Adultdates Review- Is It a Scam Dating Site?

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It’s awkward not to find some sites with phoney services in a world full of dating sites. That’s why we dig into many dating sites to see if the interested people will get the right service or not. While doing this, we have found that on a scale of one to ten, hardly three or four sites qualify as legit. And it’s no surprise because dating is a recession-free business.

Even amid such pandemic, these sites are up and running. So, it’s highly likely that scammers will come here for easy money. We have given an honest Adultdates Review

To find out the truth, we dug another site, Like always, we have conducted a detailed Adultdates Review. In this Adultdates review, we focused on some of the primary issues. Here’s what we got.

What is Adultdates?

Adultdating Review

Adultdates is a sex dating site that offers quick sex dates to its members. Like most sex dating sites, they provide local dates, set preferences, and other features. In our Adultdates review, we have found the site to be a bit suspicious, and we have some evidence to prove it. It is hard for us to give the exact information from the users because there is not much, but first, let us walk you through the registration process.

Out of hundreds of drawbacks, Adultdates Review is way ahead in one matter. The UI (User Interface) is a huge plus here. Even in sites like Adultfriendfinder or Instabang, they lack in the design. But when you arrive at adultdates review, the mesmerizing design might astound you.

Registration in Adultdates

The process is pretty simple, go to the site and fill out the information accurately. First, put your name, area, gender, and age. Then they’ll ask you for your sexual orientation i.e., straight, gay/lesbian or queer. The next thing is your desired partner’s (or partners’) gender and sexual orientation. Once you have filled them, they’ll send a verification mail to the address you provided. 

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Once you verify, you are all set to go.

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Fees in Adultdates

The fee structure in Adultdates Review site is not a very pricy one. Like most dating sites, they have three options, one month, six months, and 12 months. The first one charges $34.95; the six months plan costs a lot less, only $11.65 per month, which is $69.90 in total. The 12 months plan is the cheapest, it only costs $6.65 a month, making it $79.90 for one-time payments.

Why Adultdates is a Scam?

Adultdates Review
Fake Profile

Now, let’s get deep into the site and understand why it is a scam and how it is fooling you.

Fake Pictures and Profiles

It’s a widespread trick for websites to lure you with pictures of attracting women. This trick always works because people love to take the chance. So is the case for adultdates review, you’ll find fake pictures of models all over your screen. But in reality, either their profiles don’t exist on the site, or those are fake.

There are so many incidents pointing towards the same thing that you can’t deny it.

Credit Card Fraud in Adultdates

The moment you sign up on Adultdates Review Site, they’ll take you to the membership page. You have to subscribe to a plan with your credit card details. Here’s the catch, the payment is auto-renewal, so they can charge you regularly unless you cancel it. 

Some customer reviews say, they not only charge for the membership but also three unknown porn sites. I don’t know how true it is, but be cautious!

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Low Possibilities of Dates

Though Adultdates review site claims to give you instant sex dates, the possibility seems highly unlikely. Our research has gone through some customer reviews, but none of them said anything positive. That reflects the non-efficiency of the site.  

Fake Profile

Reviews & Ratings

Customer Satisfaction


Overall, Did not impress us


Final Verdict

Given the shortage of information, I can’t come to a final decision on whether it is fake or real. But what I have found in my research, I would like to vow for the negative. The site resembles many fraudulent dating sites in many cases. However, the Adultdates Review Site Terms and Conditions page is reasonably described and I couldn’t find any shady tone.

However, I think I would avoid such sites. If I’m spending the same amount, then I should get the best service. Here is a list of alternative and best sex dating sites that would get you laid instantly.

Alternative Dating Sites

Adultfriendfinder– Adultfriendfinder is the best sex dating site in the market for a long time. They started in 1996, and in all these years, they have only grown massively. Nowadays, it is undoubtedly the place to find sex at any time. You have to face no long-term cliches, no fights, and no breakup, everybody comes here for sex only.

InstabangInstabang is the second-best in the market in terms of sex dating. They have done a fantastic job for the people wanting to have random sex. The site is always packed with lots of people all over Europe and America. Choose your locality and start getting laid. You can have same day date here.

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Ashley Madison- It is not exactly a sex dating site; instead, they are famous for long term dating. But what people aren’t aware of is that you can always have short-term sex dating here. This Canadian dating site is famous for extramarital affairs.

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What are the Long term reliable dating site?

There are plenty of long-term dating sites where you can find your partners. The best of them are Tinder, Match.Com, OkCupid, eHarmony, and many more. Just go and search them accordingly; if you are living outside Europe or the USA, then some might be unavailable. But you’ll always find something; for instance, Tinder is highly prevalent in India.

Best Gay/Lesbian Dating Sites?

It’s not hard now to find dates for LGBTQ people. All you need to do is go to sites like OkCupid, Her or Grindr, set up your profile, and be ready to rock. If you are looking for sex dating, then Adultfriendfinder or Instabang can be great.

How to Unsubscribe from Adultdates?

You have to contact the support team for that. Once you call them, they’ll process your request. However, there will be no refunds.

How can I get laid immediately?

Getting laid is not a big deal now. Install/sign-up to a dating site that is popular for sex dating. If you have money, then you can opt for a paid one, else go for a free sex dating site. Many of the popular sites have very cheap trial versions, going for those can also be helpful.

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