review Review – A Trustworthy Dating Site Or Just Another Scam?

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Our Top Recommendations

Are you desperately looking for a partner? I know, yes you are. That’s why you somehow heard of this website called Review and then landed here on this Review to read about it. 

Well, if you’re a newbie into these adult online dating sites. Then congrats, you landed on the right spot. We all follow word of mouth. Probably some of your experienced friends might have told you about this dating site. 

Okay, that’s cool but it’s always good to check other references too. BookOfSex is currently holding a database of around 30 million worldwide users. It’s already exciting you right? But stick with me, till the end of this article.

Best Online Dating Apps Review- A Quick Overview

The first time you visit Review, you’ll find it way different from others. Unlike other adult dating sites, this website doesn’t give you features & options at the front page.

 It has a large image of a guy with her sex partner in the background.

When you scroll a bit down on the site, you see some text written which is an info panel of the dating site. But wait, no more features, options, are shown to you over there. 

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Instead, there is a highlighted form box where you need to fill up your gender & then hit on the see matches button.

What it does is that it’ll make you feel like there’s a desired sex partner waiting around your location for you. Although it shows how many users are there on their site.

 But you can’t trust this site at all. Now if you’re reading this review, I won’t recommend you browse this site at all. Review – Sign Up Process

I’ve already exposed that it is a scam. But still, as it is a review, we’ll go further about this site’s details. The first thing you need to do to signup on this site is to choose your desired partner gender and then hit see matches button.

You can choose whether you’re looking for a couple, group, trans, man, or a woman to hook up with. The box says here you’re going to sign up for a free membership but that’s not so true.

Once you hit that see your matches button, you’re taken to another page where two cute chicks are on a loop so that you don’t stop in between of the registration on Review Site.

The box shows up five dots which represents the number of actions you are going to make during the registration. The number one step is to choose your gender and then your desired sex partner’s gender you’re looking for.

At the next step, it takes you to enter your more info like Date of Birth, Country & City. Next, you’re asked to enter your E-mail, Username, and Password. Out of all these, the one very important is to write your Introduction Title and a little bio.

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Make sure you don’t write things like a nice guy on Review site. This is not an Insta bio, open up your crazy dirty ideas to attract cuties to your profile. 

Here I’m not just talking about Review. But for all the dating sites you use. Treat this as a tip, don’t miss it while creating your next dating site account. Review – Just another Scam?

Most of all these adult dating and partner finding sites are a complete scam. The BookOfSex is yet another very popular of them. Don’t worry, I’ll explain to you why. 

The very first thing I noticed when I opened this site was that its page title says, ‘undefined’. Review

How can a site’s owner be so lazy that they forgot to write their site name on top? If they had a real working team of people behind the site. 

They could never make this huge mistake. They show they have a huge database of users. If that’s true, they’ll need a pure hardworking team. 

If they had a team, then this big mistake isn’t possible. Yes, it is just another scam.

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When I entered the site to check out the profiles, most of them look completely fake.

90% of all these made profiles were looking fake and the rest were nothing more than paid actresses and sex models. 

In my personal experience, I’d say don’t fall for any of these attractive models on this site. They’ll rip your money of nothing more than that. Price & Features

book of sex snapshot membership fee changes from country to country. This leaves yet another clue that it is nothing more than a scam website. They don’t price it for their value. 

Also, they can’t because it doesn’t exist. But they price their membership fee according to the selected country.

This is just another site that uses horny people’s money to provide them a sex entertainment. I recommend you not to waste a single penny on this website. 

You can take a porn site membership instead, that may be a bit valuable than this.

Paid membership of offers you to do things like:

  • Search locally for your desired partner. (Will show you few chicks around you, but that’s not so true)
  • Hopes of getting your sex partner. (Complete scam, sometimes you may get your match within a few minutes after registration)
  • Chat with online members. (Although fake, but you can chat)

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Overall, Did not impress us



At last, all I would suggest is that research well before putting your money into these online dating sites. Even you very well know that most of these sites are fraud & you end up losing all your money and get nothing in return.

It takes sweat and your precious time to earn money so you must be careful while spending it on pleasurable things. 

There are a lot of trustable sites also where you can go to get your perfect needs. But is not the right choice. It was your great decision to read about it before heading directly to the 

Just like this review, I review plenty of other popular adult dating sites too. Make sure you check out other articles too. To stay updated, subscribe to our notifications.

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Is it a legit website?

No, not at all. is just another scam dating site that takes your money and gives nothing in return.

Is it a trustworthy website?

Everyone has their own opinion experiences. But after using this site, I’d say it’s not a trustworthy site and will recommend not to browse it ever.

Is it one of the best adult dating website?

Not questionable at all. This website is not a trustable site and not the best dating site.

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