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Instabang Review- Is It Worth Giving A Shot?

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Instabang is an online dating site that gives you the opportunity to bang instantly. You know what I mean, it seems like banging is so easy these days, duh. It’s tough for people these days to go out and try the old trial-n-error method. Instead, there can be so much fun at home with just a dating app/site. To make things easier for you, we review almost every type of dating site. In this article, we are going to give Instabang Review.

In this Instabang review, we are considering the basic aspects of a dating app to see if it can deliver its promises.

Instabang Review

What is Instabang? 

InstaBang Review

Instabang Review Site is an online dating site for those people who want someone to get laid every alternate day. Starting a sex dating site is not a difficult job, but maintaining it with minimum honesty is tough. Instabang Review Site is from that category, which satisfies their customer, replies to the queries, and helps them in every way needed.

It was quite challenging to trust a site that copies the initials from a social media giant. Any dating site with such lucrative words like ‘bang’ ends up being a shady one. Fighting the presumptions when I signed up for the site, it seemed to be a rather authentic one.

The site somehow resembles Instagram, hooking up is way faster here than any other sex dating websites. While conducting the Instabang review, it seemed pretty evident that getting laid is very easy here. All you need to do is register your profile and start right away.

People mind their own business here, and all of them have only one intention. You know what it is. No limitation in being openly sexual and no one judges you based on your skin color, sexual orientation, or nationality. Being a sex dating site, Instabang doesn’t try to hide any of their services.

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How To Register in Instabang?

Registering your account is very simple in Instabang. All you need to do is fill up some places with accurate information, and you’ll be good to go. 

First, they ask your gender, man, woman, or couple. Then they ask who do you want. They want to know your would-be partner’s gender. Once you fill them up, you have to enter your zip code. Instabang offers sex dates from your locality; they try to find a perfect match within a five-mile radius.

Instabang Review

Now add your age, just like any sex dating sites you have to 18+ to be a member. At last, put your email id and pick a password. Once you are complete that, you are going to receive a verification mail. After the verification, you are all set to experience Instabang.

Is Instabang Free? 

No, it’s not. Although it has a free version, you can only surf the feeds and check other members’ profiles. If you want to message them (I bet you will) or try any different kinds of interaction, you have to buy the gold membership. 

The cost is not too much, and also you can get some discounts for signing up for the first time. Instabang has trial versions of two days and seven days; it costs $4.95 and $14.95 accordingly. If you are satisfied with the trial versions, there are some long term commitment options available. 

For one month Gold membership, you have to pay $39.95, for six months it’s $11.65 per month, and for 12 months, it’s $6.67 per month. The longer your commitment is, the less you have to pay; simple equation. 

Instabang Review

There are no refund options available; they only pay you back if you have a billing error. But Instabang Review guarantees that you’ll get laid within the first three months, they’ll give you another three months free.

After you pay for the Instabang Review Site, you unlock loads of features such as texting others. You can text anyone you want to connect with. Also, your account will top the search bars. As you customize your accounts with preferences, locality, and all, Instabang will feature you on the top for similar searches. 

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There is another thing you can buy in Instabang; it’s the credits. Credits are some sort of a token for those contents, which are not usable even with a premium account. You can buy them if you enjoy the site very much and want to experience the whole thing. But it’s not mandatory, so no pressure if you don’t.

What To Expect From Instabang?

As I have said earlier, Instabang Review Site is a sex dating site that offers instant hookups. You can use this to find dates in your locality. Or even you can optimize your location timely from home to office or travelling. In this way, wherever you are, there’ll be someone waiting for you.

The dating site is very ambitious in promising deals. Though the average time you have to wait for a date is 24-48 hours, they claim to get you a date on the same day. Also, you have video calling features to have virtual sex as well. 

There is another cool feature in Instabang; you can set your mood, say you just want to flirt, select online flirting. If you are looking forward to a long-term relationship, select: serious relationship.

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How To Make Your Profile More Authentic in Instabang? 

If you are serious about dating, then you’ll want someone real, not a faker. Similarly, the person you want to date would want to assure your identity. Instabang anticipated the problem and put forward some solutions for that.

Instabang Review will feature your account on top once you have the gold membership. With that, make yourself a verified member. All you need to do for that is to contact the customer support and lodge the request. Then you’ll have to go to a webcam to show your face. Once the customer support verifies you as a real person, they will tag you as verified.

Who Can Find Instabang Helpful?

Instabang Review has made it very clear over the year that this is a sex dating site. Every member of the site is there to find sexual satisfaction and not anything else. So, anybody who wants to have sexual affairs or dates can visit the website. The site is full of members who wish to have instant sex. So there is no lack of partners.

Who Is Instabang Not For?

People who are looking for a long-term relationship should stay away from it. It’s not the right place for finding soulmates; people come here to find fuckmates, to be frank.

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Instabang Review Site is a highly secured dating website. All of your pictures, videos, and texts are safe here. Instabang doesn’t claim any copyrights whatsoever. 

Fake Profiles in Instabang

Instabang Review site is very strict about members’ identity. They have their own team to prevent fake accounts from the site. So far, they have done well enough, and there is not a single complaint against them.

Reviews & Ratings

Customer Satisfaction


Overall, Did not impress us


Instabang Review Final Verdict

After thorough research on Instabang Review, I haven’t found any kind of complaint or allegation against it. Yes, the site’s design is primitive, but their service is world-class, there is no denying on that. For a dating site that has its team to fight fake profiles and scams, Kudos! However, they can improve a bit more if they enable some options in the free version. In this way, they can help more people to get laid.

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How to cancel instabang Membership?

To cancel instabang membership, you have to contact the support team with your queries. Once you contact them they’ll immediately process your request by deactivating your account and cancelling the membership. However, you won’t get any refund.

Is there any Instabang app?

Till now they have no app regarding their service. But, the instabang site is compatible with mobile devices and you can easily use that.

Long Term Dating in Instabang?

Instabang is not meant for long term dating at all. The site only provides sex dating for willing persons. If you are looking for long term dating go to sites like Match.Com, OkCupid, Tinder and all.

Alternative sex dating sites to Instabang

There is another sex dating site that you can find very helpful. It’s the Adultfriendfinder, they have the largest customer base as a sex dating sites. You can check our review of Adultfriendfinder.

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