Plenty of Cheats Reviews- How Bad is this Dating Platform

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In today’s world, the concept of dating has changed widely. The main reason is the birth of online dating platforms. But with advantages come problems, so happened here. A lot of scam sites came up to fool people and take their money. Here we review the Plenty of Cheats Reviews, Fraud sex dating platforms. In this article, we are going to be revealing Plenty of Cheats Reviews, a scam dating site.

Why Plenty of Cheats Is Suspicious? 

Though the site claims to provide sex dating, it is highly unlikely to find someone there. We have seen some signs to mark a red flag. They are as follows.

Plenty of Cheats Reviews


The name Plenty of Cheats Reviews Site is derived from a popular dating site Plenty of Fish. An authentic dating platform generally doesn’t copy from another site of the same category. That means it wants to deceive the users as an impersonator.

Fake Profiles

Plenty of cheats Reviews Site itself uses fake profiles to create amusement in users. That means, there is no guarantee if you are talking to an actual person or a bot. Only the dating platforms, which we have exposed as scams, follow these practices. 

Lack of User Reviews

Plenty of cheats Reviews

Though the site is only two years old, there are no user reviews available on the public domain. This doesn’t seem very pleasant to me. I would never give my money to a site that lacks user reviews. It bothers me.

Reviews & Ratings

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Customer Satisfaction


Overall, Did not impress us


Final Verdict

Plenty of cheats Reviews Scam

It’s tough for me to give any verdict on the site due to the lack of information. But as I pointed out the drawbacks of the site, it should generally make anyone worried. All the symptoms are of a scam dating platform, and I wouldn’t prefer a site like this. If you have any positive experiences in Plenty of Cheats Reviews, please share with us.

Alternative of Plenty of Cheats Reviews Site

 If you really want to invest your time and money on a dating platform, do it on the legit ones. And do not spend on this site as we have explained in this Plenty of Cheats Reviews. I recommend these three alternative sites.


It’s the most popular sex dating platform in the world. They have millions of satisfied users, and they are worth it every penny.


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Instabang promotes instant sex dating. If you are interested in instant sex dating with local girls, this is the place to go. In exchange for a little amount of money, they provide top class dating experience.


XXXConnect is an explicit sex dating site. They are bold enough to promise you a 100-day free service if you can’t score within the first 100 days. If sex is your need, give it a go.


Is plenty of cheats legit?

Plenty of Cheats is not a legit site as I see it. It has all the signs of a potential scam site. If you are thinking of joining a dating site, this is not the one.

Is POF reliable?

I don’t think so; they use fake accounts to amuse the customers. So, if you are talking to someone, you don’t know for sure if she/he is real or fake. I wouldn’t trust such a site.

Is plenty of fish full of fake profiles?

If not full, it has plenty of fake profiles. The site has mentioned in the Terms and Conditions that they use emissaries to amuse the users.

Is POF a con?

Yes, it can be a con. There are many signs of it being a fake site. Please read our full review to know more.

Why is POF so bad?

The site uses fake profiles and copies another site’s name. It’s not something you want to use for sex dating.

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