Reactivate Tinder

10 Steps To Reactivate Tinder: The Free Tinder Account Reset Guide

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Suppose you join Tinder, a dating app, and probably your user experience was not what you expected or didn’t find the potential match, and you have certainly clicked on delete account.

Reactivate Tinder

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Thus, in such a situation, I would tell you to Reactivate Tinder account and give it a fresh start with

  • An Improved Bio
  • Your Better Picture

Reactivate Tinder

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How to reset your Tinder Account Using Facebook? 

Following are the steps to account reset your Tinder Account link with Facebook: 

  • Open Tinder
  • Go to settings
  • Delete your Tinder account
  • Uninstall Tinder.
  • Open the Facebook app, select settings, click on ”Apps and Website”.
  • Tap on the Tinder App Button
  • Select ”Remove” Option
  • Install Tinder again
  • Set up an account using the previous Facebook account

Note: This will delete your current personal info in the Tinder Account.

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How to set up your new Tinder account? 

Once you have downloaded Tinder on your device, you need to set up your current account either

  • Using your existing mobile number and existing Facebook
  • Using your created Facebook account or mobile number

A Reset Procedure on ‘How to Start Over with a Proper Tinder Account?’

1. Open Tinder, Go to ”Settings”, and Delete tinder account. Then, Uninstall it from the device
2. Now download the Tinder from the App Store and Verify your mobile number
3. You can register using the Facebook account/Email
4. After that, wait for ”A Profile Option” to pop-up on the screen
5. Upload your Pictures, Screenshot and Bio

You are set up and Start swiping to find a match RIGHT NOW!!

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How to use a new Facebook account with Tinder? 

After deleting the Tinder App and many accounts from your device, you can set up an account on Tinder using the new Facebook account. This is done to put off any association with the data of the previous version.

You need to create a new Facebook account with a new email, and you don’t even need a sim card. Remember to redirect your new report from the previous version so that your new profile doesn’tdoesn’t appear fake.

How to join Tinder without Facebook and Instagram? 

Tinder has recently added this social media feature as it was not available earlier. It has been added to give a better experience to the users and provide some newbie boost. 

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You can now sign up on Tinder using a mobile number, which will generate an OTP. After entering OTP, you can easily set up your profile.

How to Delete Tinder? 

Reactivate Tinder

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  • Sign in to the Tinder app or Tinder. Com
  • Tap on the profile icon
  • Go to Settings
  • Click on the delete option from the list

Note: If you have subscribed to Tinder in Android mobile, then the subscription will not be canceled. If it is Subscribed by the App store id or Playstore id, deleting the tinder profile will cancel it.

How to Set Up Tinder with a New Email? 

  • Download Tinder on your device.
  • Please open it and sign up using a Google account that you have recently created.
  • Create your profile.

How to Reset Your Tinder Account Using Phone Number? 

  • Open Tinder and Go to ‘Settings’
  •  Delete your Tinder account as well as Uninstall the App.
  • Install the Tinder application again and Register using your Mobile Number

What to do if you started a new Tinder account, but Tinder Plus doesn’t work anymore? 

Each tinder account has only one Tinder plus subscription, and deleting your Tinder account will also delete your Tinder Plus subscription. It would help if you transferred it by installing the Tinder App again by using the following steps: 

  • If you are using an Android Device: 1. Open Tinder App
  1. Tap the icon on the top left-hand corner of the main screen
  2. Select ‘App Settings’
  3. Hit on ‘Restore Purchase’
  • If you are using an iPhone: 
  1. Tap the yellow arrow button on the main screen
  2. On the bottom of the screen, select ‘Restore Purchase’. 

If Tinder Deleted your account in 2020, here’s how to reset it: 

The Company might delete your Tinder Account due to several reasons. 

But, no need to worry as you can easily Reactivate Tinder Account by using 

  • Either New mobile number 
  • Or New Facebook account

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Spira cites that recent research shows that about 40% of Tinder Users aren’t single. It implies that you need to change your profile by creating a new Tinder account with new and exciting details if you do not get what you expected!! 

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Also, do you know that Tinder does not delete specific data till three months after your deactivate your account? Do you want to know what that data is? Find hereafter logging into your Tinder account with your Email ID. 

Frequently asked questions

Why Reset Your Tinder Account?  

You can reset your Tinder Account or your Tinder dating profile to get more dates and improve your profile. 

How will deleting Facebook affect your Tinder account?

Suppose if your Facebook Account is connected to your Tinder Account and you delete it, then it will make your Tinder Profile useless.

What happens if, while using Tinder, you delete your Facebook?

This step will render your Tinder useless

When should you consider resetting your Tinder account?

You should consider resetting your Tinder Account if you want to improve your profile as you are not getting enough dates using your current tinder account.

What happens when you delete your Tinder account?

You will lose your data, history, and chats, which will undoubtedly affect your love life

How To Reset Your Tinder Account

You can reset it by using a new mobile number and Facebook email.

What does resetting your Tinder account mean?

You will have a brand new account, and you can customize it the way you want.

How can you know that you have successfully Reset Your Tinder Account? 

You will see a new profile, and all your previous data and messages chats will be deleted.

Will Tinder reactivate my Facebook account?

Yes, If your Facebook account is disabled, then Tinder will ask you to reactivate your Facebook account. 

Will Tinder Reactivate your Facebook Account if Used to Sign Up?


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