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Online Dating Statistics 2020: Best Features, Pros And Cons

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Dating on occasion can be a problematic area of our lives. Online dating statistics will help you to find how much people all over the world use and whether they’re satisfied or not.

For something that must provide us immense delight, dating can be a treacherous journey for lots until we discover the one. In the past, some people have found it problematic to encounter someone using traditional routes. Evermore, thus, we are using online dating sites and apps to advance our romantic lives and our achievement there. 

But has the vast development in online dating sites and apps helped us be more prosperous in our love lives? How many of us have used a dating site to meet someone, have met someone that we have started a serious and thoughtful relationship? Has the enlarged usage of dating sites and apps better the quantity we date as opposed to the quality? 

Online Dating Statistics

Below are six takeaways from their new investigation effort.

Two Important things come on mind before dating anyone.

As always, when it occurs to find someone to date, there are generally two main things that go through one’s mind:

  • Is that person good-looking, smart, and attractive?
  • Do they have something mutual?


Million people all over the world use online dating websites. It is evident if everyone is evident, these websites mean there will be some kind of scams as well. Many people scam others for money or related to sex.

Plenty of Fish (POF) scams are dominant due to the significant kind of the network. Many scams happen on websites like, Ashley Madison, and the many other dating sites.

With the increase of dating apps these days, some websites use bots to endure others, so that they can get more traffic on their websites and think that it is a real girl or boy playing with them.

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Ways to Find an Online Dating Scammer

1. Profile Warning Signs

There are many signs which will help you to find the scammers. SO you should look out to those when you want a capable match with someone serious 

Scarce distinctive qualities of a scammer’s profile include:

  • Profiles, which have few images or images which look so attractive to others, are some fake profiles. All they want is to have some conversation and sex chat.
  • Instead of studying in your area about the singles, they will show an attractive profile which lives in another country. 

2. They Try to Take the Chat in another direction.

Online dating scammers will always change the topic as they find the other person is finding them unreal. Scammers will ever desire to chat rather than video calls, so even using skype or Facebook, they will talk to you over chat.

3. The Request Money From You

As the ultimate motive, the scammer always asks you for money. They will come up with many new problems while asking for money for travel, health issues, family problems, and many more, so be careful.

Pros & Cons of Online Dating

Let’s face it; dating can be problematic sometimes and trying to find a right, and possible partner can take a lot of time… Let us now check the pros and cons of online dating.


1. Chat in your PJs 

It is an essential part of online dating. You can avoid the hours of being ready and, in its place, get into your home dress, wear some face mask or cream, and watch movies or series on social networks while you scroll through likely lovers.

2. Choose your preference

Thanks to the advanced technology, here on these sites, you can change the filter over there, which will help you to get rid of scammers, they won’t see your exact face. You can filter your desire or want age, height, gender, and location, which can help you to discover a match even faster.

3. Guilt-Free dating

It is simple to discover and find dates or your perfect match as some websites are free of cost. You will find many people talking with each other, so if you also speak with many to find your perfect match, you should not feel guilty as if you are cheating on someone. Likewise, all these PROS are fantastic and help find someone more excellent and decent partners; there can also be some damaging online dating difficulties that you have to alter before swiping right.


1. Online communication

It is less interesting to talk with your perfect match from a screen. It will be more affectionate if we chat over face to face rather than taking on the phone; this can also affect how your relationship advances. If a person loves to talk over chat rather than meeting and having fun, that means you have to do something about it or leave that person.

2. Beware of catfishes

People have the chance to be anyone they want to be at the back walls of the Internet. It is very easy to fool someone by changing their behavior. Any person can be funny or sweet ion chat, but once you meet them, you will find them creepy or unlovable. You may have to end things with them.

Cons of online dating

Why people use dating websites?

Around 70% of singles are on dating websites. But why? What are they looking for? Why people are searching for dating app?. What is so interesting about it?

According to a new investigation by YouGov, the most shared and common motive that everyone must know is SEX.

It is research from YouGov that around 49% worldwide has got into an intense and serious relationship.

In other words, next time you’re swiping through Bumble, you can rest assured that pretty much every other person you swipe on actually is watching for a special relationship.

Now let me tell you about who falls under this category of 49 percent. Research done by YouGov they stated that there is a track between males and females where 47% are male, and 51% are female

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But what do you think others are using these apps for?  What is everyone looking here for if not for a serious commitment? If you see, around 39% of them are here for enjoyment and some seduction to do.  

The mode I see it, these are the people who want to enjoy dating but are not looking for something serious for whatever goal — they are new to a breakup, are about to move to a new city, or are not attentive in locking down a relationship.

It will help to recover the success as well. This is thanks to more and more niche sites and apps that link more like-minded people and discover more like-minded people. While meetings through friends can grow your opportunity of meeting people like you, a website can do this in a far earlier and well-organized way. It has vast databases of possible partners that have already admitted to having comparable likes to yours. 

Why Online Dating Is as Good as Traditional Dating, If Not Better!

Take a view of why online dating is a decent and safe method to step into a relationship.

1. Couples who meet online have long-lasting relationships

Meeting online and offline does not have much modification at all. Why? Because online dating is substituting the old-style method of meeting a person. 

We all know how the world advanced and progressed, where new technology and creations have begun to take over. Many people desire to interconnect with each other using their devices because it makes them more suitable and confident. 

2. More probabilities of discovering an appropriate partner

Online dating provides hope to those people who have a thin dating market and have a bit of time meeting other people. 

The Internet provides everyone the chance to connect with a lot of distinct peoples. If you have favorites, it will be simpler to discover the person who matches your personality and likes.

3. The Internet is not liable for casual hookups

You know how online dating changed the methods of dating. It provides a prospect for people who are too shy to start collaborating with others and do not have adequate time to date. This tool would allow every person to pick, which is the correct match for them. 

You will no longer feel worried about starting a relationship without knowing if you might be well-matched or not.  

Stark gender uses these site

There is stark gender in the total are online awareness daters say they received on these sites or apps. All many total users mean that they did not receive or did not get messages from these websites or apps as they use to get it before.

stark gender

If you see in total out of 10 men, 6 men who have online dated in the previous five years (57%) say they believe as if they are not getting adequate messages, while 24% of women say the same. In the meantime, women who have online dating in this stretch of time are five times as likely as men to think they sent too many messages (30% vs. 6%).

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Almost everyone has used an online dating

  • As many as one-in-three people are dating online
  • People try to online dating for many reasons – 48% do it for fun, while some of them see for more significant relationships and one-in-ten are looking for sex (13%)
  • People share information with others too indeed when they are dating online, with a quarter (25%) confessing they share their full name on their dating profile. One-in-ten have shared their home address, and the same number have shared naked photos of themselves this mode, revealing them to risk
  • Even though lying is one of the greatest hated features of online dating, 57% of online daters lie to each other, simulating a series of qualities such as their names, marital status, location and appearance

Is online dating Safe? 

One of the most significant encounters with online dating (or online communications of any type) is safety and security. The online dating services all check doubtful action and erase a user’s account if it cooperates or is being used for scam or damage, though they can’t hold everyone. It is significant to be safe when using online dating.

All the online dating services give some mutual information across about their safety. These instructions include:

  • Don’t use your real name in your profile
  • Don’t send money or gifts
  • Assemble any meeting in a public place
  • Drive yourself to and from your first meeting

While safety and security are an effect, use the same common sense you would use when dealing with people in any state and don’t let it get in the path of encountering people. 

There are some men and women who use online dating sites to meet others for illegal purposes. To safeguard that you protect yourself against these men or women when you use online dating, try to meet them in public places until you are sure they are safe. 

Always tell others where you are going and who you are meeting, too so that they know your actions in advance. All these things will work towards preserving your safety at all times.

Why People think It is frightening

The main problem that most of the users face or think that it does not work, or everyone here is a scammer. Before draining your wallet into the pockets of an online app with the reckless abandon of a love-struck teenager, there are some things you should know.

1. People don’t show real things on their online dating profiles

OK, this is an earth-shattering exposure. Well, duh, people want to be attractive and good-looking. Most people would not shocked to study that it is more common for people to lie in their online profile than be completely honest.

2. Looking for a relationship? That must mean all you want is sex

One of the significant complications with online dating for women is that, though there is an honest relationship- pursuing men on the sites, there are lots of guys looking for sex. While most people would agree that men are usually keener for sex than women, many men make the supposition that if a woman has an online dating occurrence, she’s interested in sleeping with virtual strangers. 

Online dating does signify the suitability of being able to meet others that you would never have then. Still, women should be conscious that they will receive impolite /offensive messages from horny guys, sexual schemes /requests, dick pics, and a lot of eerie vibes.

3. Relationships don’t last

Never mind the truth that more than one-third of all people who use online dating sites have never gone on a date with someone they met online, those that someway do achieve to get someone else they are eager to marry and who is keen to marry them, face a difficult battle. 

Though it is not all suffering and anguish. While the devastating majority of romantic relationships still begin offline, around 5% of Americans in either a dedicated connection or marriage specify that they met their essential other online.

4. It makes you selective and judgmental

It is very comfortable to send one course back when the menu is teeming with other possible routes. Rendering to the Association for Psychological Science, studying many candidates’ causes’ people to be more judgmental and motivated to discharge a not-quite-perfect candidate than they otherwise would be in a direct meeting.

Last Words

In the end, it looks like those who discovered achievement with online dating statistics it more than those who have not — which is comparable to how things work offline


How common is online dating?

Online dating is now prevalent. Rendering to the statistics, in the U.S., for example, around 30% of the population have used a website to encounter other people online.

Which dating site has the highest success rate?

It can be solid to put exact numbers and statistics on which dating site has the uppermost achievement rate as dating websites around the world can distort the statistics and fundamental data when asked.

Is online dating the new norm?

Yes, it is. It is a simpler method to meet people, and despite its status is unsafe it’s a bit safer than dating: people who use online dating have a somewhat lower persecution rate as likened to face to face dating, though that’s due to people performing more alert online, and it is much relaxed for women to categorize out creeps and scammer, as many of them will not expose themselves through obvious messages online before a face-to-face meeting takes place.

Why online dating became so famous and well know?

It is so popular because it is convenient for people to sit in their homes and chat with others. They are getting flexible time to talk. You don’t have to share any of the personal information until you want to share it. 

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