No Matches on Bumble

No Matches On Bumble!! This 100% Free Method will help you gain more matches on Bumble.

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Can you guess that where did most single people met their last date? or You are having No Matches on Bumble.

8 Awesome Bumble and Tinder Dating Advice in Pandemic that you need to follow

Someone Screamed – Online! 

Yup! Even 2019 Research Data from verifies that! 

Welcome to the World of The Social Distance of Coronavirus, where we all have been quarantined and isolated. Therefore, to lift yourself, you move to Online Dating sites, only to discover that no one right swipes you there either! 

From using Filters on your profile picture to using tools like Photofeeler, from utilizing Google to verify your online dating profile verified using Bumble Boost, we have got you covered! 

Bumble Algorithm

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Here are the top methods to permanently solve the issue of ‘No Matches on Bumble’! 

No Matches on Bumble

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Profile Badges add a great deal to get Matches on Bumble.

Profile Badges on Bumble can be used as a great tool to let your matches know more about yourself like – 

  • Do you own pets? 
  • Which year did you pass out from college? 
  • What are you looking for on Bumble? 

Advantage of using Bumble’s Profile Badges – You can save space in your bio and use it to describe other exciting things about yourself. 

So, what are you waiting for? Break the ice by using Bumble’s Profile Badges right now!! 

Cute First Date Ideas

Consider Changing up your profile.

You need to seriously revamp your whole profile from bio to photos if nothing is working in your favor. 

Simple and Straightforward Rule – Boss, narrow down, or segment your matches if you endorse only 1% of your prospects. 

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Twenty-three whopping million – Yes, that’s the average number of matches that Bumble sees in a period of mere seven days!! 

Below is the Checklist for your Profile on Tinder ✓

  • Select a profile image that can only be swiped right instantly 
  • Do not set up a boring bio
  • Use the power of Super Like correctly 

Question Time – How many online singles from various online dating apps like OkCupid, Hinge, or Cupid are women? 

Answer – Merely 38%. 

Does verified dating profiles on dating apps help? 

You can use the Bumble App’s photo verification feature to let your matches know that they are swiping on a real and genuine person. 

Steps to get verified are – 

  • Visit anyone’s profile on the Bumble App 
  • Tap on the blue check
  • Follow the steps on the screen to get yourself verified

Enroute the journey from Bumble’s Premium Features to boost the number of a potential match

  • SuperSwipe
  • Beeline
  • Spotlight
  • Bumble Boost
  • Re-Match
  • Extend a Match

The above-listed Bumble’s premium features will give you just the advantage that you need to find your true soulmate. However, you need to drop out a little cash from your wallet to unleash the benefits of these features! 

Modify your photos, especially Profile Picture

You need to clearly understand that your picture is the primary feature that sells you. Photos are the first thing that your matches view. 

Simple Funda – Good Pictures -> Improved Chances. 

Always remember – 

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  • Your primary photo doesn’t need to be good. It needs to be super duper awesome!! It should be good enough to make the other person view your profile, read your bio, and eventually swipe right onto your Bumble Profile! 
  • Add as many images as you can
  • Reflect your real self via your images 

Bottom Line – Looks Matter, Bro! 

Here is The secret method To Increase Your Bumble Match Rate– No Matches On Bumble

No Matches On Bumble

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(Say) Suppose even after following all the methods in this article. You are unable to generate suitable matches for yourself. What should you do now? 

Simple! Bring in reinforcements, aka hire professional experts or Bumble Strategists who will handle everything from your bio to dating images! If you allow, they will even monitor and manage the Bumble Messaging for you! 

Boost Possible Matches Assessing your photo album

You need to access your photo album and checklist the following points- 

  1. Are you smiling in all of your images? 
  2. Are you wearing clothing?
  3. Can you match the answer to the question ‘Who are you?’ just by looking at your photographs?
  4. Are you carrying a hat or sunglasses in your photos? 

You need new dating photos, bro! 

woman wearing black sweater holding hand with man wearing gray suit jacket
no matches on bumble

This blog post has stated it, says it, and will be displaying it till the end that your dating photos are your identity. They give meaning to your profile. 

Looks, matter, bro! Your eyes need to be in the top slot of the 30 percentile of the population if you are residing in a densely populated region. 

Download and Try Other Online Dating Apps

Even if you are unable to fetch some potential matches for yourself after trying everything listed above, you should seriously consider switching to different online dating apps and websites. 

The exact reason is that you are simply a poor fit for Bumble as you are looking for something that the app doesn’t offer! 


All said and done, tools like Bumble Boost and the above methods will surely help you receive more matches according to your personal preference, not only on Bumble but also on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Spotify. 

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Takeaway Health Tip – If you use your daily Cross fit early in the morning and use hand glide for traveling to work, then merely 3% of the population is as healthy as you are! 

The answers to the questions that you should know regarding and relating to this topic- 

  • Please guide and help me to Rectify the issue of ‘No Matches on Bumble’? 
  1. Check the quality and number of your images.
  2. Never slack on your bio.
  3. Try Super swipes
  4. Make sure that the app offers what you want.
  5. Try switching it up and check if it works.
  6. Please do me a favor: Be less picky with your swipes.
  • Do You Dream of Meeting Higher Quality Matches to develop a meaningful connection? 

Yes, like any other individual, I would also love to know, meet, and date high-quality matches. 

Harsh Truth – Most men swipe right 100% of the time. Accordingly, ‘Swipe Left’ shouldn’t even be an option for men! But, according to research data, the exact percentage falls to 90%. 

No need to say that women swipe right less than men. But do we have an exact percentage? 

Of course, we do! 

Women swipe right 75% of the time i.e., 15% less than that men do! 

  • How can I rectify a poorly Filled Profile with personal information? 
  1. Open the App named ‘Bumble’ and select or choose the icon which says ‘Profile.’
  2. Click or choose to edit your profile image.
  3. Ensure that your profile has been successfully verified, as most of the population on such dating apps do not see unverified accounts. If not, click on ‘Verify your Account.’
  4. Upload good quality images (Try to Fill all the six slots with your GOOD Pictures)
  5. Want help with your personality? Get help with the ‘Profile Prompts’ Segment.
  6. Fill everything from your work profile to the ‘About Me’ Segment.
  • Why am I acquiring ‘No Matches on Bumble’
  1. You Bumble Profile Settings aren’t configured correctly. 
  2. Your Bumble profile hasn’t been filled up to the mark.
  3. You have been too demanding to right swipe on people. 
  4. And lastly, Bumble is a wrong fit for you. 

But some Reddit users have claimed that around three years ago, they had way more than success on Bumble than on Tinder. 

  • Please unveil the real reason behind me getting 0 matches on Tinder. 
  1. You are too generous and right-swiping everyone.
  2. Sadly, your profile is just unattractive. 
  3. Ask yourself – ‘Am I too picky?’
  4. Your account has a bug.
  5. Did you just try to reset your Tinder Account? 
  6. Did you often change your location, or ever tried to spoof it? 
  7. Someone has reported you as a spammer.
  • In which city of the world do you love to find Bumble Matches? 

I want to date people from the cities that are near the place where I reside. 

  •  Being a terrible Fit for Bumble, I am getting ‘No Matches on Bumble.’ Please guide and help me where I am getting wrong as no matter what I try, I always end up getting ‘No Matches on Bumble.’ 

The True Use of Bumble – The first step is to develop a meaningful connection, and eventually, the final step’s expectation leads to a serious commitment. 

People use Bumble only for the above-stated purpose. 

Tip – If you are looking for something casual, try Tinder! 

  • What benefits do you reap when you pay for free dating apps as you are getting ‘No Matches on Bumble’? 
  1. You get to see who liked you first
  2. You can expand your location
  3. Avoid awkward digital run-ins
  • Can you please help me set up the Settings on Bumble as I am continually receiving ‘No Matches on Bumble’? 
  1. Choose or select the Settings Button
  2. Under the Filters section, click on the filter which says BIZZ or BFF or SET ADVANCED DATE
  3. Choose any filter of your choice and click on ‘Add this Filter’ option 
  4. Repeat the last step to try another filter
  5. Narrow down or expand out the age settings according to your personal preferences using the Yellow Markers 
  6. Similarly, you can make changes to the desired distance setting 
  • What are the tips that you will provide me with to fix my Bumble Swiping Habits? 
  1. Ease up a Lil Bit
  2. Be more generous while swiping right

You need to understand that opening more communication methods isn’t something you should be afraid of or shouldn’t try. Eventually, if you don’t feel a meaningful connection with your match, expire it anytime you want. So stop judging and start communicating! 

Last Premium Feature Tip – Try using ‘Superswipes’ on some of the dating profiles! 

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