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We have spent hours on testing these websites..

There are many dating sites out in the market doing business, while some of them are good most of them cheat. We are exposing another fake dating site here in this Review to make you aware.

While it seems evident that there are hundreds of fake dating websites, anyone using online dating should be careful. Before giving your money or credit card details, read the Terms and Conditions carefully.

 I know it feels boring to go through legal chit chat but trust me that’s where you find the truth. If you are not careful, there is little we can do for you.

Here is the review; it explains all the red flags you may (surely will) face. Like every time, we have followed a step by step process to reveal the fraud.

What is Review Registration Review is an adult dating website for those persons interested in sex dating. They promise to give the best quality local dating service but completely sucks. Here’s what we saw to understand the potential scam. Review Site is Not Attractive to Girls Review

Girls don’t chase guys; guys chase girls. Go wherever you want, the eternal truth is this. And while conducting review, I found the opposite. 

If you are opening a dating site, you need more women; even a kid knows that. But Review Site doesn’t care about girls. Neither do they have an attractive layout nor excellent service. Above all, they don’t even post ads to attract them.

Now question yourself, will you be fool enough to visit a desert when you are thirsty? I guess not.

Are You Even Going to Find A Date in Hornymatches?

While conducting the review, I did both side investigations. I checked for available surveys and tried them for real. And the fact is, there is no date. Review

People have mailed hundreds of girls and didn’t even get a single date. When I tried, I too couldn’t get any. It makes me question the authenticity of the profiles. 

The algorithm isn’t too complicated. If a site contains original profiles, there will be real dates. I will always avoid such places. 

Security in Hornymatches Review: Hide identity

Here is the most concerning fact about Hornymatches. You don’t have any safety assurance. All your data and personal information are at risk once you submit. 

Though offers a free seven day trial for you, they take your credit card information. Once they have your card details, you are in deep trouble. Because they can misuse or exploit you and your information.

I have gone through a heck of a lot of user reviews and contacted some of them personally. All I got was negative feedback. 

Review & Ratings

Customer Satisfaction


Overall, Did not impress us


Final Verdict

While conducting the review, I saw many accusations. Though none of them directly called them fraud, it’s not legit either. Their fragile safety procedures don’t guarantee anything. 

People go to dating sites for some fun times. And this a specifically a sex dating site that means zero commitment. But if you are not getting the service they offer, why would you go there?

That’s why I have decided not to pick the site as a recommendation. And I would very much like to inform you, people, to avoid it as well. Our target is to have fun together and help other people to have fun.

If you want sex dating, there are tons of other sites doing an honest business. They charge you with a certain amount, and you get dates in return. Here is a list of alternatives.

Alternative Sites for

AdultfriendfinderIt is the best site for sex dating you can ever find. The site has been in business for nearly twenty years and doesn’t give any trouble at all. 

InstabangAs they claim, they serve. You can sign up to them to have someone to bang instantly. You can avail same day date here. XXXConnect- This is another site that we have chosen from our reviews. They have a loyal customer base, and their service is top class.

Is it a totally BS site?

Unfortunately, it is. People never get any dates from this site; also, the security is vulnerable.

What’s the hard truth for this website?

The safety is pretty fragile here. Neither your data nor your personal information is safe here. They can use it for commercial purposes; even scammers can use them.

Does this really work?

No, it absolutely does not. We have written a detailed report on the site. Go ahead and read it to understand all the fishy things happening there.

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