Fuckbookhookup Review :13 Facts About The Website That Provides Effective Quick Sex

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Fuckbookhookup review – Fuckbookhookup! You guys have literally owned the comment section this time with the name of the dating site you want us to review. And as all of you know, your wish is our command! 

So, in another interesting, informative article of our review series: we present you with our Fuckbookhookup review

Fuckbookhookup Review: Contact Information 

This website is operated – 

In Singapore by Sinric Processing Pte Ltd.

Address – 531A Upper Cross St. #04-95 Hong Lim Complex Singapore 051531.

In Australia by Magnus Processing PTY Ltd. 

Fuckbookhookup review

Address – 85 Torquay Rd. QLD 4165 Redland Bay, Queensland, Australia. 

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In the European Union by Ventnor Enterprise Limited. 

Address –  Quatro House, Suite 117F Lyon Way Frimley Road Camberley Surrey GU16 7ER. 

In the United States of America by Various, Inc. 

Address –  1615 S. Congress Avenue, Suite 103, Delray Beach, Florida 33445. 

Contact Number – 

1800 954 607 (Australia toll-free)

0800 098 8311(United Kingdom toll-free)

888-575-8383 (United States of America toll free)

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Safety Of The Registered Users And Profiles 

FYI, we have reviewed hundreds of dating websites all this time. We have also characterized each website on the basis of its safety and security measures. After running all the checks on Fuckbookhookup, it is safe to say that this site is extremely safe when it comes to the safety and security of its users. 

Your account is verified by sending a verification email to the provided email address. You can also block annoying users from messaging you or sending further requests. 

Features Of Free And Premium Members 

Free Membership – 

  • View other user profiles. 
  • Unlimited search access for other users. 

Premium Membership – 

  • Read website blogs. 
  • Video call your matches/ partners. 
  • 0 advertisements. 
  • The instant messaging feature or instant messenger is only available to use for premium users. 
  • View online registered users. 
  • All free membership features included. 

Fuckbookhookup Review: Prices And Types Of Subscriptions

There are primarily 3 types of subscriptions offered by Fuckbookhookup. 

  • The 1st one is of 30 days for which you need to pay 29.99 US Dollars monthly. 
  • The 2nd one is of 90 days for which you will be charged 14.99 US dollars per month. Therefore, the total bill amounts to US $44.97. 
  • The 3rd one is the annual plan of US $107.88. Calculating the monthly charge will amount to US $8.99. 

Fuckbookhookup Review: Accessibility 

Majorly, this segment will be about the ways (website and app) you can access Fuckbookhookup. The main advantage of having more than a single option to access a dating website definitely helps increase its reach as well as interest in individuals. But more methods 🡪 more technical problems. 

Fuckbookhookup App

Unfortunately, Fuckbookhookup doesn’t have its app. 

Fuckbookhookup Website 

As Fuckbookhookup does not have an app, there was huge responsibility on the shoulders of the developers to create a world-class website which is easy-to-use and is loaded with intuitive features. And surely, the developers haven’t disappoint the customers. 

The website has been designed with the mind that even a person who has 0 technical knowledge or background, can access it easily. Therefore, the 1st timers can easily use this light design and fun website. 

Fuckbookhookup Review: Communication Methods 

Fuckbookhookup is equipped with every common and modern communication method to help find sex for an individual. From video calls to voice calls, and from text messaging to instant messaging system, this hookup site leaves no stone unturned in matching you (its customers) with your sex partner. 

Fuckbookhookup Review: Registration/ Signup/ Login Process 

Fuckbookhookup offers a very simple login/ signup/ registration process as compared to other websites. The administration know that people are using their website only for quick sex, and thus does not require more info. You only need your email address, password and a username that depicts your personality at the time of signup. 

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Further, you will be asked to choose your gender and the gender you are interested in having sex with. DOB and location are the other 2 required fields. 

How To Create Your Profile On Fuckbookhookup? 

2 steps are required after the completion of the registration process – 

  • Setting up your profile picture – It provides an authentication and separates genuine profiles from fake profiles. 
  • Verify your email address – Fuckbookhookup will send a verification email to the provided email address. It helps to enhance safety and security of the registered users. 

Member And Age Composition 

About Girls 

The Fuckbookhookup’s community has a total of around 78,000 girls profiles. Most of these girls are between the age of 18 years to 25 years. Here’s a very interesting stat for you – 90 per cent of the girls who are registered on this casual dating platform are beautiful (which is a very positive dating attribute). 

Another thing that will make you immensely happy is that the reply rate of these gorgeous girls and women is a whopping 94%. If you are an older man who has interests in dating and having wild sex on their bed with horny young girls, then Fuckbookhookup should be your 1st choice. We are saying this because 8% registered girls on this platform have agreed to date and have some crazy sex with older men. 

So, whenever you are looking to join an adult dating platform that promises to provide you with a partner for sex, then you should join the sites which have verified members. Verified members are the people/individuals whose thorough background checks have been performed and the results are satisfactory. The sad part here is that 99.9 per cent of the adult dating websites on the internet currently will fail in passing this tough test. 

Sexual Preferences

One of the best things that our team liked about Fuckbookhookup is its zero policy for sexual preferences barriers. Yes, this hookup site puts 0 restrictions on the sexual preferences of its registered users. Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual – All are welcome and given equal priority on this dating platform. 

The cherry on the cake – There are many LGBTQ registered users present on Fuckbookhookup. 

Fuckbookhookup review: User Experience 

Chloe, who is a female of only 21 years says that she finds it extremely easy to use all the features that are available on the website. 

On the other hand, Nathan who is a male of 24 years say that this is the best adult dating site on the Internet if you want to have quick sex with someone who fulfils all your desires, requirements, and specifications. 


  • In terms of safety and security, this adult hookup site can be immensely trusted. 
  • One of the major advantages of this website is that girls and women who are present on this website are super highly active. If you have used other dating websites in the past, then you must be aware of the fact that women and girls aren’t active much on these sites (as these sites claim). 
  • There are 0 registration charges for this platform. Yes, you can have quick sex for free using this website. 
  • A very smooth, simple, interactive and easy-to-use interface of this website. You won’t be facing any difficulties using this website, even if you are a 1st timer. 
  • FYI, this popular hookup site is termed and known as the ‘Facebook of Sex.’ Yes, this terminology is used with reference to this site as this website has the ability to show that many individuals can find quick sex and hookup using such platforms. 


  • One of the major disadvantages of Fuckbookhookup is that even in this digital world, this interactive dating website do not have an application of its own. This majorly affects its usability and accessibility as many people wish to access dating platforms via an app, due to its simplicity. 
  • The instant messenger function of this dating website is only available and restricted to use of premium users (users who have spent their money on buying memberships and subscriptions). 

Review & Ratings

Customer Satisfaction


That’s more good with premium membership.


Fuckbookhookup Review: Conclusion 

About ‘Fuckbookhookup’ website – 

The overall rating of ‘Fuckbookhookup’ website is an impressive 4.1 from TheDatingAdvise.Com. Registered users have reported fraud very rarely on this dating website. This hookup site also possesses a very impressive and high visit rate of 4.5. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Here’s the main question regarding Fuckbookhookup: Is this site really worth a shot? 

Yes, it is. 

Q.  How much are the dating rates on the adult dating website that goes around the internet with the name ‘Fuckbookhookup?’

1 month – $ 29.99
3 months – $ 44.97 (14.99 monthly)
One year – $ 107.88 (8.99 per month)

Q. Unfortunately, Fuckbookhookup didn’t provided me what I wished for. So, I would like to cancel my membership/ subscription of the same. Can you please provide me steps to do the same? 

You can contact their customer service support anytime from anywhere to do so. 

Q. What thing did you loved the most about Fuckbookhookup? 

The instant messenger feature + All sexual preferences options available. 

Q. I have got many notifications regarding my likes on Fuckbookhookup. These constantly remind me to pay for the membership, so that I can see who has liked me on this platform. My question to you: Is there any way possible for me to view the profiles of people who have liked me? 

Sorry, you cannot. You need to become a Gold Subscriber to do so. 

Q. I just came across this thing known as Fuckbookhookup Photo Verification. What is it? Also, I am constantly facing rejections to verify the same. Kindly provide the steps to do so. 

You need to pay for Confirm ID service to commit your photo verification. 

Q. Fuckbookhookup review: Is this casual dating platform a scam? 

No, it is not a scam. 

Q. How can I block someone who is constantly annoying and pissing me off or is a fake profile on Fuckbookhookup?

Let’s say you have received an annoying text from a person. Click on the lock button in the bottom of the text to block that person. 

Q. Can you please guide me through the steps to delete my Fuckbookhookup account? The reason being that this site is inefficient for me finding a partner for quick hookup or sex. 

Simple – Go to profile settings and click on ‘Delete my account’ and you are done! 

Q. If so many adult dating websites are a sham on the internet or the world wide web (WWW), then how do these so-called hookup sites are able to pull the wool over a person’s eyes? 

Do you know that there is enough info available on the world wide web (WWW) that states that these casual dating platforms share your personal details with 3rd parties? So, these dating platforms cannot be considered as reliable as they tend to claim. 

Q. Fuckbookhookup review: Is Fuckbookhookup a legit adult dating and causal dating site? 


Q. I need you to be honest with this one: Is it worth spending my hard-earned money on the adult dating website ‘Fuckbookhookup?’

Yes, it is definitely worth a shot. 

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