Best Dating Apps For Relationships

15 Best Dating Apps For Relationships that will change your life forever

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With the unforeseen pandemic situation in our lives, the only hope for the lonely and horny (somewhat) singles out is the dating apps and websites! 

The Dating Industry has seen a super boom since the COVID-19 hit the world. 

So, here is the list that you all have been waiting for! We will be discussing the top and best 15 dating apps for different people with different needs. 

This list will help you segregate the dating apps and websites based on your preferences. Some of you might be looking for a long term and serious relationship partner, while others might want to spend some quality casual time having sex. So don’t worry as you are the right place – TheDatingAdvise.Com Portal! 

We are presenting to you the TheDatingAdvise.Com list of 15 Best Dating Apps for Relationships

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The couple – The Best App For Dating App For Relationships

best dating apps for relationships

Image Source: Unsplash 

The couple is an application that enables you to express your emotions with- 

  • Private images
  • Charming Stickers
  • Doodles
  • Sound
  • Video

All of the above can also vanish within a specific time frame that you set. It also allows you to FaceTime, make voice calls, or do trade writings. 

This is a beautiful dating app for couples in a long-distance relationship. It allows you to keep you and your partner on an ordinary time-table by issuing warnings on a standard trade plan or everyday schedule for a particular day. 

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Best dating apps for relationships of the year 2020

According to TheDatingAdvise.Com, the best dating apps for the year 2019 are- 

  1. Hinge
  2. Tinder
  3. Bumble
  4. The League 
  5. OkCupid
  6. Raya
  7. Her
  8. Chappy
  9. Coffee Meets Bagel 
  10. Happn

Best Partner Finding App – You&Me

It is a sharp-looking informing app with features like- 

  • Video Notices
  • Photograph Notices
  • Trading Content
  • Sharing Tunes
  • Photo booth feature – It allows you to shoot four windows simultaneously 
  • Halfsie Feature – With this innovative feature, you can shoot front back style images with you on top and your potential partner at the bottom 
  • Secret – You can easily send your Private Images quickly and safely with this feature

This app can also modify the interface when both of you are online, considering all the things.

Are you a ‘Regular’ Person? This is the best dating app for you-

best dating apps for relationships

As quoted by one iTunes reviewer, Suite is 

‘A more classy Tinder.’

The app uses information from your Facebook to find individuals with similar interests, and you can showcase your best attributes by customizing your Suitr’s profile. 

Target Audience – Single professionals like you who are looking for a serious commitment. 

Picky People? Here is the best dating app for relationships- 

The League is a dating application for individuals who don’t like to fool around with other people. The app takes itself very seriously and ensures that its consumer base reaches the set standards pretty quickly. 

You can also link your social media accounts such as Facebook and LinkedIn to meet working professionals with the same set of interests and ambitions just like you. 

Unique Feature – You can meet potential matches every day on this app at 5 PM. Yep, that’s the happy hour time for this exclusive dating app! 

best dating apps for relationships

Image Source: Unsplash

15 Best Dating Apps for Couples

You really won’t believe that there are a Couple of Apps for iPhone Users- 

  1. Foodie 
  2. Sesame
  3. Fix A Fight

Best Apps for Partners who use Android Smartphones as well- 

  1. Perthshire
  2. Venmo
  3. Honeydue

Best Dating and Scheduling Apps for Couples- 

  1. Complete
  2. Raft
  3. Simply Us

Best Apps for Couples who love to capture the moment- 

  1. Between
  2. Postagram
  3. The Couple

Best Fun Apps for Couples- 

  1. Lok Lok
  2. Bliss
  3. Icebreaker 

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15 Best Dating Apps for Relationships and Dating Sites

  1. – Best Overall Dating Website 

This dating app has the most loyal and like-minded consumer back. 

Another benefit – 

  • Men outnumber women only by a small number.
  • You will find many intellectual and intelligent potential partners on this app as more than 80% of its users read ‘The Guardian.’ 
  1. EliteSingles – Best Dating App for Professionals in the age group of 30 – 40
  2. The League – Best dating website for people who are too choosy and selective for their love life 
  3. Happn – Best Dating Website for missed connections 
  4. Suitr – Best Dating Application for regular kind of people
  5. Zoosk – Best Dating Application for getting real insights 
  6. HER – Best Dating Website for LGBTQ Individuals 
  7. eHarmony – Best Dating Website for old age singles 
  8. Bumble – This Dating App received the most likes from its consumer base
  9. Coffee Meets Bagel – Best Google reviewed Dating Website for singles
  10. Hinge – Most user-friendly Dating Website 

More than 80% of the users of this dating platform were college graduates. 

  1. BeLinked – Best Dating App for super busy professionals
  2. Bounce – Best Dating App for people who want to make super-quick connections 
  3. Clover – Best Dating Application for knowing what you are getting into

Clover, one of the best dating apps, has around a whopping 6 million users. It can be termed as a dating app for finding potential matches for youngsters, as 85% of its users are 18. 

  1. OkCupid – Best all-encompassing Dating Site

Couples use this Application for sharing their Location – Pathshare 

It is essential for the other individual’s safety, whether he/she is residing in the same city or not. 

Notable Features of this app- 

  • Allows you to share your location either with a particular individual or a group of people
  • The two things needed to access one’s site is a working Internet connection and GPS

The location can be used either when a particular partner is in a potentially dangerous situation or is out late at night. 

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15 Best Dating Apps in 2020

  1. Tinder
  2. OkCupid 
  3. Coffee Meets Bagel
  4. Bumble
  5. Chappy
  6. Jack’d
  7. Hinge
  8. Badoo
  9. Grindr
  10. eHarmony
  11. EliteSingles 
  12. Her
  13. The League
  14. Zoe
  15. Happn

If you want to get real insights, use this dating website/app-  

Zoosk can be termed as ‘The safest app in the dating universe.’ 

Zoosk’s algorithm works to find you the image verification process that prevents the best potential partner and catfishing. Additionally, you are also provided with Dating Insights about you and the people who might be interested in knowing you. 

Sad News – You can browse as many profiles as you want for free, but to message someone on Zoosk – Money required. 

best dating apps for relationships

Image Source: Unsplash


All said and done, those mentioned above are the 15 best dating apps for relationships! Therefore, no need now to pay a visit to any other sites to look for your preferred dating app/ dating website. These sites and apps will cater and take care of your every need, from a search of casual sex to a longing for a serious relationship! 

Do you know? 

47% of women and 52% of men are interested in becoming exclusive with their serious relationship partner on the 15 best dating apps for relationships. 

These questions are frequently asked regarding this topic- 

Can you please enlist the 15 best dating apps for relationships for singles like me? 

Coffee Meets Bagel
Quiz Date Live
Plenty of Fish

Which Are 15 best dating apps for relationships going to get me a date?

Indeed, and without a doubt! 
Not even these 15 best dating apps for relationships, but even social network and other Android apps can land you a date using lines such as ‘Oh! This app shows that we are 93% compatible’ to impress your crush. 

How easy are you to use the 15 best dating apps for relationships? 

Extremely easy and handy. You need to sign up by following up on the instructions on the screen, fill up your necessary information and details with good photographs of yourself, and you are done!

Is it ever OK to come in a long term relationship with your friend’s ex?

Depends on your equation with your friend. Ask yourself- 

How close/intimate is your relationship with your friend? 
Does coming into a long term relationship or dating your friend’s ex would change the equation between you and your friend. If yes, how and to what level? 
Is your new relationship/dating experience with your friend’s ex worth all the trouble? 

Can you please tell me that which is the app that I should use if I am looking for serious or long term relationships?

If you are looking to meet someone for a serious relationship, then Coffee Meets Bagel might be the answer for you. Coffee Meets Bagel’s matching algorithm curates matches particularly for you every day at noon.

You can even add icebreakers to initiate meaningful conversations with your match to understand and know him/her well. Authenticity is the key to this dating platform, and no need to scratch your head for hours searching for the perfect image as the profiles are well in-depth. 

Can you please share the list for the top 10 dating apps for couples for me? 

Best Calendar App for Couples – Raft
Best Sex Life App for Couples – Kindu
Best love languages App for Couples – Love Nudge
Best Location App for Couples – PathShare
Best Budget App for Couples – Honeydue
Best cash transfer app for Couples – Venmo
Best ‘Do It Yourself’ App for Couples – Mysteryvive
Best relationship counseling app for Couples – Lasting
Best Memories App for Couples – Between
Best Relationship Game App for Couples – Couple Game

Are All 15 best dating apps for relationships  True?

Short Answer – Mostly, but not all. 
Long Answer – Most of the dating sites and apps are true and deliver what they promise. However, this cannot be generalized and doesn’t hold for all set of dating platforms. 
Caution – There are also dating apps that are scam and just want to screw you for money. 

Is the dating app Tinder is just used for hookups?

Yes and No. 
Hookups on Tinder are relatively standard, but the statement that ‘Tinder is a Hookup Site’ is overstated. Tinder users are generally looking for relationships rather than just casual sex. 
Secret – Sex and Dating are not the only reasons people are using dating apps such as Tinder. 

Why Should You Trust 15 best dating apps for relationships?

First of all, these dating applications only demand money when you want to unleash their premium features. Until then, everything is free. 
Secondly, millions of real people are using and swiping through these apps to find potential matches like you. 
A bit piece of advice – Always retrospect everything before investing money in a dating app. 

What percentage of college students use 15 best dating apps for relationships? 

To enhance their love life and find friends in real life, more than 53% of college students use Tinder and other dating platforms such as eHarmony, OkCupid,, Happn, Zoosk, Minder, and The League. 
Note – The survey was conducted on 200 college-going students.

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