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The Complete List of Fake Tinder Profiles- 100% Genuine

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With an estimated 8 Whopping Million Users in the United States alone, Tinder stands at 50 MILLION USERS Worldwide to Date! 

There are obviously, both real and fake profiles included in these 50 million Profiles. Getting to such a statistic makes you wonder and ask questions that ‘What is the List of Fake Tinder Profiles’ or ‘What are the number/types or common characteristics and features of List of Fake Tinder Profiles?’ 

Below is a quick and complete guide about every minute detail about the List of Fake Tinder Profiles. 

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Tinder Fake Profiles

Power Words of a Fake Online Profile

Most of the fake profiles have keywords such as: 

  • Catholic
  • Royalty
  • PhD 
  • Female 
  • Widowed 
  • Nigeria 
  • Self-Employed 
  • Engineer

Any eyeballs raised at the keyword ‘Female’? There are indeed legit females on dating apps/ dating sites, but according to a statistic, 24% of the catfishers pose as opposite gender while targeting a specific user. 

List of fake tinder profiles

There is a chance that the account belongs to a fake user or scammer if it consists of the above-listed words. There will be genuine and real profiles of real people with the above keywords, but do consider it as a red flag. 

People create an eye-catching list of fake Tinder profiles to grab your attention and spark your interest. For this, they use pictures or words to target a specific audience and get the best results out of it! 

Keep digging and see/check whether there are some other classic signs of a fake profile! 

List of Fake Tinder Profiles

Below are the tell-tale signs to identify a list of Fake Tinder Profiles- 

  • Their Profile is hiding their age and distance: This can be completely normal, but if this adds up to a list of things missing from her Tinder profile, then you may be dealing with someone sitting overseas to scam you or maybe a bot. It is one of the main signs in this list of fake tinder profiles.
  • Profile Pictures of Celebrities: If most of her/his profile photos/ profile pictures are from the red carpet or Page-3 Celebrities, it speaks for itself, and you should comfortably swipe left. 
list of fake tinder profiles

Image Source: Unsplash

  • Random Links in their Bio: Swipe Left as fast as possible if you see a no-context unexplainable link in their bio. 
  • Bad Grammar in their Messages or Bio: Generally, this tell-tale sign will occur as the bot or the person using the account isn’t from your nation, and English is not their first language. 
  • 1 Photo- Always doesn’t mean that they are a member of the fake Tinder Profiles list, but usually, it comprises one of the many red flags. 
  • Overly Sexual Profile: Does your match’s Profile Photo looks like a pre-scene photoshoot from a Porn Site like PornHub, Redtube, or Naughty America? Alas! The chances are that the profile you are talking to is completely fake! 
List of Tinder Fake Profiles

Image Source: Unsplash 

  • Spontaneously given strange-looking Phone Number: If a person (mainly a girl) asks you to text or call or her number, that doesn’t have the same area code; something doesn’t add up if her (primarily)/his profile says that they live/reside nearby. 
List of Tinder Fake Profiles

Image Source: Reddit

  • Profile Details not matching up: For example, their listed Instagram Username doesn’t match their Tinder Name; they are most likely a bot. 
  • Invitation for a Cam Website: Join my Cam Show to verify that you are real and then I will hang out with you’ is bullshit! 
  • Ask you to send Gift Cards, money, or gifts: Do not send your match any money or something close to it, even if you think you deeply smite them. 
  • ‘Ready for some fun’ straight away: If a girl (primarily) starts dirty-talking straight away and asks you to come over, something isn’t right, my friend! 
  • ‘BOT SPEAKS’: If the emoji are spelled out rather than used, her messages appear like code; you have matched with a poorly programmed BOT. 
  • Ancient Pictures: If their profile features flip phone selfies or grainy photos, it is a free giveaway that you have matched with a fake profile. 

Stat- These mistakes are going to be repeated again and again by 99% of the bots. 

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Types of Fake Tinder Profiles

  • BOT- Bots are the most common out of all the list of fake Tinder Profiles. It is a Computer Program in an attempt to make you believe that it is a real person. Mostly, they will send a few messages automatically, followed by a dangerous link. However, others will try to be a little smarter by replicating back and forth messages based on predicted responses’ keywords. 

Bottom line- The most common, but the easiest to spot on! 

  • Fake Profiles controlled by humans with a plan- Harder to catch because this will be an actual human controlling the messages. This will be someone with a plan, whether it’s a product, service, or scam. 
  • Lonely Catfish- Little more on the lonely side and not immediately dangerous. This is basically who might be self-conscious or lonely and wants to chat!  
  • Dangerous Catfish- THE MOST MESSED UP! This will be someone with a stolen identity with god knows what intentions! 

Be Alert of Online Fake Profiles

Fake Profile Scam is the worst thing a dater can face its much more different than we see in advertisements. They are much more Frequent on free online dating sites. 


  1. A whopping 80% of Online Daters have admitted that they have lied about one or the other more things in their online profiles. It can be about their gender, their career, their age, or even their relationship status.
  2. 90% of users fiddle with their online profile’s facts. 

Definition- Slightly changing your work position to sound more impressive is known as Fiddling. Typically harmless as these people are just trying to become more attractive. 

As these lies don’t raise much of a threat, people run 100% fake profiles from fake profile pictures to phony personal information/ personal data. Watch out for them as these are the people who are on a hunt for your money, assets, knowledge, and even identity! Spot this list of fake Tinder profiles before they inherit any data or personal information from you. 

From identity theft to white lies, Online Dating has been struck by an epidemic of fake profiles. Therefore, it is necessary to have a healthy sense of suspicion as it is way too easy to lie on a dating app/ dating site. 

Advice- To choose excellent and bad profiles, you need to scrutinize the profiles correctly. Also, when it comes to Online Dating, Never Ever Forget to be very, very CAUTIOUS!! 

Tinder Bots VS List of Fake Tinder Profiles 

A list of fake Tinder Profiles isn’t the same as the Tinder Bots. 

  • Tinder Bots- A computer running an account 
  • List of Fake Tinder Profiles– Real people with fake identities for numerous reasons. Some of them even might have stolen identities to back up their plan. Harmless, but can facilitate The Robbery Scam or The Blackmail Scam. Might also cause emotional damage.
list of tinder fake profiles

Image Source: Pinterest

Below are some red flags of List of Fake Tinder Profiles- 

  • Known and chatting for a long time and still making excuses to meet up or have a live session, beware as they might not be what they appear to be
  • Claiming that they are in trouble and asking for money
  • Asking way too many private questions 
  • Tempting you to click on a link to check a photo or play a game. Most probably, the link will redirect you to an advertising page or a malware infection 
  • Immediately asking for some commitment or a long-term relationship to gain trust while avoiding calls, meet-ups, or 

Providing a social media account 

  • You can image search their profile photo online, and they turn out to be images of famous people or stock images

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What are the Common Tinder Scams? 

Here are some of the common Tinder Scams that bad actors try to execute on Tinder- 

  1. The Link Scam
list of tinder fake profiles

Image Source: Quora

  • The Linker wants you to email them and go to their website or their cam page. 
  • Motive: They want you to click in the virus-laden link. 

Tip- Real people are never going to redirect you to a link. 

  1. The Blackmail Scam
  • They spend days talking with you for building a connection as they want you to trust them and see them as a long term partner. 
  • However, their motive is not to have a relationship, but to say or do something incriminating. 
  • Then, they collect comprising screenshots or solicit sexually explicit images or the conversation, threatening to take those screenshots to their partner (husband or wife) or make them public. 
  • Final Motive: To get paid in exchange for those screenshots. 

Favorite Target: Married people looking for some side fun! 

Fact- The Blackmailer is always Clever because they have to build an honest rapport with you! 

Defenses to The Blackmail Spam: 

  • Try not to do anything incriminating on Tinder.
  • Always remember not to send anything to your Tinder Match that you wouldn’t like to post on your social network. 
  • Generally, the fake user won’t be willing to meet someone in-person. Therefore, you are less susceptible but not immune!
  1. The Venue Scam 

Definition- The Venue Scammer is a person who has been hired to promote a public venue or social gathering places such as a bar, restaurant, or club. 

  • They catfish many people simultaneously by chatting with all of them in a charming and flirtatious way. 
  • Then, In-Person Meeting!
  • The potential date has been fixed at ABC Bar, Area Code – XYZ, at (say) 9 PM. 
  • The victim arrived only to find a whole crowd of people lured in by the same venue spammer, who maybe/not work on the commission from the venue owner.
  1. The Robbery Scam
  • The Venue Scam variant, the Cat fisher in the Robbery Scam, solicits a date by charming the pants off the victim.
  • Arriving at the scene, the victim faces a gang of thugs instead of their match, just to get robbed.
  1. The Long Con

Definition- It means long term operations against a particular person. 

list of tinder fake profiles

Image Source: Daily Mail

  • The scammers are laying the groundwork by trying to collect information for a much larger scheme. 
  • The real person might have long conversations with you, connect with you on all social networks like Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, etc., might even develop a relationship with you for the sole purpose of getting access to your personal information and assets (majorly if you are a wealthy person). 
  • Deep conversations to gather personal data about you like where you work/live, which school or college were you admitted to, etc., to find out more about your life. 
  • Act of Defence – Be very aware of who you let into your life! 

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Which are the Known Tinder Scams? 

Year – 2016

  • A Scam was all over Tinder asking people to verify their identity. 
  • A bot would start conversing in a flirtatious manner and quickly send a link asking people to verify themselves. 
  • Verify yourself before we can meet up, so I know who you are lol’ was the text floating all around Tinder with the so-called Verification Link, that redirects you to a website called ‘Tinder Safe Dating.’ Have a look below-
list of fake tinder profiles

Image Source: Help Net Security

What happens next? 

  • People enter their credit card info and Whoosh! Their money is now being used to join free trials of Porn Sites and, ultimately, paid subscriptions if the user didn’t noticed and cancel before the trial ended. 

Fun Fact- The price of the paid subscription was the US $120 per month! 

Any Good News about Fake Profiles and Tinder Bots? 

Yes! There is 1! 

The Super Good News is that Tinder is always spending heavy bucks to ensure that fake accounts, fake users, fake profiles, and scams stay away from the online dating site. Also, Tinder has been extremely vigilant to take these bogus profiles down before harming! 

We have indeed moved past the worst years of Tinder Scams and list of fake Tinder Profiles, but exceptionally some might pop up now and then on your swiping screen! 

Advice – Using some common sense and trusting your gut, you shouldn’t find yourself getting scammed by anyone! 

What is the Verification Scam? 

Luckily, this scam is straightforward to spot. 

List of Fake Tinder Profiles

Image Source: Quora

  • The catfish or bot (it can be either one) chats with you for a bit. 
  • Then, they ask you to verify your profile ‘for their safety.’ 
  • This is not an impossible request as you can verify your Tinder Profile if you are a public figure or a celebrity, by just sending an email. But, ordinary users cannot prove their Tinder Account!

Secret: Even the Spammer doesn’t want you to do that! 

  • Instead, what they do is that they give you a link that looks related to Tinder, but in fact, it takes you to a phishing website to get your data such as credit card info. 

Bottom line: If anyone asks you to verify your Tinder Account, It’s a Scam! 

Bot Messages on Tinder

  • It might be a bot if you get the first message unusually quickly after matching with someone. Bots can message and reply in milliseconds, which is close to impossible for a real person.
  • A Tinder Bot uses a string of messages to reply, making the conversation unnatural. Bots cannot message naturally like humans, and might some of your answers in a somewhat more fundamental manner. They might immediately send you provocative or straightforward messages, or their replies might be completely unrelated to your messages. Try asking some random letters or basic questions like ‘Water is of which color?’ and notice their reactions. Check whether their replies/ messages make sense or not! 
  • If a person requests personal information/ personal data such as name, phone number, address, or red flag, something is not right. 

LifeHack: Do not provide any sensitive data. 

  • Suppose conversations slip to requests asking to click on a link to verify your account, chat outside Tinder, or check some photos. Never click on such links as they are malware-laden links and may snatch your data as well. There are big chances that the bot will stop talking with you if you refuse to click on such links. 


Tinder has done a fantastic job of reducing and deleting the list of fake Tinder Profiles and match you with potential dates

However, it lacks the verification feature like Bumble, yet you will see fewer bots each passing day. 

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Follow the steps mentioned above, tips, and LifeHacks to limit the amount of the list of fake Tinder Profiles and bots you match on Tinder!  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to Tell If a list of Tinder Fake Profile Is Fake?

1. Bio, Occupation, or Other Basic Information are missing.
2. Profile looks ‘Blank.’
3. They have only one photo.
4. Super Fast replies to your messages. 
5. They reply to your messages with nonsense. 
6. They want to skip the conversation off Tinder too quickly. 
7. They seem ‘Too Good To Be True.’

How To Spot a list of Tinder Fake Profiles? 

1. Not Verified
2. Little to No Bio
3. Fast replies/messages
4. Low-Quality Photos or only 1 Picture
5. Venues
6. Advertising their Instagram 
7. Catfishes 


Most likely, not! It is just a speculation theory that Tinder uses Fake Profiles, and there is certainly no way to back up this claim. With increasing popularity, one can indeed say that Tinder gets new signed up users every second. 


Yes, Tinder certainly has Fake Profiles. 


1. Cybersecurity Firm Imperva’s 2017 Report, the bad bots outnumbered the good bots for just under 52% of Internet Traffic in 2016. 
2. Scams on dating apps/dating sites have gone from 4% in 2015 to 11% in Jan this year. (As per Australian Consumer and Competition Commission) 
3. According to the complaint, in months between 2013-2016, more than 50% of the instant favorites and messages Match’s accounts received were identified as fraudulent. 
4. After a complaint filed from FTC, Match’s analysis found that consumers bought 499,691 subscriptions within 24 hours of receiving a fraudulent communication’s advertisement between June 2016 to May 2018. 
5. During its six years of existence, Tinder reported 500 related crimes, according to the Daily Mail.  
58% of LGBTQ Users have been harassed online, according to Angus Reid. 
6. Angus Reid also said that 4 in every ten visible minorities had been harassed on social media. 

How to Report a List of Fake Tinder Profile?

1. Go to his/her profile. 
2. Scroll down. 
3. Select Report. 
4. Hit on Reasoning. 

How to stay away from getting duped by a Tinder bot?

1. Never Ever Click on any random link sent to you
2. Do not give money to anyone on an online dating site
3. Never provide any personal information or personal details to anyone
4. Search for your matches profile pictures or profile photo in Google, if you have any suspicions
5. If suspicion persists, ask your match to verify their identity 

How to Verify a Tinder Profile? 

As mentioned earlier, Verifying Tinder Profile is not an option for ordinary users. It is a feature available only for public figures or celebrities. 
However, to check the verification of your match’s account, try out the following steps- 
1. Ask to check their social media accounts
2. Ask for their Snapchat 
3. Skype or FaceTime them

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