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Our Top Recommendations

Design and Usability

The design and the user interference of this dating platform is very simple and even easy to understand for first time users. The usability of this website is designed keeping in mind the specific users this website targets. At every page and point of this dating website, your sexual needs are well-taken care of. Review: Live Model Chat

This adult dating platform provides two unique features which are not included in many other such dating websites present currently on the internet.  One is viewing explicit adult content of other users who are active on this platform and second only you can do video chats with super hot and horny models present on this website. review: Members and profiles 

If we talk about data traffic analysis on this dating website, then we get to know that users who viewed this website spend around 10 minutes and 54 seconds on this website. Moreover precisely 8.18 pages are viewed by these users. Do you know that getiton has its largest consumer base originating from the United States of America? review

Member Structure (Gender)

Now let’s talk about the member structure and statistics of dating profiles on Here is a good news for all my male friends who are looking to have some memorable and pleasurable sexual encounters with hot females on this platform. The gender ratio on is males: females = 7: 3. So, all my male friends – There is a great chance to have some super horny sexual encounters with hot females as the competition is way less as compared to other sites. 

Talking about the age distribution of user profiles on – This website has less young people as compared to other dating platforms. Around 17% of the total consumer base for people who are aged from 18 years to 24 years.  Moving to 25 years to 34 years, approximately 21 % of the consumer base falls into this dating site category. 26% of the people on this website are of the age between 35 years to 44 years old, and lastly one-fourth of the total users are between the age group of 45 years to 54 years. : Signing Up

Signing off on this website is a very quick process and only requires email registration for the same. Other details which are necessary to fill in the form of your marital status, your body type and your relationship status and other such details. 

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You can easily contact your preferred matches on this dating website. This dating website make sure that you only contact individuals with whom your sexual compatibility percentage or metre is the highest. This will ensure your that your money is not wasted on the wrong person and you get a healthy and long lasting sexual relationship from this platform, as it promises so. 

Is Getiton expensive or cheap?

This website is extremely affordable as compared to other dating platforms present on the internet right now. We will be discussing the membership fee charges that this websites take into account and then you will see how cheap this website is. 

Safety & Security

This dating platform is not a sham or scam for users who are looking to have some fun or longing for a true relationship, as the success rate of this particular website that goes by the name of getiton is around 89% – is 100% safe to use. review review: Pros – 

  • This site allows you to match with the person of your preference for casual dating or sexual encounters on the basis of your sexual compatibility. 
  • This dating website that goes by the name of fulfils its promise and your dream of having a super sexy and horny sexual encounter with sexy girls within a span of 90 days. 
  • This dating platform has a highly technical advanced filter and search option. review: Special Features – 

  • You can find other horny individuals on this website as this website features a comprehensive matching system that allows you to find your correct match on the basis of of your sexual compatibility and sexual preferences. This site also provides you with an opportunity to explore your sexual interests. 
  • The generous profile fields available on this dating website allow a particular user to completely  know other persons who are active and available on this platform.  You can know the complete sexual and asexual profile of an individual as the profile fields available on this web site includes lifestyle, physical, location and basic information of an individual along with their preferences are for their partners. 
  • If you have any other user profile on this website, then you can also see a compatibility percentage indicator that indicate that your sexual compatibility percentage as well as asexual compatibility percentage with that particular individual. 
  • The story isn’t over for you if you have got a match for casual dating or sexual encounters. You can filter the Other person’s profile using the detailed and broad search option provided by the website which can segregate people on the basis of the length of the hair, the colour of their hair, do they gamble or not, and many more search options. 
image source : unsplash review: Membership prices 

  • You need to pay no money for a one week free trial. 
  • 30 days – 18.95 dollars per month. 
  • 120 days – 9.95 dollars per month with approximately 47% savings. 
  • 540 days – 5.95 dollars per month with around 68% savings. 

Review & Ratings –

Customer Satisfaction


Overall Good Affordable Site With Unique Features.



Comment to the conclusion of review, I will tell you each and everything about this dating website. If you are an individual who is looking for a long lasting relationship or searching for your true soul made and a long-term serious relationship, then please do not join this website. is solely concentrated for people who are looking for quick sexual encounters and casual dating with no strings attached. 

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This website should be preferred as compared to other dating platforms available on the Internet because first of all it is cheap, it fulfils the promise to get you laid with super hot women in a short span of just 90 days, it has a good percentage of women as compared to other dating websites, and it values your money. In my opinion, you should join Getiton and have sex soon! review: FAQs 

  • Q. If I find someone interesting then how can I send a message on

    A. You can go to the profile of the person you are interested in and then click on the send message option and this will do the trick for you.

  • Q. If I don’t get sex from Getiton, then can I cancel my membership? If yes, how?

    A. Yes, it’s extremely easy as you just have to click on your account setting options and then select cancel my membership option.

  • Q. Does this dating platform provides premium subscription to its users who are looking for sex?

    A. Yes and the prices of such premium membership have been mentioned in the article above.

  • Q. What is this website that is doing the rounds with the name of Getiton?

    A. Getiton is a dating website that promises to get you laid with super hot women around you in a span of just 90 days. It works on the feature of testing your sexual compatibility with your preferred match.

  • Q. Does it fulfils its promise of getting you laid with women in a span of 3 months?

    A. Yes.

  • Q. Is this dating platform which promises free sex is safe and legitimate to use?

    A. Yes, Getiton is extremely safe and legitimate to use plus as you already know if you are an old reader of my website reviews that your safety and your personal information is in your own hands.

  • Q. Is joining free of cost?

    A. Yes, you can join this dating platform free of cost and you need not pay a single penny for it. This dating platform offers a free trial of 7 days for the same. However, to avail the free membership services you need to pay the affordable membership subscription fees.

  • Q. Owner?

    A. Various, Inc.

  • Q. Mobile App?

    A. No.

  • Q. Enhanced Chat messages?

    A. Free members can send messages using this feature.

  • Q. Is membership auto-renewed?

    A. Yes.

  • Q. Getiton listings?

    A. Database of all the active users segregated by several parameters.

  • Q. How can I I deactivate my profile on Getiton for a temporary period?

    A. Yes you can do it by going to your account settings and finding an option for the same.

  • Q. If I do not utilise all of my credits, can I get a refund for the same from Getiton?

    A. No, GetItOn does not provide a refund for the credits that you haven’t utilised.

  • Q. I want to delete my account from Getiton as I am unable to get sex from hot local women and it’s been a long time since I have joined and signup for this service – Please guide me through the steps

    A. Deleting your account permanently on GetItOn comes very handy and easy with a few simple steps – Go to your account settings and then click on change profile availability there you will find an option to permanently delete your profile.

Review & Ratings

Customer Satisfaction


Ok But Be Aware Of Fake Profiles.


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