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We all use ‘TINDER’ with the hope of getting a date. What we do is

  • Focus on making a great profile
  • Write an attractive bio

We will tell you about Simple Questions to ask on Tinder.

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The question arises: 

Are these enough to help you get a date?

Questions to ask on Tinder
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Any guesses? 

Allow me to unbox the truth. 

‘A great dating profile + Attractive Bio’ combo can only help you to stand at the door of ‘The Conversation.’ 

 But my dear friend, Unless you are good at throwing excellent and funny questions, getting into the conversation is really of no use! 

Do you know How to get the same results (Rejection) every damn time? 

  • Do not have good opening lines
  • Do not ask the right questions
  • Ask the same boring and mundane questions

The simple rule is out there: You cannot expect something different by practicing the same old method!! In this age, communication skills play such a vital role- Good questions have become the thin line between ‘Getting a date’ and ‘Not getting a date’!! 


Simply because: 

  • Questions leave a long-lasting impression on girls’ minds. They add a “magnetic force” to the conversation.
  • Imagining Powers of girls increases. Girls can go deep thinking that if this boy is so good at asking questions and holding on the conversation, ‘How good would it be to go on a date with him?’
  • Questions will make her more eager to meet you than you are to meet her. They can easily manifold the chances for a date.
  • They will also help you know more about a person and give you much personal information to get ready for a date.


The time has come, my dear friend, to pull off girls like a magnet, by asking just the right and appropriate questions.

Here are we, presenting you a well-curated list of the best and different questions to ask on tinder that can make a difference!! That can turn your fantasies into reality!! 



Let’s get started!! 

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This- OR- That? 

This or That Questions to Ask on Tinder
Image Source: Unsplash
This or That Questions to Ask on Tinder
Image Source: Unsplash

Sometimes, in life, you have to choose between two different paths. 

If you are thinking that I am in a mood to give you a lecture on choosing between various choices, opportunities, and aspects of life, NAHH! 

What I mean to say is that many a time, you will choose only 1 question among two or many more! 

Allow me to make you more clear through some examples and random questions. 

Q.1. What are your interests? Where are you from? What have you studied? What do you do? Questions to ask on tinder that make her feel that you are really into her and wanna know more about her! 


Q.2. How many past relationships have you had? 

Now, tell me which of the above two will you choose for a date conversation? 

It’s pretty obvious! The 1st one. 

Let’s shoot another one now. 

Q.1. Are you a virgin? 


Q.2. What do you aspire to become in life? What are your dreams? 

Your pick? 

The 2nd one, most aptly. 

Okay, last one! 

Q.1. What are your hobbies? Do you like to dance or sing? 


Q.2. A straightforward question- Would you like to hang out with me tonight or anytime soon? 

The first question here will be an excellent choice to pick. 

So, I hope you got a clear idea of what type of questions to pick and which ones to avoid! 

On to the next section!! 

Tell Us Your Favorite Tinder Questions

Questions to Ask on Tinder
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Here is a list of my favorite questions that can surely raise the chances of a date!! 

Also, after reading the article, let me know yours in the comment section. Let’s see who has got the best ones!! 

Asking these questions to ask on tinder will increase your chances of getting a date!! 

Q. How was your last date on it tinder? 

Answer to this question will give you an idea about the expectations of the girl from a date. You can match up to her expectations by getting an answer to this question. 

Q. What do you hate the most in boys? 

Remember that a girl will be honest when it comes to answering this one. It will give you a clear warning of the ‘DONT’S’ on a date. 

Q. What is a perfect day for you? 

This will give you a perfect date idea for her. 

This will also let you that- 

  • Does she like coffee or tea? 
  • Does she like rooftop activities? 
  • Does she like rain? 

Pro Tip: Try to fulfill her wishes as much as you can! 

Q. How is life treating you? 

The answer to this question will give you a fair idea about the girl’s mental and emotional position and how’s her life going on these days.

You can also ask the following questions which will help you unfold a girl’s character and her primary interests- 

Q. Explain Your life story in 7 sentences?

Q. What kind of movies do you like to watch?

P.S. They have always worked for me and got me what I wanted 😀

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Questions to put up on Tinder

Isn’t it perplexing to ask the right questions? 


What follows is a set of questions to ask on tinder that you can put forward for girls to fall for you! 

Q. What is the best gift that you have ever got? 

Q. If you were to settle down in a different country, where would you settle down?

Q. Your Favourite Holiday Destination? 

Q. Who is close in your life? 

Q. Do you like social media? 

Q. The happiest moment in your life?

Q. Are you a Mumma’s Princess or a Daddy’s Princess? 

Q. What is your Political Ideology? 

Q. How did your weekend go?

Q. Do you like reading books?

Q. Describe the funny thing that happened with you recently? 

Q. What was your worst experience on online dating sites?

Q. Are you afraid of death?

Date-leading Questions on Tinder

Questions to Ask on Tinder
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Here’s a thing about Girl’s Nature: They always hesitate to open up themselves to others, these are obvious reasons, but if they find a decent guy with good questioning skills, it will allow them to pour themselves out on him.

  1. What are you most passionate about? 

 Human Nature: People want importance, and they want others to listen to their ideas and passion. 

So, girls are mostly to like you if you ask about their passion.

2. Do you believe in God? 

This might be a taboo topic for many to discuss. Talk about it only if you feel that both of you are comfortable about the issue. But if discussed, this question will help you check if a person’s moralities are similar to yours.

3. Why are you on Tinder? 

It will tell you that what is a person looking for? Is it for a hook-up or just a casual date? It can help you decide whether to move forward or leave. 

4. What do you consider is your most significant achievement to date? 

This question will give a good sign that you are interested in a person.

5. Who do you respect the most in your life?  

This is an excellent way to know the parameters that a person has and is a perfect sign to shower respect to someone.

Common Questions to ask on Tinder

Here’s what happens mostly on Tinder: 

  • You match. 
  • You do not have a conversation that is necessary to keep a flow
  • After exchanging a few words, you both move in different directions 

Below is a guide consisting of the most tried questions on Tinder: 

Q. If you had a lot of money, how would you spend it?

Q. Do you like watching Broadway? 

Q. Which is your favorite chocolate? 

Q. What is your weirdest quality?

Q. What is the worst incident that happened to you?

Q. Do you miss someone?

Q. Do you like cooking?

Q. Do you use Snapchat? If yes, can I get it? 

Q. What are the five things that you think are similar between us?

Q. Is there any important thing that you want me to know about yourself? 

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The ‘Icebreaker’ Questions

Learn this Brahma-Astra of a Mantra and quickly get what you want!! 


QYour voice is lovely. Do you know that it kind of drives me crazy? 

Every girl loves to get compliments. Questions to ask on tinder like these will get the whole conversation flowing smoothly, and I guarantee you that this will be your free season ticket to her inner self!! 

Pro Tip: Make your compliment sounds genuine. 

Q. Who was your first love? 

This question will disclose the girl’s love history and give you an idea about her preferences about a guy. 

Q. What matters to you the most: Looks or Character? 

Get to know her relationship preferences and what does she look for in men. It will also disclose the reason how she falls for men! 


Questions to Ask on Tinder
Image Source: Unsplash

Q. What turns you ON???? 

Just check if she is comfortable with this question. If not, without a doubt, change the topic as it can be a deal-breaker for you. 


Q. Where do you like to be kissed the most? 

If you see the clue that the girl is comfortable with you and wants you to make a move, then my dear friend, this is the aptest question for this right time!! 

‘Tinder Match’ Questions

  • If you want to go deep in your match’s soul 
  • if you’re going to explore her personality

Then, you are in the correct place! To know such things, it’s better to ask questions that can open her up, such as: 

Q. What is the quality that you admire in a partner? 

It will help you to verify and validate that whether her relationship needs and demands can be tailored by you or not!! 

Q. How many siblings do you have?

Q. What do you want to do in your life?

Q. How many best friends do you have?

Q. Do you fight with your siblings?

Q. How did you deal with your break up?

Q. Are you on Instagram?

Q. Do you like smoking?

Q. Do you miss your first love? If he comes back in you your life and begs you to forgive, will you let him in?

Q. What is your worst habit?

‘Would You Rather’? 

According to a Research, ‘Would You Rather’ Questions to ask on tinder have a 71% Response Rate on Tinder. 

  • They keep conversation entertaining and funny
  • They add a different charm to a relationship.
  • They can make conversation super exciting. 

With so much to offer, you just cannot afford to imagine a Tinder date without these questions. 

Have a look at them: 

Q. Would you instead be surrounded by people who show off all the time or by people who frequently complain?

Q. Would you rather Win $50,00 or allow your best friend to win $500,0000?

Q. Would you rather have two million dollars or true love in real life?

Q. Would you rather be completely hairy all over or ultimately bald?

Q. Would you instead find true love or be rich?

Q. Would you rather like a goofy humor movie or a horror movie?

‘Let’s Have Some Fun’ Questions

This is the section for you if: 

  • You are one of those guys who don’t want to think much about the questions to ask on tinder and talk about. 
  • If you have an inferiority complex about being boring. 
  • You don’t know which questions to ask on tinder.

Q. Which animal would you become if you had a chance? 

Q. Would you like to catch up anytime soon? 

Q. Who is your biggest celebrity crush?

Q. What are your strong opinions about LOVE?

Q. Have you ever played any sport with a professional team? 

Q. Have you used any other dating sites such as Hinge? How was your experience of using it? 

‘Your Last Tinder Experience’ Questions

Questions to Ask on Tinder
Image Source: Unsplash

It’s always a good habit to know about your Tinder’s Match past experiences. This will not only help you understand the types of people on Tinder but will also help you in your future matches.

You can know about your match’s past Tinder experiences by asking the following questions: 

Q. How many matches have you got to date? 

Q. With how many of them did you went on a date? 

Q. How long have you been using Tinder? 

Q. Was ever there a serious relationship involved? 

Q. What was the maximum duration that a relationship of yours (from Tinder) lasted? 

Q. Did you use any other dating apps?


All said and done, these are the numerous and various types of questions to ask on Tinder. These questions to ask on tinder can be used to create chances for an effective and quick date. Go through all these questions and choose whichever suits your position according to the circumstances. You can also ask any random question of your choice and provide much detail about it.

Any concerns or questions regarding ‘The Questions to Ask on Tinder’ will be happily answered in the comment section. 


Do you think yours is going to make her more excited than the others?

Yes, I can make her more excited as I now have the help of this list of questions.

What city would you like to find dates in?

I would like my date to be in New York City. 

What dating advice would you give your younger self?

Always be polite and genuine. Also, give the utmost respect to the woman you are dating.

Do you like roleplay?

Yes. I love Spira a lot!!

What about you?

I, too, like and love it!!

When Do You Ask for Her Number?

Once she gets comfortable with me, I can shoot and exchange numbers.

Which event next week are you willing to do the most?

I am looking forward to meeting my new girlfriend on a date

What would you do if you met your absolute dream guy at a club? And how would you seduce me?

I will come to you, offer you to have a drink with me and dance with you. The rest will transpire itself.

What kind of hobbies do you have?

I like using social media, and I like playing football.

Would you rather?? 

I would rather date you than to become rich.

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