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Freehookups review – Hello and Welcome again to yet another super exclusive review of TheDatingAdvise.Com. Today, on the basis of popular vote, we will be reviewing the much-talked adult hookup website ‘Freehookups.com.’

Dating sites reviews are important from the perspective of saving your hard-earned money from scam websites. On the same note lies our today’s review. So, continue reading this interesting and informative piece to find out everything about ‘Freehookups.com.’ 

Freehookups review: Features of a paid subscription/ membership 

  • You can block fake profiles or members who are annoying you. 
  • The advantage of the mapping feature of this hookup site is that you can select your desired location where you want to have sex. 
  • In-built live cam sex. 
  • Invite your friends for a group sex session or something of that sort. 
freehookups review

Safety and security 

Yes, I know that you have heard for a millionth time that your safety is in your hands, but freehookups is different. This is one of the most secure hookup site at the moment which undergo thorough investigation of the user profiles’ details at the time of registration. It is overall ok ok about freehookups review. This helps in reducing the number of fake profiles on this app. 

Prices as well as features of subscriptions 

Do you know that if you apply for a subscription on this website then you can even on a discount to up to 50% of the total fee? 

If we specifically talk about both the subscriptions that is the three month subscription and the six month subscription, then the 3 month subscription attract a discount of total 37%. On the other hand, the 6 month subscription attract a discount of total 50%. 

If you wish to save your hard-earned money easily on freehookups, then the best subscription to subscribe is the 90 day subscription. It is worth 24.95 US dollars per 30 days + you also get a discount of total 37%. 

On the other hand, the 6 month subscription of free hookups can be regarded as the best value pack. It is due to its low fees of only 19.95 dollars per month + you are even eligible for a discount of total 50%. 

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What are ‘hookup assistants’ in essence of freehookups? 

Honestly, you are not going to like what you are going to hear. Hookup assistants on freehookups are fake profiles created by the system itself. Yes, they are created to lure you with sensual messages and act as a person behind doors. 

Freehookups review: Contact information 

Unfortunately, freehookups hasn’t provide any contact info. 

Gender and age ratio 

If we talk about the gender and age ratio on this dating service, then it is 70:30 for adult men: women. The reason can be attributed to men’s ultimate need of flirting and sex. 

Login and signup process

The login and signup process of freehookups is easy than other hookup sites. Users only need to enter your basic details at the time of registration. You can directly move to the payment segment if you wish to be a premium user. 

freehookups review

Profile quality 

Of all the horny men that we have talked about freehookups.com, here is a very interesting data set that we have accumulated. A whopping 87% of the woman on this platform interacted and had extremely wild sex with the males registered on this platform. 

We can safely say that all the woman whom we communicated within this online dating platform were a cent percentage human being. They were also looking to have some really wild fun with us. 


  • Extremely easy to use features, so even first-timers can easily get used to them. 
  • Freehookups is really a unique website on its own. It provides an easy and cheap way to get quick sex, unlike the natural way. This is because you do not have to pin down mature, horny women as both of you are clear and ready mentally, physically what both of you want: Wild, hot dripping sex. 
  • Apart from the easy to use features, this website will also send you regular notifications about how to use it. 
  • If you are a new guy/women on this website, then hearty congratulations as you will be given a 24-hour free access period to use it. 


  • If you haven’t paid for its premium services, then mind you – You will be getting only a handful of basic services for free. Nothing else! 
  • 0 Customer service support – Yes, they haven’t provide any contact info where you can contact in case you are facing an issue. 
  • Email messages from this group are automated. 
  • You have to pay monthly charges of US Dollar 39.95 after your free trail period of 24 hours goes expired. 

Review & Ratings

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Customer Satisfaction


That’s more good with premium membership.


Freehookups review: Conclusion

If you wish to find a girl that matches your sex preferences, and want to get quick sex; then go nowhere else than freehookups. This is a GENUINE SITE which will be definitely successful in providing you with ladies for getting laid. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Q. What is the true meaning of ‘free hookup website’ in essence of free hookups.com? 

Honestly, it’s a myth. There are going to serve you basic features with the word ‘free’. Nothing else lies beyond!

Q. Is freehookups is a legit dating website or is it a scam? 

If we look at the complete spectrum of the online dating world, then we can safely say that a response rate of more than 50% is extremely good. 
You will be amused to know the success or the closure rate of this HookUp website. Can you guess it? I don’t think so! It is a massive 92%! Yes, 92% of the people registered on this website ended up getting laid! 

Q. How do we have conducted our freehookups review? Also, how was the ratings of freehookups review provided? 

Here’s a little info about our website: we can proudly claim and confirm that the review of a dating website on our platform is a cent percent accurate and legitimate. 

Q. There is an alarming uncertainty among the dating world that hookup websites such as freehookups arrange and organize hookup more for men as compared to women. Is there any truth in these allegations against free hookups? 

As all of you might know that getting laid as a women in the natural way is pretty much easier than men in these times. So, not only freehookups but every other hookup site focuses more on men than women. 

Q. What do you suggest to users who are consistently worried about their data privacy on these platforms such as freehookups? How can they save their data from tampering? 

Seriously? Like really? If you are a regular visitor of our website, you should know that my golden mantra for safety and security is ‘Your security is in your hands.’ 

Q. Can you please tell us honestly that if there are any real and legit dating website in the dating world that really work? 

Yes. There are. For instance, freehookups really work if you are possessed with the right tactics to approach a woman to your bed. If not, follow us and we will teach you. 

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Q. How do you people select which dating website to review? If I want you to review a particular dating website, then can you do it for us? 

We would love to! Just mention your name with the dating website you want us to review. We will do the rest! 

Q. Is the paid membership or subscription of freehookups really worth my money?

Yes it is. Seeing the success rate of this hookup site, it is definitely worth a shot. 

Q. Can you suggest some alternatives to this dating website? 

Ya sure. Tinder, OkCupid, AdultFriendFinder are some of the best alternatives to freehookups.com. 

Q. Please let me know the steps to cancel my membership/ subscription of freehookups? 

Yes sure. Seems like you aren’t getting the sweet taste of freehookups. So to cancel your membership or subscription, you simply need to go to the settings tab in your profile and click on ‘Cancel my subscription.’ And you are done, my friend! 

Q. Is there any feature on this dating website so that we can search super horny males and females, who are looking for some really wild fun? 

Nothing as such. If you really want to search for such horny people on this website, then I would suggest you to take up the membership of this website, and then let this hookup site do its magic. 

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