How Many Dates Before Relationship

How Many Dates Before Relationship? Read this 100% amazing piece to find out

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Sometimes many people wonder how many dates before relationship are required to completely trust a person, build communication, and plan a healthy relationship for the future. 

If you are one of such persons who want the answer to this crucial question, stay tuned as this piece of content has got you covered. 

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Read this to find out how many dates before relationship are required to make a relationship official- 

how many dates before relationship

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Short Answer- Two months! 

Long Answer- Yes, that’s the amount of time a man needs to decide whether he wants to get into a long term and committed relationship with you or not. It is also the period required by him to determine if he wants you to meet his family or not.

Short Secret about Men- The male counterparts can also get bored of casual dating and swiping left or right on the dating apps, just like women. Thus, if a man is serious about getting into a relationship, he wants to be in one. He won’t see or think about other women if he knows that you are the one. 

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Women’s Exclusivity Talk- There’s a thing with women that sometimes is known to complicate things. It is their ‘Exclusivity Talk.’ This happens when a woman decides to be ‘exclusive’ with their partner but hesitates to be referred to as his ‘girlfriend.’ This is one reason women may ask such questions as to how many dates before relationship because their man isn’t giving her a clear-cut answer. 

how many dates before relationship

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Hint- If your partner decides to be ‘exclusive’ with you, it is a clear sign that he wants you to be his girlfriend or her boyfriend. You also need to understand that your partner isn’t giving you a clear answer as he/she doesn’t have one. 

Survey- A survey/ study conducted revealed the following stats- 

As compared to 2015, 19% fewer people considered getting laid on the first date than in 2005. 83% of gay considered having sex with someone on the first date in 2005. The number dropped to 57% in 2015. 48% of people don’t find having sex with someone a big issue. 

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Now you should hear what the dating industry experts have to say about the question ‘How many dates before relationship.’

Experts think that there’s no precise number of dates or months before you decide to make your relationship official. 

It majorly depends on what both the individuals think of each other and their future together. It also depends on a partner involved is severe enough to get into a committed relationship or is casually playing around. 

Stats Time- Theoretically, your chances of finding love are up by 37% with the Optimal Stopping Problem. But, if you are okay with resigning yourself to the top ten percent of your matches, then your probability of meeting your soulmates increases to nearly eighty percent.

Do this- As there is no specific time and number of dates before knowing that the other person is the right choice for you, you need to ask yourself and your partner several questions. Start by asking yourself if you are serious enough and ready to be in a long term relationship. Think about all the time spent with him/her and consider how well you and your partner communicate with each other on different topics. This is essential as communication is the fundamental rule to any relationship. 

how many dates before relationship

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Remember that the timeline of a relationship varies from person to person, so never compare your connection with someone else’s relationship. Everyone is seeking different things from their partners. 


Thus, I hope you understand that the answer to the question you have been looking for isn’t an actual number of dates. 

Instead, it is the amount of time you have seen each other and depends on your feelings towards each other. 

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Takeaway Tip- 37 Percent Rule states that you need to reject 37% of your dates to find the true love of your life (soulmate). Precisely, the actual percentage is 1/e, where the base is the natural log.

That amounts to 36.79%, and rounding up gets you the percentage of people you need to reject to find your true love. (We round off because it’s apparent that we can’t date a fraction of a person). Thus, your probability of finding your soulmate shoots by straight to 40% from 10%. 

Questions mentioned below are the most asked about the topic ‘How many dates before relationship’– 

Q. How many dates before relationship are needed to know that a person has genuine feelings and be in an official relationship with him/her? 

A. As stated above, there are no fixed dates to communicate with a person and trust him/her completely. It exclusively depends on the individuals involved. 

Q. Name five key rules/ milestones for how many dates before relationship

A. The five rules/ milestones or the five questions that you need to seek answers for before getting into a committed relationship are- 
1. How long have you both dating each other- Ideally, it should have been a long time. You can’t promise yourself a healthy relationship with a person you have seen for a few weeks. 
2. The next important rule or milestone that I will discuss is whether you and your person see a future together- You are wasting your time if you don’t see a lot together. There’s no point in making your relationship official or getting into a relationship if this particular point is not check listed. 
3. Do you both trust each other- Trust forms the building block of any relationship in this world. To sum up, 
No trust = Doesn’t matter if you have been to 1000s of dates together 
4. Are you happy- Happiness is the most key thing in a human’s life. We all strive for it and seek it in every moment of our life. There’s no point in being with someone if that particular person doesn’t make you happy. 
Understand that being in a relationship means seeking happiness in that particular individual. He/she is around, or being with him/her should make you happy. 
5. Is there a thought in your mind that you want to see other people- If there is an inch of this feeling, he/she isn’t the one buddy. There is no need to know or see other people if you have found your soulmate- It’s that simple! 

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