IWantu App Review - Facts You Wish To Know.

IWantu App Review – Authentic Facts You Wish To Know.

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It’s all about blank profiles on this app as well as on our Iwantu app review

Real users have gone for a toss on this dating platform. Yes, you are understanding it quite correctly I am trying to convey that this website is full of fake user profiles and blank profiles – For all of you who don’t know, A blank profile is a user profile with 0 information and no profile photo. 

No one wants you, yes I am talking about you who is reading this right now on this website, but it is a website to meet real women in real life. so today we are going to share iwantu app review.

Without concerning about what other people say, Iwantu is a dating platform where you can meet real woman for sex. Apart from many fake profiles, they are also profiles run by real women on this platform and there is a high chance that you can end up having sex with them if you have got the talent bro. 

IWantu App Review - Facts You Wish To Know.

Here is everything that you want to know about the chat and messaging features on Iwantu app before joining this site 

Bots will send you messages as this site is a part of an affiliate network that just wants to scam you for your card and email information. 

We will be talking about the most important aspect of our life in the segment – Yes, we will be discussing about the money payments that Iwantu app requires as its subscription fee for getting you lead with super hot and sexy women around the globe. 

3 days – $3.18 per day

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30 days – $24.49 

90 days – $13.99 per 30 days 

In this section of our Iwantu app review, we will be telling you about all the discounts, offers and rewards that you can earn on Iwantu app 

There is a very big advantage of joining IWantU. When you join this online dating website, then they offer you a 30% discount for some limited span of time. You will be surprised to know that this limited span of time has been going on for so long, it has been months I signed up for this particular dating site. What’s more? – This site is offering me a 60% off now – it seems like there is no ending on offers on this dating website. 

Here’s a secret tip about this site that we want to disclose in our IwantU app review – if you take up the subscription just instantly after you sign up on this site, then you get a flat 30% discount on your subscription.

IWantu App Review - Facts You Wish To Know.

Member structure 

More than 90% of the accounts all profiles in the hookup site are fake. 

In this section of our Iwantu app review will be telling you that how can you make contacts with different people on who are available on this website when you have paid money for their subscription fee

Iwantu provides you with every opportunity to make contacts with people who are looking for someone just like you on this platform – However, you will need a bit of talent and luck for the same, which I am sure you will have! 

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In this segment we will be talking about the features that you get if you don’t pay money as subscription fee to this website. 

Cool chat feature that allows you to chat with multiple people at a single time, Status feature that notifies other user if you are in a naughty or a normal mood, Flirt feature that allows you to send an instant notification to users who you are interested in. 

Returning back to money, we will be discussing the search features you get to avail when you pay a hefty amount as subscription fee to this website

You can search different people available on the website on the basis of physical preferences such as age, gender. You can also search the people who has signed up recently on this dating platform and are active right now at the moment. 

Features + Main Features 

Webcam feature, SMS Service Feature, Hot list feature that allows you to list and store all your fav members on this platform. 

Quality of profiles

The quality of profiles on this application can be termed as satisfactory. Apart from a few blank profiles, there are also real women who are out there ready to get laid with you – it all depends on your luck as well as your talent to persuade them to your bed and make it hot for both of you. 


IwantU have an enormous community with great usability and design offered on every device possible such as your computer as well as your smartphone. This site has a very fast register process and also offers a 72 hour trial period for the newly registered users and profiles. 


The messaging on this dating app is only available to the people who have paid money for its subscriptions. Also this site majorly redirects to the other third party webcams sites – not a disadvantage if you want to view naked girls online giggling around! 

Review & Ratings

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Customer Satisfaction


Ok But Be Aware Of Fake Profiles.



Overall this website should not considered as a scam, but as a platform that provides you with ample opportunities to get laid with sexy local women around you. Rather, should understand that Iwantu is a part of an affiliate network that just wants to scam you for your personal details. 

Q. Can you please tell us in your Iwantu app review that is it a dodgy dating platform or not?

A. No I do not agree with people who said that Iwantu website or app is dodgy. On the other hand, I consider it to be one of the most reliable dating platforms when it comes for getting sex with hot women.

Q. You need to be honest with us in this question when we ask you that is this dating platform really provides us with what we really want?

A. You need to have 3 things if you want to get laid with hot women who are active on this platform. Those three things are luck, money and a little bit of talent to persuade them into your bed.

Q. Please provide us with the Iwantu app review of users who have used this dating platform for a long, long time and please be honest with us.

A. User Experiences –
Sandra who is 34 years old have to say that she finds Iwantu app very interesting and useful. The main reason that the state behind it is that she can contact hot and interesting men from where ever she is, by just using laptop. 
Carla, who is 27 years old states that she found her soulmate using this website.  She met with him in one of the chat rooms of this useful app and found out that they live very nearby and in the same city as well. She also advise other users to not label this app as a scam if they do not get replies for their messages.

Q. I have heard that if you want to cancel your account on this website, it takes a lot of effort for this sole purpose. I want to know from you and other users as well that will they prefer a dating platform or website that allows you to cancel your account easily and at the earliest?

A. See, this is a very basic thing that all the dating websites on available on the market should consider that if you are pursuing a user to sign up or login into your dating platform in a hassle-free manner, then they should be allowed to leave it as well or cancel or delete their account in a very simple and easy manner. So obviously I think that the dating websites of platforms that allows user to cancel their membership or delete the account in a hassle-free manner have certain advantages over websites such as Iwantu, which do not.

Q. There are many rumours about this website on the Internet that IWantU app is a scam.  I really want to know that if the rumours are true – Yes, I want you to tell me about the legitimacy of this dating platform?

A. There is absolutely no question on the legitimacy of Iwantu. Yes I agree that there are few blank profiles available on this website, but after reading all my dating website review, you tell me which website doesn’t have them?

Q. I want to cancel my subscription today for this dating platform as I am fed up because I am not getting any matches or messages from super hot and horny girls on this website – Can you please guide me through the steps to cancel my account subscription on Iwantu?

A. Click on your profile photo 🡪 My settings 🡪 Billing History 🡪 Follow the steps that will guide you to cancel your subscription.

Q. What is the dating website that is doing the rounds with the name of Iwantu?

A. Iwantu is an adult dating platform that has garnered immense popularity short span of time. The reason for its immense popularity is its legitimacy and it’s promise to provide men super hot and sexy women in their bed instantly as they register on this website.

Q. Does this dating platform help you to have sex with super hot and sexy women around you?

A. Yes, this dating website fulfils its promise to get you laid with hot woman on this platform and should not be considered as a scam.

Q. I am encountering some problems signing up my account with this dating website – can you please help me guide through the whole process of signing up my account on this website?

A. The signing up process on this dating website is very quick and will only require a minute or so, and will require email verificatio

Q. Here is the main question that many of your readers want to know from you in this Iwantu app review of yours. We want to know that if it is extremely safe and Secure to trust this dating website with our personal information and what do you think are the reasons behind this dating platform getting immensely popular?

A. I have said it, I am saying it and I will say it – Your Email address password, your credit card information, or your some other personal information should not be tested for safety and security with any website present on the world wide web. In short, you are solely responsible for your personal data as well as information.

Q. What are some of the alternatives to this immensely popular dating website if someone does not want to avail its services?


Q. Can you please guide all your readers in this Iwantu app review of yours that if there are any hacks or shortcuts through which we can use all the premium membership services and features for free on this website?

A. Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts or hacks to avail the premium membership services on this website for free. However, not all is bad and you need not be disappointed as this website provides many useful and beneficial services for free as compared to other dating platforms available in the market and on the internet.

Q. Please guide me through the steps to delete my membership account on this website forever as i have not got even one single match or message from people on this website?

A. Click on your profile photo 🡪 My setting 🡪 Follow th link to ‘Remove account’ option

Q. Can you please tell me how can I search for a particular profile on this useful dating app in Iwantu review?

A. The advanced search options you get when you pay the hefty subscription fee for this platform will help you to search any person who is available and recently active on this platform.

I hope that around 89% of the people who read this Iwantu app review will find that it beneficial and useful for them – Why exact 89? – That’s my lucky number.

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