Review- Why Is It The Best Adult Dating Site

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The types of relationships have changed over the years. People finding a genuine lifelong relationship is as rare as finding that beer bottle you gave your friend to hold while you pee. With the fast-changing world, the style of dating has also changed. Be it a classic long term relationship or a one night stand; dating sites are the options. 

Adultfriendfinder, our today’s topic, is a similar dating website. It provides users with a smooth short-term sexual dating experience. A popular dating site, home to daily 25 million people. They are always finding someone to spend the night.

It is a matter of curiosity because managing this many people and satisfying their needs are not so easy. Also, you don’t even need to spend a buck if you don’t want to; like other sites, they don’t ask you to be a gold member. People commit to a membership out of their urge. Here is a complete review that’ll answer all your questions.

What is Adultfriendfinder

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Adultfriendfinder is an online dating site. It focuses on people who are searching for sexual interaction. In simple words, if you want frequent sex with a random person without any serious relationship, AFF is the place for you to be. The site has a massive number of members who are always active and available anytime. 

Most members are from the USA, about 54%, and the rest are from the UK and Canada. Though adultfinder never discloses the men to women ratio, it is pretty high for everyone to get a piece of the cake. You will discover various types of people with different ethnicities and sexual orientations. Yet, this place is for straight people; people from the LGBTQ community can find a hard time getting a date. Review

As the site is very much about sex, you’ll find all the related items. You can find people to have a threesome, BDSM, and other unconventional sexual methods. Don’t come here with the urge to make a love story; instead, you can make some memorable fuck stories for sure. Now, if your poetic eyes trap someone forever, that’s not my fault but usually don’t expect people from Review Site to look at your eyes.

Some certain uniquenesses make FriendFinder more popular than other sites. We have explained the whole process step by step in this review. Stick to the end of the article to find out if this is for you or not. All the best! 

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How Does Adultfriendfinder Work

The dating site’s working process is not complicated at all, from registering to finding the perfect partner, it’s smooth as butter. 

Registration in Review Explained

The registration literally takes two minutes. First, when you land on the homepage, there will be some basic questions. The questions are like basic username password, mail id, and sexual orientation. You can add anything in the sexual orientation category; there are options like man, woman, group, couple, male couple, female couple. Select one from them and add sexual orientation. The options are straight, homo, bi, monogamy, polygamy. You’ll find every type of sexual orientation existing in the world.

So, they’ll take the necessary information from you to customize your feed with suitable options. In your turn to select what you’ll prefer you don’t have to be limited to only one group, you can add as many types of sexual orientations as you like.

Once your registration process finishes, you’ll log into the site and use it as you want. For the rest of your days in the site, you’ll have to log in using your email password or username password. You can select any username you prefer, make sure you don’t use awkward names because people will have their first impression based on that. 

Members’ Area in Review Guide

The members of review have a lot of things to do. They can have all sorts of interacting processes to talk to each other or connect. There are direct ways like sending messages, videos, and even mails to reach the one you really like. The site also works for you, as you have already selected your website’s preferences. The automated program searches the best match for you from the pile of millions of users.

There are also passive ways of going to someone’s profile. You can get involved in the inside activities, sending winks, and other stuff. The site is highly interactive and 100% legit, so the more you express yourself, the more opportunities will be open to you. You can post pictures, write blog posts, and do other fun activities, such as watching a live stream covering the new member’s update. 

If you like someone like their post, comment on it, or even you can send some points to impress him/her. The more you are active in someone’s account, the opportunity to crack the deal gets higher. There are options to personalize your feeds. As we see in other sites, you can edit your preference by selecting Hottest, Latest Trends, Newly Added, and so on. Also, it contains a location-based server to suggest people from a particular area.

Justifying the name review site is very much adult too. You can find adult chatrooms, games like hot or not, and various other activities to participate. They run their own sexual academy where you can take courses, and they also have a certification program.

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How to Find Your Date in Review 2020

The real advantage of adultfinderfriend is that people are like-minded here. So, there is no place left for misunderstanding. As everyone comes for sex here, the moment you log in, you’ll see tons of suggestions, but mostly they are vague, and you are never going to have a chat with them. You need to personalize your account thoroughly at every section to find the pure gold. 

Your suggested list will decrease once your preferences are well-described. But your chances of actually hooking up will double. Once you spot some people who you seem to find attractive, take time, and try to start a conversation. As I said earlier, build your account carefully so that people won’t think it as a scam. Once the convo begins, be straightforward and talk about your intention. You are not on Tinder, don’t worry!

Gold Membership in Review Site

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Unlike other dating sites Review is almost free to use. Yet there are some options that you need to have a gold membership before you can use them. Boosting your online dating experience is the primary task of these options. 

There are two ways to have a gold membership; either you pay for it, or you earn it through points. review offers points through regular activities. For example, uploading a certain amount of photos, videos, and blog posts. The requirements are as follows,

  • Upload five photos
  • Upload five videos
  • Answer all the questions
  • Write ten blog posts
  • Comment on ten blog posts
  • Write 10 group posts

The process goes on like this, and for each activity, you will receive certain rewards in points. When these points total as 4000, you can buy your Gold Membership.

There are certain perks of being a gold member. A free member can’t use the messaging option unlimitedly, but in gold, there is nothing like a barrier. Your name will show up higher in the list, and all the VIP treatments from the website will be available to you. So, if you are genuinely enjoying review site, give it a chance, commit financially.

The price range is pretty much affordable for anyone. You’ll have to pay $39.95 for a month; the three-month package charges $26.95 per month, and the 12-month package is $20 a month. You don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to become a member if you think the site satisfies you, there is no harm in paying.

Who Can Find It Helpful

It might sound bad, but it’s the truth; if you are less horny and more hungry for sex, then come to Review. People have some strange set of traditions to follow, like getting to know each other better, having irrelevant chats for hours, and setting up a tea date… it’s too much. Just find a room, get naked, bang each other, and goodbye! If you believe in this theory, please visit the Review.

People come to AdultFriendFinder with a different mindset. They are not showing any cultural etiquette or being non-sensibly gentle. They will praise you like who you are, and you can be who you are. If you hate table manners then eat with your hand, no one is going to judge you. Also, this has the dark side; if the acceptance is so sweet, rejection will be equally harsh. 

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Don’t be shy or introverted here, or even if you are, then admit it. Users of Review site prefer people who are expressive about their views, opinions, and life. It might feel a little uncomfortable at first, but with time, you’ll develop the habit. 

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Who Should Stay Away from Adultfriendfinder

Do you believe roses are red, and relationships should be long-lasting? Then I am sorry, this is not for you. If you believe in the gentleness of incidents and can’t stand ridiculous behaviors from people, then you’ll have a bad experience here. Every morning you open the site, a ton of dick and boobs will welcome you. So better you stay away.

The explicitness of emotion is what you get in Review Many people aren’t comfortable in such a genre of relationship. It’s not anyone’s fault, just the way human emotion works. If you are that kind of person, who wants to go slow, make friends and explore the other aspects of a relationship, go to sites like Tinder or Bumble. Those are the places where you’ll find such relationships.

As it is an adult site, there are plenty of adult contents floating around. That’s another warning for you if you aren’t comfortable with such content. Review Final Verdict Review Site is the most famous adult dating site, and there is a reason for that. Everybody logs into the site with only one mindset, and that is to get sex. Most of the dating sites make the mistake of making their website multipurpose, but that’s not how things these days work. Everybody has their clan, it’s more like a tribal fashion, same kinds of people in the same group.

As a result, the users are happy because they are getting what they are coming from. There are no misconceptions with each other, no hesitation or awkward moments, no limitation on being physical. These are the traits that have kept Review at the top.

On the other hand, the company knows the customers and how to make them happy. Because of the limited area to cover, they offer the best service always. Whether it be some brand new update of the site or an email in customer service, their prompt actions have held the flag high.

In my opinion, sites like Review are not only rare but ideal dating sites. No underhand techniques, no unfulfilled promises, not beyond capacity service. Review is a role model for all types of dating sites.


Final Rating for

Easy to use
Time Worthy
Customer Satisfaction
Dating Guarantee


Best website to try.



Adultfriendfinder app review

The Review app is a free-to-use dating app with all the services included. You can log into your account from the app to use it. Almost all the features work in the mobile version, so that won’t be a problem. You’ll get the app in both the App Store and Apple Store.

Adultfriendfinder app android

Adultfriendfinder android app is an easy-to-use dating app with all the features of the original site. In the android version, you can watch live streams, chat, video calls, and all the other features. The android app is sometimes unavailable in Google Playstore, but you’ll get it from the App Store or App market.

Adultfriendfinder alternative

Adultfriendfinder is one of the best adult dating sites you’ll ever find. There are not many alternatives for the website available because of its quality. However, you can try more reputed brands like Tinder, Blendr, Bumble, or OkCupid, and these types of other apps. Although these apps are not purely adult dating sites, finding one is not tough.

Adultfriendfinder app uk

The AdultFriendFinder app is available everywhere in the world, including the UK. All the features of the app are equal to the site. So, Just login with your id and password to enjoy it further. After that, you’ll be able to use the app. As the site is an adult one, google play store doesn’t approve it, so you need to download it from the apple store or the app store.

 Adultfriendfinder pricing

The pricing of AdultFriendFinder is very cheap. You only need to pay $39.95 for a month; the three-month package charges $26.95 per month, and the 12-month package is $20 a month. Also, there is an alternative way to earn membership; you need to win 4000 points to get the Gold Membership for free. Read the article for more information.

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