Bumble and Tinder Dating Advice in pandemic

8 Awesome Bumble and Tinder Dating Advice in Pandemic that you need to follow

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Recently released Bumble and Tinder Dating Advice in Pandemic are all over the news.

The following stats strengthen the claims, have a look- 

  • According to App Annie, who monitor downloads, active users on Bumble rose by 8% during the 2nd week of March. 
  • OkCupid measured a whopping 700% increase in its users who went on a virtual date, since March.
  • Since the social distancing measures that began in mid-March, Hornet, the gay male community, has seen a 30% increase in its social media engagement. 

Such increased numbers excite us to have a look at the Bumble and Tinder Advice in Pandemic. 

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Dating Goes Virtual

bumble and tinder dating advice in pandemic
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The influence of technology on our sexual and romantic lives has been enormous. 

China’s coronavirus pandemic might have stopped people from connecting with their loved ones several years ago. But these modern days, most people are connecting virtually through social media and dating apps like Tinder, Match, Hinge, Bumble, and Instagram anyway. 

Stat supporting claim- 39% heterosexual couples met in the year 2017, while only 22% met in the year of 2009. Also, 60% of the same sex couples met online in 2017, according to Stanford’s School of Humanities and Science. 

Therefore,  it can be safely termed that we are in the middle of a dating digital revolution! 

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What are the unexpected dating advantages of COVID-19?

Bumble and Tinder Dating Advice in Pandemic

Dating Apps users are using coronavirus pandemic as a conversation starter, as there’s so much happening and people always have something to talk about the situation every day. 

  • You can quickly learn about a person that whether he/she is an optimist, or a pessimist, or what are their political views, or perspective towards certain situations through the passport feature of video calls, no matter if the person you are conversing with, is sitting in Brooklyn, San Francisco, New York or even California. 
  • You can even reach out to people you met on online dating sites months or years ago, to check how they are faring during the pandemic. 

Keep in touch through texts if you are living in different states, talk about the mundane things and your normal routine, and you may experience virtual dating like you never thought before! 

Advice- While on a video call, watching your favourite movie together on Netflix and Chill is a great idea if you are really into someone and want to connect with them at a more deeper level.

Here are the good things about online dating during Coronavirus

Bumble and Tinder Dating Advice in Pandemic

  • The pandemic can be a reason for you to get into a meaningful relationship because you will have enough time to know each other
  • The people are focussing on developing deeper connections rather than longing for just sex or physical intimacy 
  • You may embrace the ‘slow burn’ or the missing connection as during the outbreak, as per Blindlee, 22% of users used the dating apps for moral support 
Bumble and Tinder Dating Advice in Pandemic

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What are the new rules of Dating? 

  1. Do not make any assumptions about people. We all are living in a society with different people who have different perspectives and mind sets towards different things. Therefore, some people might be interested in a virtual date, while some might be not. 

Safety Tip- If you do not want to Zoom, FaceTime, video call, or text your match, do find out if they are interested in meeting person to person in the very starting of the conversation. 

Do you know? Some people might even ask for your negative test results before meeting up on a date or in person. Consider it pretty normal in these times! 

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Keep outdoors for a first-in-the-flesh date where the risk of novel coronavirus transmission is lower. The following are the top choices of the people amid coronavirus pandemic- 

  1. Walks
  2. Picnics
  3. Backyard Barbecues 
  1. Getting Laid? 

Do you know that ‘Asking before getting physical’ isn’t the main question, ‘When do you ask’ is! 

Couples who have been already engaged in numerous video chats believe that it’s essential to inquire before meeting up in real life. 

Some real world advice: 

  1. Discuss your private sex life with your roommates, especially if they are your parents. 
  2. Share your risks level, ask for the risks that other people would take up in getting closer. 

Transporting your video call date during lockdown to the real life

No need to panic! In this Bumble and Tinder Dating Advice in Pandemic , We will tell you everything. Just prepare for your real world the same way you did for your Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime date.

  • Pick a spot that can be enjoyed by both of you
  • Have questions ready just like your first virtual date

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Embrace the mask proudly

Mostly daters skips the hand sanitizers and masks, except if there are other people around. 

Bumble and Tinder Dating Advice in Pandemic

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Is there anything that you can do? If yes, what is it? If no, why? 

  • Tell your date beforehand to wear a mask and that you too intend to do that. 
  • If your date is resisting, either uses non-verbal communication or say something like ‘Protect me with your mask’. 

Advice – If you decide to mask up, as the health experts suggest, be ready to get some mixed signals, or no signals at all because each person relies on facial expressions when things are impeded, and with masks on, it’s relatively harder to gauge things! 

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All said and done, these were the Bumble and Tinder Dating Advice in Pandemic! 

Takeaway Stat- 7% of American Users mentioned ‘Coronavirus’ every day on Coffee Meets Bagel. 

Since you are leaving, here’s some good Bumble and Tinder Dating Advice in Pandemic news: The infection rate of the epicenter of the United States’ coronavirus crisis i.e. New York City has been less than 1%. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

How to get intimate during a video call date or virtual date? 

Complimenting your date and Flirting is an important part of virtual dating to establish intimacy. 

Can you get the same type of feeling over video call dating?

You may actually develop a stronger foundation from your months of video calling. 

Any secrets on how to arrange a video call date or virtual date? 

Set up a virtual effective date the same manner you’d put into an in-person one. 

How will the dating landscape be impacted by virtual dating at large?

Online Dating may actually expand dater’s available dating pool and their horizon. 

What makes a virtual date successful?

Mainly come prepared with things to discuss, so that there are no awkward pauses.

What are the common virtual dating mistakes?

Being locater in a crowded, noisy space
Having a bad Wi-Fi connection 

Does ‘virtual love’ work in real life?

‘Virtual Love’ might even work well than the in-person love as you get ample time in this social distancing era to know a person. 

How to online date in this coronavirus crisis? 

Date online in the Age of COVID-19 by simply following the Bumble and Tinder Dating Advice in Pandemic. 

How people are meeting up on dating sites and dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, Hinge during the COVID-19 era? 

Singles are meeting up on dating apps with the help of voice and video calls. According to Coffee Meet Bagel Survey, 9% of American Users have had video calls, as well as 17% of them, did voice calls with their matches, over the past few weeks. 

Why Won’t You Date Me?

If you don’t respect women, then I won’t date you. The reason is cut simple and clear as they make up for more than 85% of nurses, who are fighting this pandemic being on the frontline. 

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