Milfaholic Website Review – Everything You Need to Know About the Scam

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Hey there! As you have reached this article, I am assuming that you have an interest in dating (or more than just dating) older women.  So yeah, there is this dating site called, and they claim to be the number one MILF dating site.

To inquire, we did some research, and the results are pretty much negative. We found some really shady things that you better know before signing up. Here is the Milfaholic website review. 

Why You Should Stay Away From

There are plenty of reasons that should trigger you to stay away from this site. I have categorically explained Five significant problems in my Milfaholic website review.

I am following a step-by-step guide of the site’s registration and functioning process.

Fake Pictures of Adult Models and Others

Milfaholic Website Review

On the homepage, where the registration process takes place, you’ll find many “hot women.” I am saying so because anyone can literally spot that they are not regular MILFs. Sometimes you might just see your favorite pornstar in their pictures.

That is not something you can ignore; Milfaholic is literally claiming them to be their users. It lost my trust in the homepage.

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Automated Messages in Milfaholic

The moment you register on the Milfaholic site, you are going to face a bunch of messages. It might interest you if you are a newbie, but it doesn’t work this way, even before putting a profile picture or a bio, my profile was flooded with messages. 

Later I discovered these messages are not from real MILFs (or even humans). The site uses automated or bot-generated messages. These messages are from a bot-generated program of MIlfaholic named Fantasy Cuties. Boom! 

You can’t do anything against them or even legally claim it to be a scam. The reason is Milfaholic has mentioned it in the T&C. They have clarified their program and all the consequences regarding it.

Money Making Strategy of Milfaholic

Milfaholic Website Review

Unlike any reputed dating site, Milfaholic Website lures you into spending money on them. They don’t show how diverse their members are. They don’t care to know what your personal choices are, or any other relevant questions. The first thing they’ll do is messaging from Fantasy Cuties. Now, the game begins here. You can’t reply to them because to answer, you have to sign up for a paid membership.

While signing up, you’ll get a Three-day trial period worth $8.91. Then you’ll have three options of a 1/3/6 month subscription charging $29.95/16.65/11.55 per month. These are automated payments; once you agree, they will bill you accordingly until canceled.

Milfaholic Website Review - Everything You Need to Know About the Scam

Hired Staffs of Milfaholic

After you do the subscription, you are going to face another issue. The Terms and Conditions page of Milfaholic mentions that their staff can have accounts on the platform. Or even there can be some third-party involvement as well. 

The person you are chatting with might not be a real MILF. That means your chats are not secure; the company can manipulate it for their interest. 

Fake Accounts

There is a reason to put the most crucial topic at last. If you have completed all the requirements, no doubt, you desperately need sex. But sorry to say, you aren’t getting it from Milfaholic Website. 

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There aren’t any real women; I haven’t seen any guy who claims to have met one. So, this is the ending I am drawing. Don’t expect a single woman to meet you in person on Milfaholic Website. Either they are bots or hired staff, and your conversations are “Fictitious” as Milfaholic calls it.

Milfaholic uses an IP address recognizing the system to suggest the best MILFs in your locality. Say you are from Arkansas, and a list of MILFs are available to you. Chances are your friend from California is likely to see some of them on his list as well. That’s how big a scam Milfaholic Website is!

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Final Verdict

After doing the Milfaholic Website review, I am pretty sure it’s a scam. Just like any other scamming dating services, Milfaholic Website, too, uses shady strategies to trap customers. The market of dating is never going to see a bad day, and these will never stop. 

The one piece of advice I can give you is to read the T&C of any new or unknown dating websites like the Milfaholic Website. I know this sounds crazy, but open the dictionary and invest 30 minutes before you waste hours on a scammy website like Milfaholic Website. 

Alternative Websites for MILF Dating

Milfaholic Website Review

Here are some alternative sites of Milfaholic Website, where you’ll find real opportunities to bang someone. 


This site is reportedly reliable for users. The specialty of Xmatch is, they ask 100 preference-based questions to figure out your perfect partner and optimize you accordingly. 

No Strings Attached

This site dares to guarantee you sex within three months, or they are ready to give you three months of free service. With live model chats and a distance calculator, I guess you’ll like it.

Get It On

This site is another possible alternative to It gives a predicted chemistry match between you and the one you choose, so it’s easier to select.

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Does flirt com really work?

Flirt.Com is a website that is not totally a scam; you can meet some real girls there though the number is really low. After going through thousands of customer reviews, I have understood some significant faults of the site.

Many people claim Flirt.Com to be a scam website because there are a lot of fake accounts. The scarier part is their money trap, though. Like Banglocals, they also sign you up with many affiliate websites that you didn’t even know.
As they have access to the credit card details, they make the payments automatically. 

One customer claimed that Flirt.Com charged money from an affiliate site even after canceling his subscription.

Are there any legit free hookup sites?

Of course, there are a lot of legit hookup websites, where you can get real people with a general interest. Those websites might charge a bit more; however it’s not anywhere close to unaffordable. 

Sites like OkCupid, Match, or Freefinder-X are very reputed in terms of dating. You can also find dating sites with specific choices, like Homosexual, Bi-sexual, and other sexual orientations. 

There are many scams, but you can also find places where you can actually hook up or even build relationships. 

Is hookup com legit?

Well, if they are not directly scam, it doesn’t mean they are legit. I would put in the scammer’s list anyway. uses bots and auto-generated to chat with you, a very common technique in the spam world. They also don’t hesitate to use fake accounts and fake pictures of women.

If you are unfamiliar with dating sites, you might fall for this. But with a bit of common sense, you will understand the traps. Just like get-rich-overnight, fu*k-me-right-now doesn’t work.

The problem is they have already mentioned all of them in their T&C. (read them). will not be a perfect choice for you as their charge is expensive and doesn’t worth it. 

Is flirting cheating?

It very much depends on your relationship type. Casual relationships are very much against this, and flirting will seem like a form of cheating. No one knows your partner better than you.

So, if you think he/she doesn’t care if you flirt (only flirt) with anyone, you can very much do it. On the flip side, by doing so, you are allowing your partner to do the same. 

The best way is to talk about it. And if it is a serious issue for you. If not, consider avoiding it.

Does flirt com have bots?

Yes, uses Bots for chatting with people. They have mentioned it in their Terms and Conditions.

What are the best free hookup sites?

There are many free hookup sites that get you laid or find a date. As of 2020, you can rely on sites like OkCupid, Plenty of Fish, Tinder, Pure, Zoosk, Match, Elite Singles, FriendFinder-x.

These are highly reputed dating sites with huge market credibility around the globe. You can choose anything you want as per your choice.

Does Ashley Madison send fake messages?

Yes, it does. According to Wikipedia, they sent over 70,000 BOT messages to male users from fake female accounts. They have thousands of fake female accounts created for amusement purposes. A report from Gizmodo in 2015 claimed that only 0.2% of the female accounts were active in the dating platform.

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