Review – Is It a totally Fake and Scam Dating Site?

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These days, it is very common to go online and search for some dating websites that offer lucrative deals to bang girls. If you are one of them, then you might have heard of the site It’s a dating site that lets guys/gals get laid in their locality. Sounds fun, right? Well, I don’t think so, because this website does many shady things that you wouldn’t like very much. If you want some reviews, here is a comprehensive report that’ll possibly answer all your queries.

Why is a Scam?

More than one customer claims it to be a fake dating site, and most of them didn’t hesitate to mark it as a scam. I conducted some research and gave it a try; here is what I found. Contains Fake Accounts

Yes, it’s true. contains tons of fake accounts to prove its legitimacy. If you are a regular dating site user, then don’t wonder. You’ll see the same accounts with the same details from other dating sites.

 You might think what’s the big deal; maybe the same person is on Banglocals too. Well, it is possible. But you’ll see these types of profiles too often. Then you are gonna find something fishy about it. It’s an old technique, and now most people are aware of it.

Many people have claimed that “it is anything but a dating site.” They don’t allow you to see the members’ area unless you sign up for their package. It is not something a dating site would do.

Irrelevant Contents in


If you are on a dating site, then your intention is clear, you want to bang some people. But in Banglocals, getting laid is not the first option. You’ll hit irrelevant advertisements time and again. 

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These might include some banners or posters of an event. Even you can get some pop-up pics or videos as well.

This type of incident not only ruins the user experience but also wastes time.

Privacy concerns in

Now, this should be your primary concern when you are on a dating website. People share their personal details, credit card details, and much other sensitive information. But seems to not care about anything as far as privacy is concerned. 

As per some reports, they literally sell your information, and they end up circulating in an endless cycle. So, it would help if you think twice before signing up with all your data. Also, your messages are not safe, either.

What is the general way of texting in dating sites? Two people start chatting after sometimes they begin having some intimate conversations; they share sensitive pictures. But they are not safe at all as those are open to the developers and sometimes even in the public.

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Money Scam in site review

After the concern of privacy, money is the next thing to worry about. Why? Let me explain it briefly. 

Unlike other dating sites, you can’t sign up without your credit card details. Though claims not to charge a penny, that’s not true. First, you have to sign up with your credit card details.

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Once the trial period ends, it starts charging $39.95 monthly. Over that, they charge you for three porn sites, as you are a member of those sites. But you didn’t sign up for them, right? Well, the terms and conditions section includes this clause, which we simply don’t read. 

They’ll charge $49.95 for, $29.95 for Bangallday, and $39.95 for uses this underhand trick without notifying its users. They charge your credit card from, if your card history shows the name, it’s from Banglocals.

Reviews & Ratings

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Final Verdict

After reviewing Banglocals.Com reviews and some personal experience, I am pretty much sure that the best solution is to avoid it. If your purpose is to get laid, isn’t doing it. I don’t think that you’ll be comfortable in a site that is robbing you without your consent (who takes consent to rob!). With all that, they are also compromising your privacy, sensitive details. In return, you get nothing, because some people reported that they bluff and no one really gets a real girl. That is why, in my opinion, there are tons of better options for you, who sincerely keep their promises. 

Alternative of Banglocals.Com 

Here are some alternative sites, where you’ll find real opportunities to bang someone. 

Adult Friend Finder

This site is reportedly reliable for users. The specialty of Xmatch is, they ask 100 preference-based questions to figure out your perfect partner and optimize you accordingly. 

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No Strings Attached

This site dares to guarantee you sex within three months, or they are ready to give you three months of free service. With live model chats and a distance calculator, I guess you’ll like it.

Get It On

This site is another possible alternative to It gives a predicted chemistry match with you and the one you choose, so it’s easier to select.


  1. How to unsubscribe Banglocals?

 To unsubscribe or deactivate your account go to There you’ll find the “Click here to unsubscribe” or something related to that. Click on that, the site will redirect you to a page, enter your mail-id there. You’ve unsubscribed.

  1. reviews, is it a scam?

As per customer reviews, the site is a scam website. They behave with Banglocals, charging extra money. Some customers claimed it to be a site with bot members. But, there are some positive reviews as well; they got real women and real sex.

  1. Is a fake website? 

Yes, it is a fake website. Read the whole article to know more.

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