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Asian Dating has become incredibly famous as this segment of the population thrives and booms. Comprising about 60% of the world’s world’s population, over 4.3 billion women and men live in Asia, and Asian Americans comprise about 5.6% of the United States Population. 

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It’s both intimidating and exciting if you are looking for an Asian date as that’s a lot of people! Therefore, Asian Dating Websites are the answer to your dating need. 

Whether you are attracted to the Asian culture in general, or you are an Asian single, here there’s everything that you need to know about Asian Dating. 

Asian Dating

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Which are the free Asian Dating Sites/ Asian Dating Apps? 

Make moves on the go with these free Asian Dating Websites- 

Match – With over 13.5 visitors per month, more than 20 decades old Asian Dating is 100% free and can help search for compatible singles. 

URL – 

EastMeetEast is the number 1 free dating website in North America that caters to the Asian people. 

URL – 

Other Asian dating sites/ Asian Dating apps are: 

  • EliteSingles
  • TrulyAsian
  • Blossoms
  • Zoosk
  • AsianDate
  • AsianD8
  • FindLoveAsia
  • Heyyy
  • clover
  • AsiaFriendFinder
  • ThaiJoop

Before joining, always read the Privacy Policy of such online dating websites, and intelligently choose the dating site that offers features such as online personal ads. 

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Successful Asian Online Dating with EliteSingles

Asian Dating

EliteSingles makes it easy to connect and find like-minded Asian American singles, South Asian Singles, single women looking for potential partners. They find compatible singles in your geographical area and ensure that you find your special someone or true love. Also, to connect with compatible Asian singles, this dating site combines a thorough user profile with your personal search preferences. 

An experience at a Subtle Asian dating Event 

Asian Dating is the experience of Kelvin Qian at a Subtle Asian Dating Event. Subtle Asian Dating (SAD) was created for Asians by Asians to find dates for those you don’t know. 

How does it work? 

People post bios of themselves or their friends’friends’ user profiles on Facebook to ”auction” them off on the page, while others’ others’ shoot their shot” by asking them out through messages. 


How was his experience? 

Initially, he was very nervous about the meetup, and questions which surrounded him were

  • Will it be super disorganized?
  • How many people will show up?
  • Will the event even happen?

They decided to meet up at New York City’sCity’s Washington Square, and soon 40 – 50 members showed up, and Kelvin hung out with them drinking bubble tea. They quickly fell into disarrays as they split up, looking for places to eat. 

Problem about SAD 

Asian Dating

Going on, SAD Events can potentially hinder and damage your self-esteem as you meet and see people who are successful and beautiful than you will ever be. Also, potential partners have standards for beauty and height that you could never meet. 

Bottom line – Mr. Qian didn’t found a date. 

Fall Date Ideas

Purpose of SAD

  • Being Asian American, or Asian Australian, or Asian Canadian means – To have an identity defined by love and sex, and it’s not always in a good sense
  • Being an Asian man means – Feeling unlovable, emasculated, and incapable of finding love
  • Being an Asian woman means – To be fetishized, seen as nothing more than a submissive or docile object whose only purpose is to satisfy someone else’s pleasure 

The above definitions apply doesn’t matter if you are a Chinese, Korean, or if you are in Japan or Honolulu. 

Therefore,SAD’s real purpose was to find a community for Asians. 

Stats Time- According to an informal public poll, Subtle Asian Dating (SAD) had more than 310000 members, primarily from Australia, Canada, and the United States. 

Final Thoughts

It was all right as he ate good food, met new people, and even showed off his dance skills in a karaoke booth. He did find a friendship that night and felt comfortable sharing his personal stories and experiences, discussing everything from love, sex, school life, career aspirations, and how they have come to understand their identities as Asian Americans! 


So, here there’s everything that you need to know about Asian Dating. Any questions or concerns regarding Asian Dating are welcome in the comments. 

Do you know that marriages that began online were less likely to end in divorce and were more satisfying, according to a 2013 Study by Chicago and Harvard Universities? 

Start today by joining our Asian Dating Community! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is ”East Meet East’East’ better as compared to other Asian dating sites?

Unique Community 
They know what matters to Asian Dating
Customized Matches are delivered to your inbox every week

Is ”No Dating Asian policy” racist?

Yes, ”No Dating Asian Policy” is racist. It’s high time now that we open up discussions around systemic racism and unconscious bias, particularly Asian people. 

What Makes eHarmony Different?

eHarmony is different from other traditional online dating methods. It matches you based on compatibility because of all the Asian singles you meet online by browsing photos and profiles, very few of them are compatible with you.
Determining compatibility is a task that could take years as it involves the process of knowing each other. Therefore, at eHarmony, you get to know your potential match/ perfect match quickly.  

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