How Many Dates Before Sex

REVEALED!!How Many Dates Before sex? Correct Number Revealed!! 100% Effective

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Hello, and welcome to TheDatingAdvise.Com guide to ‘How many dates before sex.’ 


According to another study, men wanted sex four times as likely as the women on the very first date

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how many dates before sex

Have a relationship conversation 

The main thing that builds a Long Term relationship is ‘Relationship Convo.’ Have a conversation about when you are comfortable to be involved in sexual intimacy, and then take the correct step.


There is a more surprising fact that us waiting for all of you, and that is- The longer you wait to get laid, the happier you are. 35% of our participants had sex after their fifth meeting, and they are way more comfortable than the other participants. If you have sex after the fifth meeting, you are 35 percent happier than the rest.

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how many dates before sex

SPEAK OUT if you are thinking to delay having sex 

Suppose you are thinking of delaying your sexual encounters and building an emotional connection or a committed long-term relationship. In that case, it’s high time that you both should talk and decide on an ideal timeframe before having sex.

Stats Time- 

YouGov survey and dating coaches stated that 76 percent of the participants had been in a relationship for over a year. More than 90 percent of them (to be precise 93%) have had sex with their partners.

Therefore, of all the 93 percent of the sexually active people with their partners, 51 percent of them admitted that they didn’t have sex on the very first date itself and waited over a few weeks before getting into bed.

However, 38 percent of the people had sex before marriage or within a few days after meeting each other. The surprising fact is that the remaining 11 percent banged each other even before meeting on their first date!

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how many dates before sex

Are you dating more than one person? 

Many might consider it taboo, but it’s okay to date more than one person at a time, no matter if you are a sexual person or want to have any sexual relations. Many Dating Coaches suggests that it’s very much okay to be in several associations before getting into a LONG TERM ACTUAL RELATIONSHIP.

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One of the studies suggests that only 12 percent of the people follow the dating mentioned above rules. However, 18 percent of the people want to taste pleasure at the first meeting itself.

The things that you might miss if you get laid way too early, i.e., on the very first date- 

  • Emotional intimacy 
  • Safe space as you might get trapped with the person you don’t even know 
  • Your self-esteem if you are conservative and it was just a casual hookup/ casual sex for you, but the other person took it seriously 
  • Sexual chemistry will be missing as you both hardly know each other 

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how many dates before sex

REVEALED!! The correct How many dates before sex 

This is one of the most legit questions of our times- How many dates before sex? Should I follow the three date rule or the five-date rule? 

You need to get one thing straight into your head that there’s nothing like “An ideal number of dates before you have sex.” 

It would help if you had it when- 

  • You both are comfortable with each other 
  • Your sexual energy is meeting with the other person 

Sex should feel like warmth in a relationship and not like heat for a hookup. 

Sexual Relations are not just physical intimacy but have their grassroots at a deeper level. It involves emotional sentiments and emotional intimacy. This is what we all crave!

In another dating rules analogy, I can compare casual sex to an Air Purifier, making you feel great and more comfortable.


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Another study states that 46 percent of males and 33 percent of women have had it in the first meeting or had sex before marriage.

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how many dates before sex

Get the answer to this question- Which thing is more important- What do you think of sex or When you have sex? 

High-Quality Men like Justin Lehmiller are members of very exclusive and A list club. They believe that there should be specific dating rules in the sex life of a person.

Relationship Experts believes that understanding what first date kiss and sex means to an individual is more important than deciding the correct time to have it. Have an amicable Relationship, Convo.


TheDatingAdvise.Com believes that you might have got the answer to the question ‘How many dates before sex.’ 

Takeaway Stat- 

A less proportion, i.e., only 9 percent of males and 21 percent of females, believed that they would have sex only after being in love. 

These are the most asked questions regarding the topic- ‘How many dates before sex’- 

Q. Can you please tell me How many dates before sex?

A. As I have stated, there is no ‘Such ideal time.’ Have it when you feel comfortable and connected with the other individual at a deeper level.

Q. Can you please tell me how many dates should one go before getting into a relationship? 

A. Depends. If you are a heartbroken person with trust issues, you might take forever to get into one. 

Q. Can you please tell me how many dates a man takes to fall in love?

A. A general Relationship therapist belief- Men fell in love quickly, and that’s way too correct.
I would say 3-4 dates are sufficient for a man to decide if he is in love or not.

Q. Please let me know on which date should I kiss?

A. First date kiss and relationship convo is damn impressive. Have it when you think that the person you are kissing is way too Romantic Time for you.

Q. How about you telling me that what does a third date mean to a male? 

A. Short Answer- Sex.

Q. Can you please tell me how I would know that a guy is falling for me? 

He brings you flowers or your favorite stuff
He starts taking care of you 
He takes you to meet his family 
He takes an interest in your life 

Q. Please guide me that I should follow the three date rule?

A. No. It depends on you and the person you are interacting with whether you should go for sex after three dates. The first date might be the second, the third, or maybe never. 

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