how to get a date on tinder

How to Get a Date on Tinder: Simple & Easy Steps

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Tinder is a dating app with the sole purpose of finding people to hook up with. This is an app available on both IOS and android.

It allows its users to find a perfect match as per their requirements.

If you are one of those persons- 

  • Who are unable to find a perfect match for yourself despite trying hard
  • Or if you tried your best around yourself to get a date, but a door of rejection was slammed on your face. 

Then, there is no need to get frustrated. Because it might be possible someone better is waiting for you who deserve you in real.

But how to find that someone better?? We will tell you about how to get a date on tinder.

Don’t worry, my single friends!! 


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How to get date on Tinder

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It is a top-rated app globally and is widely preferred by people among all other dating sites. One of the best things about the tinder is that it has a high success rate of gating a date. The ‘Elite Daily even recommends it’. 

Millions of people worldwide use this application to get near to people and form a deep and meaningful connection. 

Stay with me. I have come up with systematic methods to help you find your match.

Your Personalized Word-For-Word Script to Get a Tinder Date Right Now

We all would love to go on a date after installing a Dating app. Don’t we? 

Thinking what the Problem is? 

It knows which app to use? Nah! You have a TINDER!! 

In getting a Tinder Match? Nah! 

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Give me all your worries and relax, as I am here to give you a Word-For-Word Script to get a Tinder Date RIGHT NOW!! 

Let’s start! 

You: Heyy! Glad we matched. I am ‘Your Name’ from ‘Your City Name.’ Btw, has anyone told you a single time that you have beautiful eyes?

She: Haha! Well, I get that compliment a lot. Thank you! Myself ‘Her Name’ from ‘Her City Name.’

You: (Even if the distances between your cities are large) So, we are near! That’s an add on! I am a ‘Your Profession.’ 

She: I work at ‘Her workplace name.’ 

You: Ahaan!! So, wassup? 

And some introductory chats as such… and then: 

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You: I would like to know about your aspirations. I know it’s a little odd to talk about it in our first conversation, but I am getting perfect and positive vibes from you. So yeah, I would love to know about your dreams, your aspirations, whether you love rains… (and stuff like that)! 

Mark my words: GIRLS LOVE IT!! 

She: Ah! I just feel so special!! I will tell you all that you want to know. ☺ 

From here onwards, your focus should be to the ONLY TALK ABOUT THE TOPICS THAT SHE IS INTERESTED IN.

Also, show your interest in the topics; she has interests in. This will make her feel comfortable, and she might think that she has got a MATCH WITH SIMILAR INTERESTS. 

And after a dozen of cute, little chats: 

Now, comes the ICEBREAKER! 

You: The weather is so pleasant nowadays. Would you like to go out with me? I will be honest. I would love to know you more!! We can meet up at a place where you are comfortable. ☺ 

(YAYY!! Show some excitement, Broda!!)



Congratulations from my Side!! So, what are you waiting for now? Go, style yourself, and have a perfect time!! But yeah, scroll down first to read the whole article of ‘Converting your date in your DESIRES!!’

Note: USE AS MUCH EMOJIS AS YOU CAN! These tiny things make it feel that you are into the conversation and interested in her.

All my wishes!! 

Get to know the perfect number of Tinder messages before making a date: 

This is one of the complicated questions that’s probably hovering around everyone’s mind who use tinder.

 How many messages should one send before asking for a date? What is the impressive list of those questions?

Foremost, you show know that generally, whosoever uses tinder, is there for a date or hook up. Therefore, they are not supposed to feel offended if you ask for the same.

Everyone wants to make sure that the person with whom they are going for a date is sensible or not.

So, you need to figure it out by sending some questions! 

But, there should be a limit to the questions that you send. Otherwise, too many inquiries can make another person lose interest in you. 

You may lose your chances of dating to someone as there are many more people waiting!! 

That’s a different matter if both of the people are comfortable with the flow of questions. That’s the ideal situation.

Tip- DO NOT ASK OUT IN YOUR FIRST SENTENCE. It will look super awkward and make your chances lesser for a date!! 

There are a certain number of questions that you must ask before pulling the trigger for a date.

I feel 10- 15 good questions are enough to make ground to ask for a date.

Steps for getting dates on Tinder

  1. Ask her time, for when she is available for the date! 
  2. Decide about a place for a meetup, if she is interested! Then, decide a location as per her interest as it would make her feel special.
  3. Show up.

The Ultimate Guide to getting Tinder dates and hook-ups

How to get a date on tinder

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  • Make a profile: It is essential that you make a good dating app profile because it is the first source of attraction. So, you need to upload some decent looking profile photos, make a camera roll in your face, and create an enchanting bio. 
  • Swipe and match: You need to browse through the app and search for a game that can meet your interest.
  • Strike a conversation: As soon as you are selected as a match. Start your conversation!! BANG ONNN!! Be Open and Normal!  You need to create some catchy opening lines to make sure that you get a date. Ex: Hey, I am John. I came here to meet a friendly person.
  • Talk decently: After opening a conversation, start talking about interesting topics. Make sure you talk about areas that are common between both of you. Your discussion should be gripping.
  • Call for date: After some chatting, NOW is the time for why you are here. ASK FOR A DATE!! Don’t be too hasty or too late in asking for a date( you need to put date idea as soon as possible) After dozens of messages, you can ask for a date. 
  • Meet up place: After asking for a date, your attention should be at the venue. You must decide on a site which is in line with her interests. A place with amazing things about it: suppose, let’s say that she likes music. Go Out for good music. This will impress her.
  • Keep it going: Now, you have a couple of days before you meet a person. Don’t ignore her, meanwhile. You need to engage with her with some good stuff.
  • Present Yourself: This is the last step to your success. You need to go and show up on the decided date and place. 

How to Have an Amazing First Date/Meet up/Hookup? 

  • Wear something that makes you feel confident and comfortable.
  • Be Smiling, Be Yourself, Be Attentive.
  • Prepare yourself for engaging and exciting talks that can prolong the chances of long term relationships.
  • Put up everyday questions such as How are you? How was your day?
  • Surprise your partner with something special!! Make her feel special! Girls simply love that!! 
  • Ask them what they are passionate about, or what they are good at. 
  • If it is not going as per your expectations, allow yourself the liberty to end it.

Do This if you want to fall in love on a Tinder First Date: 

Image Source: Unsplash 

It might sometimes happen that you were there for a casual date, but you hooked up! Yup, that’s Life and its DAMN UNPREDICTABLE at times!! 

Or the person you are meeting has a different charm, and you end up falling in love with her AT THE VERY FIRST SIGHT!! But yes, just check if it’s just an infatuation before proceeding further!! 

It may also happen that you like some of the person’s qualities, and you develop a love for her. In the first meeting, they can pretend to be- What you want to see! Judging them in the first meeting will be too amateurish!!

One meeting and small talks aren’t enough to be the basis for love. To love, you must know about the person well. 

Before proceeding further, control yourself and wait for some time to figure out that what you feel is LOVE or not! 

If you are still confident, then go ahead and GIVE IT A TRY!! 

Steps After You set up a date on Tinder? 

After setting up the date, you have a couple of days in your pocket, depending upon the time that you have agreed to meet.

This time gap may help you a lot in knowing more about each other. You need to engage her on different interesting topics that make perfect sense.

Do not ignore her in this period. Otherwise, this will leave the wrong impression. 

You must utilize this time gap in such a way that she becomes eager and can’t wait for the date to happen!!

Surprise your date by revealing your exciting character 

Allow me to unveil a secret about human nature- They always come prepared on special occasions. They decide what to wear, what to talk etc. With this, they also develop some expectations from experience.

Their preparation will simply go down drain if they are faced with an uncertain situation, and their real self will pop up that will help you decide whether you have to stick to them for an extended period. 

Always Remember: From your small conversation, she has developed an image of you. 

Now, what should be your mission? 

Stick to that image? Nah!! Emerge out to be even more exciting!!

What can you do? 

  • Bring a gift for her.
  • Make eye contact
  • Pretend to be mysterious so that she wants to stay with you for more fun!! 


Do you know what the simplest way of eliminating your chances with a girl is? 

Make her uncomfortable in public or embarrass her. NEVER EVER DO THAT. IT IS A SIN IN THE WORLD OF DATING!! 

The Golden Opportunity Awaits…

How to get date on Tinder

Image Source: Unsplash 

After setting up a date, you earned yourself ‘THE MUCH AWAITED OPPORTUNITY’!! You should make most of it and must not let go of this golden chance. 

  • Wear something that makes you look elegant.
  • Be confident: Confidence is the most essential thing that you can carry with you. It can make things and break things.
  • Make her feel special.
  • Be attentive to what she is saying: It will infer that you are the most important person in his life, that there is no better option than her.
  • Be yourself: You need to be yourself. I never repeat, try to intimidate someone else. It will spoil everything. 
  • Keep your phone in your pocket: Using mobile in the middle of conversation may create a wrong impression. It will make another person feel that you are not giving her absolute attention.
  • Never be afraid of teasing her: Do not keep comedy at bay. You need to deflect her from serious conversation and make it more fun.

How to get a date on tinder after only a few messages? 

Once you have found ‘Your Match,’ Start talking to her.

But don’t be in a hurry to ask her about more details.

You need to be careful about sending more messages to your match as it can make conversation dull and you can end up losing your chances of being with her. Keep in mind that everyone on tinder is for a relationship. If you talk about out of context, you will lose your chances to someone else. 

As I mentioned earlier, limit your messages up to 10-15 and switch to set up a date.

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Tinder is a top-rated app globally, and several people use it to fulfill their dreams of having a relationship or having a real-life date. Due to diversity, it has a high response rate and many date options.

All said and done; If you are looking for a date and hook up, then Tinder is the app that can do this job for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to go from match to date on Tinder?

After finding a match, you need to strike up an exciting conversation. Complement her as soon as she is comfortable talking to you. Ask her out for a date.

How to set up a date on Tinder?

Send her a dozen of messages. Then, ask her about the place where she is the most comfortable coming in.

How to Attract Women on Tinder?

Upload some of your best profile pictures, write some good and catchy stuff about yourself in bio. 

How to Compliment Women on Tinder (or on a First Date)? 

Try to be as genuine and as real as possible. Complement her by commenting on her appearance. For example, ‘You are looking great in this outfit.’ ‘ ask about her life story.’ You can give a unique compliment her looks, eyes, lipstick, smile, etc. This will help you form a meaningful conversation.

How to Flirt and Tease on Tinder?

First, see how comfortable she is with you. Based on that, you can ask her about her past relationships. You can also ask her about what does she look for in boys!

Why is it so hard to turn a Tinder date into a relationship?

A relationship takes time to develop. It also takes time because most people are for casual and temporary dates without seriously committing to a relationship. 

How to Confidently Get a Woman’s Number on Tinder?

If she comfortable talking to you she is responsive to you If she is taking an interest in your life Then, you should not hesitate to ask for her phone number. What do we say? Ahh…. ‘BE A MAN’ and just ask it, bro!! 

How to Use Tinder and Get Dates?

Most of the people use tinder to go on a decent date. You need to be a little smart to get an actual date. Create a good profile and bio, which can pull a girl towards you. This will eventually result in a date!! 

How To Turn A Match Into A Date?

The steps to turn a match into a date are- Start a pleasant conversation Compliment them Find common ground where you can talk more and can get the opportunity to know her more Then ask for a date without any glitch.

How to Get Any Date, Hookup, or Relationship You’ll Ever Want?

Install tinder in your device, register yourself, make a dating profile, and write a good bio. Find a suitable match( cute girl), strike a conversation with a positive note, and ask for a date

Who owns

The Match Group owns the Tinder.

Is Tinder Legit?

Yes, Tinder is entirely Legit.

What is the Tinder app?

Tinder is an online dating app where people can connect and involve in casual hookups and dates.

Is Tinder a Scam?

No, It isn’t a scam, and it also ranks in TheDatingAdvise’s Best Dating Websites List.

What is the purpose of the Tinder app?

Tinder helps people connect and meet up for a date, hookup, or even a relationship as per their needs and interests.

What to Expect on the Tinder app?

To expect the maximum out of it, Tinder is an app where you can find Legit Matches.

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