on a date will only increase if she likes it. Therefore, your bio should be capable of making a great impression.
  • Mesmerizing pictures: Good images can make a long-lasting impression. If your body images are good looking, there are high chances that your match will convert into a date. Sometimes, good looks can overlook other traits that you lack.
  • Opening lines: Don’t start your conversation with the same boring lines and expect different results. Your opening lines should be entertaining, pulling, and this shall give you a positive start, which will hopefully shape the conversation into the desired destination.
  • No show off, please: Nowadays, it’s straightforward to validate that if a person is a show-off or not! And mark my words: MOST PEOPLE HATE SHOW-OFFS!! So, take my advice and don’t be one.
  • Be humorous and genuine: This is the quality everyone is looking for in this gloomy world. The funnier you are, the better chances you have. So, try to be as amusing and as open as possible. 

You will be able to do it, I know.

Fill The Forms of These Schools ASAP 

Recently, Tinder released its list of the most swiped females and males in school campuses worldwide. Find the list here: 

Campuses with Most Swiped Right Females

  1. Florida State University
  2. University of Miami
  3. University of Mississippi
  4. University of Colorado Boulder
  5. University of Alabama
  6. Colorado State University
  7. Boise State University
  8. Iowa State University
  9. University of Arizona
  10. University of Iowa
  11. Kansas State University
  12. Indiana University
  13. Texas Christian University
  14. San Diego State University
  15. Virginia Tech
  16. Miami University (Ohio)
  17. Clemson University
  18. Ohio University
  19. University of Florida
  20. University of Kentucky
  21. Auburn University
  22. Texas Tech University
  23. Pennsylvania State University
  24. West Virginia University
  25. Southern Methodist University

Campuses with Most Swiped Right Males

  1. Georgetown University
  2. Brigham Young University
  3. University of Notre Dame
  4. Texas Christian University
  5. Air Force Academy
  6. Yale University
  7. Dartmouth College
  8. University of Virginia
  9. University of Mississippi
  10. University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
  11. United States Naval Academy
  12. Brown University
  13. Rice University
  14. Tulane University
  15. University of Vermont
  16. Wake Forest University
  17. Cornell University
  18. University of Tennessee
  19. Ohio University
  20. Loyola Marymount University
  21. Miami University (Ohio)
  22. United States Military Academy (West Point)
  23. Mississippi State University
  24. Clemson University
  25. Boston College

Swiping Left on Tinder U 

With Tinder University, guys who are in the school year can even leave swipe the profiles of other college kids or university students, as there are so many options available. Tinder University is the hub of all the pretty girls in your school or university looking for dating and hooking up with guys like you. 

So, take your chances and pick up the best one by selectively right-swiping! 

What if you right-swiped? 

Exchange Social Media Handles like Facebook and Snapchat and get ready to go on a Coffee Date soon, my dear friend!! 

Tinder U Secret Feature: 

  1. You can even get your Study Buddy for Education on the Tinder University!
  2. You can even be a part of the ‘Match Group’ to meet and greet several matches from distant capital cities.

Don’t get confused! Tinder U is only for College Students! 

Whenever you hear the word ‘Tinder,’ there is a general notion that this popular dating app can date people from the maximum distances in the world. However, this is where most people have gone wrong and have become confused! 

Tinder University

Image Source: Unsplash 

This useful feature is not available with Tinder University as Tinder U only allows you to date your study buddy. It doesn’t matter if you are in a new high school class or are just a freshman year; only using some smart moves can you find potential matches on your college campus! 

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Today, Tinder is mostly used by people in the age bracket of 18- 24. It is necessary to cater to their needs in a significant way and provide them with a fair and memorable experience.

As there are already many dating websites that compete with Tinder, it was essential to take care of their concerns. 

With Tinder University, Tinder brought these unique features which were launched after months of observation, and it indeed has done justice to the students. It has undoubtedly proved to be a boon for many students to fulfilling their desires. 


There were some limitations to dating, but TINDER UNIVERSITY has revolutionized the way we find a date. It has done its job to bring people and communities closer.

This is an excellent way of dating through this app. So, don’t waste your time and 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Q. How to Enroll In Tinder U? 

A. You don’t need to install any particular app to install Tinder University on your mobile. Instead, you simply need to download the Tinder app from the play store on your android phone. Whereas in the case of iPhones, you simply need to go to App Store and download it, which is free.

Q. How Do I Sign Up For Tinder U? 

1. A. You need to log in to your tinder account on the Tinder app.
2. Be present on your campus while logging in.
3. You need to give your .edu email address.
4. After this, a badge will appear on your profile for everyone to see that will indicate the institute you belong to.
5. Open your college email account.
6. Click on the email from Tinder and tap the verify option.
And you are done! 

Q. Should I use Tinder U at my college?

A. Ya sure. Why not? There will be so many pretty girls in your college using the same app to date decent guys like you.

Q. What is Tinder University?

A. It’s a College Version of TINDER OFFICIAL APP to find and quickly date pretty girls in your class, college, or neighborhood college.

Q. Do I have to use Tinder University?

A. Depends. If you can find great matches and dates on the Official Tinder version, there is no need to use Tinder University. But, if you are a College Student longing to get more and more dates in your life, Tinder University is a must go. 

Q. Why should you use Tinder University

A. You should use Tinder University for: 
Dating your classmates in college
Dating your college mates
Dating girls in the neighborhood college 
Finding and dating girls of your age! 

Q. How Tinder University Works? 

A. Install the App. Sign Up. And Start browsing and right-swiping! Don’t worry as the profiles on Tinder University will be only of your college students or neighboring college students of your age. You can quickly get premium college matches on this ‘college version’ of the Tinder App. 

Q. What city would you like to find dates in? 

A. I would like to find dates in my college city. 

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