Review- A Scam People Should Be Beware Of

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Going on online dating sites and finding a one-night date has never been easier. The old-school style of hooking up in a bar and making the way home in your car is not necessary today. As a result dating sites are opening up like porn sites, thousands every day.

But the sad part of the story is that not all of them are legit, some of them try to rob you blatantly. One must be careful of those kinds of sites. Here we are going to review a similar dating website, review, to know if that is the right choice or not. Review

In this review, we are covering the basic aspects of a dating site i.e., UX, popularity, price, legitimacy, etc.

What does Offer? Review is an online dating platform that means its main product is to sell you dates. What they offer is pretty simple; they have plenty of hot people on-board ready to hookup. If you sign up for their program, they will give you what you need. Review

As a dating platform, they provide different services to have a comfortable dating experience (as they claim). That is basically it, nothing more they didn’t try to make things better. However, they’ll say that they optimized the site as per your location and that you’ll get girls/guys from your locality. How true is that, to know I did a little digging. See what I found next. Review 2020

Signs of Scam in Adulthookup Review 2023

There were plenty of signs I noticed while conducting the review, to call it a scam successfully. I’ll go one by one from the beginning.

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Sign Up Procedure in Adulthookup

Once you are on the site, you’ll see the registration button. You click it and fill up the necessary info with an Email address. Now they’ll send you a verification, and after you confirm the request, the site will redirect you to the payment page. That means you won’t be able to use the site for a second without paying an amount.

Many highly-reputed dating sites are either free or charges after letting you use their primary program. But here, Review site is directly trying to sell you without showing their service. What kind of company does that!

It clearly seems to be a shady sight, just like thousands of others. 

Payment process in Review 2023 Review

To be honest, I found the payment process to be pretty weird. Why? Because either you sign up for one month and pay $24.95 or you directly pay for 12 months and pay $8.33 per month. It’s the case for Silver membership for gold; you’ll have to pay $34.95 for a single month or $6.67 per month for 18 months.

Who the hell does that? An 18-month subscription! That’s robbing! Many dating sites offer three months guarantee to have a date, or they will give another three months for free. It means even dating sites know that generally, a person needs two to three months to get a girl/guy. In this case, either you sign up for one month or straight twelve or eighteen. It seems more like an order than an option.

Over that, they will take your credit card details to charge you automatically. Many users have claimed that review charged them illegally. As you agreed to their terms and conditions, they can charge you for anything. If this is not a scam, then I don’t know what it is!

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Fake Accounts in Adulthookup

Isn’t it overwhelming to get instant messages from hot girls in a dating site? Yes, it, of course, is, because girls generally don’t do these things. To be more straightforward, they hardly even reply to your messages. Then how come this happens when you sign up for

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The answer is in their Terms and Conditions. They have some “online emissaries” appointed or set up to enhance your “online experience.” It simply means either a hired employee is messaging you or, worse, an auto-generated bot. I don’t know how it enhances your experience when you are trying to get a bot in your bed (let me know). 

Porn Advertisement in Adulthookup

Do you need to see naked models on a dating site? You could have just gone to a porn site for that. There is no point in having banners advertising porn or webcams on a dating site. It is another sign of scam I saw while researching for the review. 

Privacy in Adulthookup

The last thing you’ll want to see is a banner showing your personal picture as an advertisement for a dating site. Well, that’s pretty much what review site does. They claim 100% copyright of all your images to show, advertise, or sell in any part of the world. It’s written in their T&C, go and read it. 

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Final Verdict

Given all the facts I have reviewed in this Review, there is no way to say a positive word about the site. Review Site is a scam as far as my research shows. Some people have lost their money, either by signing up or by illegal charging. So, I can’t recommend going for this at all. Instead, go for verified dating sites, assuring you to get a positive result for your money. Here is a list of all the reputed sites you can go for. 

Alternative Sites for AdultHookup

There are many things you can do on a dating site, but the scam is not one of them. In these following sites, you’ll feel comfortable with making your choices.


If you are searching for a long-term relationship, this site offers you that. It uses 35 years of research in relationship psychology in their program to make it one of the best for matchmaking.

This popular dating website is known for its customer satisfaction. You can find all sorts of people here with different goals and desires for relationships. They have a subsystem that gives space to those people who are more into traditional community dating.


This site is primarily serving the busy people who don’t have enough time to go for dates. People from the corporate world love the site as it does most of the work for them. Lovestruck suggests dates in your preferred place, maybe home or office.

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It mainly offers short-term sexual relationships to people. It’s a good place for those who are not looking for a serious relationship and want to hang up with newly met partners.


How Secure Is Adulthookup? Review Site is not secure at all. The photos, videos and texts that you uploaded or sent in private messages are not safe at all. They claim 100% copyrights to all kind resources. So, you have no rights over your contents, the moment you upload them.

How To Cancel Adulthookup membership?

They don’t have any direct options to deactivate your account. But what you can do is contact the customer support and tell them about your concern. Hopefully they’ll process your request eventually.

Is Adulthookup Legit?

No, it’s not legit. Adulthookup is a site that claims to be a sex dating site but their service is very much like a scam. Most of the accounts are fake in Adulthookup so there is no way you can find a real date.

What are the best Sex dating site?

Most of the sex dating sites are not legit, but some are. For serious sex dating, you can go to Adultfriendfinder or Instabang. These two sites are 100% legit, you can find multiple dates here in a short span of time.

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