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Shagaholic Reviews 2020: The Unrevealed Truth

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An excellent online dating site should provide you with what you want. Many dating sites claim to interact with men and women for casual sex, but not everything that they say is right. Indeed, some of the women on the websites may be a fraud. We have done detailed Shagaholic reviews and founded that is one site that looks elegant, but its internal part is just waste. In this Shagaholic Reviews we will explain everything.

Scam of Shagaholic

We started on signing up with, and we couldn’t interact with the desired women. We could not even send messages to women whom we want to. We were being forced to purchase a membership, but it was still useless. The free profile approved us to talk to a few women, and some messages were spam. Honestly, the women who replied were not even interested in meeting up in person. They forced to pay them, giving a clear hint that the site is totally a scam.

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To connect with more women, and we paid for the premium membership and found that there were no women at all. Also, after you pay, it is difficult to cancel the membership. This site is a scam, and all that they look for is money. We strongly urge you all not to join it.

How to sign up in Shagaholic?

Okay, so if you are trying to login in Shagaholic, the online dating site, it will take few minutes to do so. We have explained everything in detail in this Shagaholic Reviews.

The procedures to register as a Shagaholic Reviews user is super easy and fast. Because this site tends to focus on connecting users who want extramarital affairs or who are involved in casual hook-ups, the amount of information needed here is pretty minimal.

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Start landing on the Shagaholic Reviews sign up page. Select your gender and choose the gender in which you are interested.

After that, you will be asked to share your email address and pick a strong password for the sign-up procedure.

Finally, enable your location or update your site manually and Fill the Birth Date, Birth Year and Birth Month. And that’s it! That was the entire sign-up procedure. Now you have your username name and password, log in to the shagaholic Reviews site and watch it out.

Shagaholic Reviews Membership Details

Shagaholic Membership details

Duration / Credits / Coins Costs Total

Full Membership

1 Month 29.10 USD / Month 29.10 USD

3 Months 15.30 USD / Month 45.90 USD

6 Months 12.30 USD / Month 73.80 USD

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Let’s start with the most basic but yet the critical question you have: Is Shagaholic safe? Before you dive into a new casual hook-up site, it is essential to look up some research.  This becomes important when you’re looking at random hook-up and casual sex sites. We have made this research simple for you. Honestly, there are a lot of scams in Shagaholic Reviews. We’d also suggest you not to provide your real information to this site.

Also, you can’t find a safety page for this site, which is a red flag right there. Be aware you might have contact with many suspicious people. Report the scam to help protect you and the site’s other members. We also urge you to be confident in your instincts when chatting with new people on this site. If you think the conversation is suspicious report it. The site’s owner should always be in knowledge of stuff happening on their website. 

Join the real fun website and get hot real chicks.

Pros And Cons

Pros and Cons in Shagaholic Reviews

✓ Pros Of Shagaholic

  • There are plenty of verification measures in place.
  • The search filters are available for free.
  • Attractive Name

X Cons Of Shagaholic

  • Most of the profiles are not 100% genuine.
  • There’s aren’t very many features.
  • Bad Reputation

It was unbearable

Apart from the fakes, there are millions of cam girls on this Shagaholic Reviews site. They’re everywhere, and they will spam you inboxing link after link until you are on the site.

That’s obviously was the worst time on a dating site, but we expected nothing better than that. The hole site is time waste and simply unbearable, which made us leave that site.

We Conducted a Short Survey

Shagaholic Reviews survey

We spent a total of 2 months on this website in which we sent a total of 150 emails to hot girls. The twist is that we didn’t get a single reply from any of the women, which proves how fake the website is.

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The site is dead

Dead site in our dictionary is a site that doesn’t have much population of ladies. And these dead site won’t help you get results.

You need a particular ratio for a site to get progress, and this site just doesn’t fit on those. The site won’t get you results because it really can’t.

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With that mindset, we were so ready to bump out from here and never return. It’s just a waste of time as there are no women here to talk.

Obviously, we didn’t end up getting laid off but what we did was waste our time. We hated it the most, but we are glad to be done with our Sagaholic reviews. This whole site was a disaster, and it didn’t get better as time went on.

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Shagaholic Reviews Conclusion

If you are reading our Shagaholic reviews, we hope this Shagaholic Reviews was useful. We know you’re concerned in random hook-up and casual sex sites, which means this site would not be a good fit on that level.

If you want sexy NSA encounters and random hook-ups, this site should not be on your radar. And if you’re thinking whether it’s the right site for you, hopefully now you have made your unobstructed views regarding the website.  

Of course, we can help by giving you a lot of information about the site in question. We are here for you. We’ll hook you up by providing the best online dating site.

Final Review

Customer Satisfaction


Overall, Did not impress us


Comment Below, which is your Favourite Hook-up site?

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

1. Is Shagaholic Legit?

No, By reading the above shagaholic review we are sure that you might have made your mind clear about choosing Shagaholic as your online dating medium.

2. Which is the Best Online dating site?

AdultFriendFinder is our recommendation as to the Best Online Dating and casual hook-up site.

3. Is it worth using Shagaholic?

No, It is a complete waste of time.

4. What are the best free hookup sites?


5. Is there a 100% free dating site?

There are sites which provide limited services in free plan and will provide all the features if you pay for a monthly or yearly plan.

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